Definitions for: Alcove

[n] a small recess opening off a larger room

Webster (1913) Definition: Al"cove (?; 277), n. [F. alc[^o]ve, Sp. or Pg. alcoba,
from Ar. al-quobbah arch, vault, tent.]
1. (Arch.) A recessed portion of a room, or a small room
opening into a larger one; especially, a recess to contain
a bed; a lateral recess in a library.

2. A small ornamental building with seats, or an arched seat,
in a pleasure ground; a garden bower. --Cowper.

3. Any natural recess analogous to an alcove or recess in an

The youthful wanderers found a wild alcove.

Synonyms: bay

See Also: carrel, carrell, cubicle, niche, recess, stall

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