Definitions for: Ally

[n] a friendly nation
[n] an associate who provides assistance; "he's a good ally in fight"; "they were friends of the workers"
[v] become an ally or associate, as by a treaty or marriage; "He allied himself with the Communists"

Webster (1913) Definition: Al*ly", v. t. [imp. & p. p. Allied; p. pr. & vb. n.
Allying.] [OE. alien, OF. alier, F. alier, fr. L. alligare
to bind to; ad + ligare to bind. Cf. Alligate, Alloy,
Allay, Ligament.]
1. To unite, or form a connection between, as between
families by marriage, or between princes and states by
treaty, league, or confederacy; -- often followed by to or

O chief! in blood, and now in arms allied. --Pope.

2. To connect or form a relation between by similitude,
resemblance, friendship, or love.

These three did love each other dearly well, And
with so firm affection were allied. --Spenser.

The virtue nearest to our vice allied. --Pope.

Note: Ally is generally used in the passive form or

Al*ly", n.; pl. Allies. [See Ally, v.]
1. A relative; a kinsman. [Obs.] --Shak.

2. One united to another by treaty or league; -- usually
applied to sovereigns or states; a confederate.

The English soldiers and their French allies.

3. Anything associated with another as a helper; an

Science, instead of being the enemy of religion,
becomes its ally. --Buckle.

4. Anything akin to another by structure, etc.

Al"ly, n.
See Alley, a marble or taw.

Synonyms: friend

Antonyms: enemy, foe

See Also: affiliate, alignment, alinement, alliance, associate, associate, assort, blood brother, body politic, coalition, commonwealth, consort, country, land, misally, nation, res publica, state

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