Definitions for: Attainment

[n] arrival at a new stage; "his attainment of puberty was delayed by malnutrition"
[n] the act of achieving an aim; "the attainment of independence"
[n] an ability that has been acquired by training

Webster (1913) Definition: At*tain"ment, n.
1. The act of attaining; the act of arriving at or reaching;
hence, the act of obtaining by efforts.

The attainment of every desired object. --Sir W.

2. That which is attained to, or obtained by exertion;
acquirement; acquisition; (pl.), mental acquirements;
knowledge; as, literary and scientific attainments.

Synonyms: accomplishment, acquirement, acquisition, skill

See Also: ability, accomplishment, achievement, arrival, course credit, craft, craftsmanship, credit, horsemanship, literacy, marksmanship, numeracy, oarsmanship, power, reaching, record, salesmanship, seamanship, showmanship, soldiering, soldiership, success, swordsmanship, workmanship

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