We all know the game Words with Friends. But there are some things you don't know that you'll find extremely surprising.


The new Scrabble, Zynga's Words with Friends, has achieved new heights since its launching several years ago. This highly addictive online word game has some surprising statistics attached to it that will either make you say "WOW!" or scratch your head in wonder. If you're one of those people who seem to be more offline than online, Words with Friends is a twist on the Scrabble board game wherein you get to play against friends, family, and random opponents simultaneously but at your own pace. Many of us who have played the game won't be surprised to know that as of March 2012, this game has been ranked number one in Facebook with 8.9 million daily active users. That doesn't even begin to count those who play on their mobiles. Here are some other facts about the game that lead to some very interesting thoughts:

·         The most played words in Words with Friends are QI, TO, RE, IT, HE. While 3 of those are familiar to all of us, most of us are unlikely to know what the others mean. That doesn't seem to stop us from playing them though.

·         The highest scoring word played so far is OXYPHENBUTAZONE which resulted in 1,672 points. This gives the phrase "getting high on drugs" a new meaning.

·         More than 3.5 million words are played in the game per hour and 4.8 million games completed per day. It looks like plenty of people have a lot of time on their hands, doesn't it?

·         Based on some user surveys, 63% play with their friends and 43% play with their relatives. 83% feel more connected to their friends and family because of the game. Apparently, there's no longer a need to go out with family and friends if you've got Words with Friends.

Here are some "love" statistics that'll raise your eyebrows:

·         1 out of 10 players have hooked up with someone through the game.  This brings new meaning to blind dates.

·         24% of players have said that they exchanged Words with Friends handles instead of phone numbers.

·         47% say that they have a crush on one of their current opponents, 38% say that they would be more willing to "hook up" with someone if he or she is good at the game, and 40% say that they would date someone they met through the game. Do all those things mean that attractiveness is no longer a physical thing?

·         35% of players admitted that they have let their significant other win. Are you one of them?

·         43% have admitted that they have cheated on someone while playing the game which is a saddening state of affairs (pun intended).

As long as Words with Friends is at the top of the charts, we look forward to knowing how else it can influence our everyday lives.


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