Definitions for: Anthrax

[n] a highly infectious animal disease (especially cattle and sheep); it can be transmitted to people

Webster (1913) Definition: An"thrax, n. [L., fr. Gr. ? coal, carbuncle.]
1. (Med.)
(a) A carbuncle.
(b) A malignant pustule.

2. (Biol.) A microscopic, bacterial organism ({Bacillus
anthracis}), resembling transparent rods. [See Illust.
under Bacillus.]

3. An infectious disease of cattle and sheep. It is ascribed
to the presence of a rod-shaped bacterium ({Bacillus
anthracis}), the spores of which constitute the contagious
matter. It may be transmitted to man by inoculation. The
spleen becomes greatly enlarged and filled with bacteria.
Called also splenic fever.

Synonyms: splenic fever

See Also: zoonosis

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