Many believe that Scrabble and Words with Friends are identical but they're not. Knowing the differences can help you alter your strategy and eventually win a game.


Words with Friends, as we all know, is a Zynga online game that is quite similar to Scrabble. In fact, many think of the two games as completely alike. Well, except for the fact that you can play simultaneously against20 people max with Words with Friends. And for those who used to play Scrabble, they might even be applying their old strategies in order to win a game. While that is perfectly alright, there are some differences between the two games that may require you to alter your strategies somewhat especially when it comes to letter placement, word choices, and premium squares. Here they are:

·         There are 100 Scrabble tiles while Words with Friends has 104 tiles.

·         Both boards have the same number of squares but the layout of each is different.

·         Scrabble has 12 Triple Letter squares while there are 16 in Words with Friends.

·         Scrabble has 17 Double Word squares while Words with Friends has 12.

·         In Scrabble, the opening move always involves a double word score as the center tile is a Double Word square. In Words with Friends, the center square is just a regular square.

·         Letter distribution is also different. In Scrabble, there are 42 vowels and 56 consonants. Words with Friends, on the other hand, has 44 vowels and 58 consonants.

·         The letter frequencies and value points are also slightly different. In most cases, the letter values are either the same or higher in Words with Friends.

·         A bingo, creating a 7-letter word out of all the tiles on your rack, will score 50 points in Scrabble but only 35 points in Words with Friends.

·         The dictionary for acceptable words in Words with Friends is ENABLE (Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon. Scrabble uses the OWL2 (Official Tournament and Club Word List, Second edition).

·         In Scrabble, you can play a fake word and be able to pass it off as real if your opponent doesn't challenge it. In Words with Friends, a box will appear informing you of the word's validity before you can place it on the board.

·         There are 101 acceptable 2-letter words in Scrabble while Words with Friends accepts 105.


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