Definitions for: Artifact

[n] a man-made object taken as a whole

Webster (1913) Definition: Ar"ti*fact, n. [L. ars, artis, art + facere, factum,
to make.]
1. (Arch[ae]ol.) A product of human workmanship; -- applied
esp. to the simpler products of aboriginal art as
distinguished from natural objects.

2. (Biol.) A structure or appearance in protoplasm due to
death or the use of reagents and not present during life.

Synonyms: artefact

Antonyms: natural object

See Also: Americana, anachronism, antiquity, article, block, building material, cloth, commodity, cone, construction, covering, creation, cushioning, decker, decoration, electroplate, enclosure, excavation, fabric, facility, fixture, flat solid, float, goods, hole in the ground, insert, inset, installation, instrumentality, instrumentation, lemon, line, marker, material, mystification, object, opening, ornament, ornamentation, padding, paving material, physical object, plaything, restoration, sheet, slip, sphere, square, squeaker, stinker, strip, structure, stuff, sundries, sundry, surface, textile, thing, toy, track, trade goods, unit, way, weight, whatchamacallit, whatsis, whole, whole thing

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