Definitions for: African

[n] a native or inhabitant of Africa
[adj] of or relating to the nations of Africa or their peoples; "African languages"

Webster (1913) Definition: Af"ri*can, a. [L. Africus, Africanus, fr. Afer
Of or pertaining to Africa.

African hemp, a fiber prepared from the leaves of the
Sanseviera Guineensis, a plant found in Africa and

African marigold, a tropical American plant ({Tagetes

African oak or African teak, a timber furnished by
Oldfieldia Africana, used in ship building.

Af"ri*can, n.
A native of Africa; also one ethnologically belonging to an
African race.

See Also: Algerian, Angolan, Bantu, Basotho, Beninese, Black African, Burundian, Cameroonian, Carthaginian, Chadian, Chewa, Congolese, Djiboutian, Egyptian, Ethiopian, Eurafrican, Ewe, Gabonese, Gambian, Ghanian, Guinean, human, individual, Kenyan, Liberian, Libyan, Madagascan, Malawian, Malian, Mauritanian, Moroccan, mortal, Mozambican, Namibian, Nigerian, Nigerien, person, Rwandan, Senegalese, Sierra Leonean, Sierra Leonian, Somali, Somalian, somebody, someone, soul, South African, Sudanese, Swazi, Tanzanian, Togolese, Tuareg, Tunisian, Ugandan, Zairean, Zairese, Zambian, Zimbabwean, Zulu

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