Definitions for: Attribute

[n] an abstraction belonging to or characteristic of an entity
[n] a construct whereby objects or individuals can be distinguished; "self-confidence is not an endearing property"
[v] attribute or credit to; "We attributed this quotation to Shakespeare"; "People impute great cleverness to cats"
[v] decide as to where something belongs in a scheme; "The biologist assigned the mushroom to the proper class"

Webster (1913) Definition: At*trib"ute ([a^]t"tr[i^]*b[=u]t), v. t. [imp. & p.
p. Attributed; p. pr. & vb. n. Attributing.] [L.
attributus, p. p. of attribuere; ad + tribuere to bestow. See
To ascribe; to consider (something) as due or appropriate
(to); to refer, as an effect to a cause; to impute; to
assign; to consider as belonging (to).

We attribute nothing to God that hath any repugnancy or
contradiction in it. --Abp.

The merit of service is seldom attributed to the true
and exact performer. --Shak.

Syn: See Ascribe.

At"tri*bute, n. [L. attributum.]
1. That which is attributed; a quality which is considered as
belonging to, or inherent in, a person or thing; an
essential or necessary property or characteristic.

But mercy is above this sceptered away; . . . It is
an attribute to God himself. --Shak.

2. Reputation. [Poetic] --Shak.

3. (Paint. & Sculp.) A conventional symbol of office,
character, or identity, added to any particular figure;
as, a club is the attribute of Hercules.

4. (Gram.) Quality, etc., denoted by an attributive; an
attributive adjunct or adjective.

Synonyms: ascribe, assign, dimension, impute, property, repute

See Also: abstraction, accredit, anthropomorphise, anthropomorphize, blame, carnalize, character, characteristic, charge, cheer, cheerfulness, classify, common denominator, concept, conception, construct, credit, ethos, externalise, externalize, feature, form, heritage, inheritance, interiorise, interiorize, internalise, internalize, judge, lineament, personality, personate, personify, project, property, quality, quality, reattribute, relegate, sensualize, shape, thing, trait, uncheerfulness

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