Definitions for: Agitated

[adj] troubled emotionally and usually deeply; "agitated parents"
[adj] physically disturbed or set in motion; "the agitated mixture foamed and bubbled"
[adj] thrown from side to side; "a tossing ship"

Synonyms: aroused, bubbling, churned-up, churning, demoniac, demoniacal, distraught, emotional, excited, feverish, foaming, foamy, frantic, frenetic, frenzied, frothing, hectic, hysterical, jolted, moving, overwrought, phrenetic, psychedelic, rippled, roiled, roiling, roily, ruffled, seething, shaken, spumous, spumy, stirred, sudsy, tossing, turbulent, wild-eyed, worked up

Antonyms: unagitated, undisturbed

See Also: discomposed, impatient, tense, unquiet, unsteady

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