Follow the steps below to use this Words With Friends Cheat:

  Put in an unique game id to identify your game (ie. abcMaggie) if you want to save your board for later retrieval. It is default to your IP (not recommended). Press load if you want to load a previously saved game.
Game Id:    
 Put in your game board exactly as what you have in Words With Friends
(add a '?' after the letter to denote a blank tile, ie. 'b?'):
 Pick your vocabulary level and put in your available letters (ie. abcdefg) and press "Go" to run the Words With Friends word finder. Your input board would be automatically saved.
Available Letters (use ? for blank):    
 Press "Save" to save the chosen word to your game id, or press "Clear" to clear the cheat board when you want to start a new game:        

Words With Friends Cheat Board FAQ
1. Can I use this cheat board on mobile devices such as the IPhone or Android phones?
Yes. This web page loads perfectly fine on mobile devices. For IPhone users, you can easily switch between the game and the web browser by double tapping on the home button.

2. Is this word finder tool free to use?
Yes. Despite costs of hosting the site, I believe fun should be free of charge.

3. Why do I have trouble loading my game?
Please make sure your game id is fairly unique. If you use a very easy game id (ie, "bob"), there is a good chance that it gets replaced by someone else using the same game id. Second, click the buttons, do not press enter.

4. Why does the game board not find the word with maximum points?
The AI behind this Words With Friends Cheat takes into account the risk that a longer word might open a lot of bonus tile (ie. TW, TL) moves for your opponent. It tries to balance the goal of maximizing points and minimizing your opponent's potential points.

5. How do you play against multiple friends simultaneously?
You can just use several different game id's to represent different games.

Please help expand our Romantic/Flirtatious dictionary.
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