Definitions for: Adhesive

[n] a substance that unites or bonds surfaces together
[adj] tending to adhere

Webster (1913) Definition: Ad*he"sive, a. [Cf. F. adh['e]sif.]
1. Sticky; tenacious, as glutinous substances.

2. Apt or tending to adhere; clinging. --Thomson.

Adhesive attraction. (Physics) See Attraction.

Adhesive inflammation (Surg.), that kind of inflammation
which terminates in the reunion of divided parts without

Adhesive plaster, a sticking; a plaster containing resin,
wax, litharge, and olive oil.

Synonyms: adherent, adhesive material, agglutinate, agglutinative, bondable, coherent, cohesive, gluey, glutinous, gooey, gummed, gummy, icky, mucilaginous, pasty, pitchy, resinous, resiny, self-sealing, stick-on, sticky, tarry, tenacious, viscid, viscous

Antonyms: nonadhesive

See Also: binder, birdlime, cement, epoxy, epoxy glue, epoxy resin, library paste, lime, material, paste, rubber cement, spirit gum, stuff

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