Swiping random letters is usually the only strategy Scramble with Friends players employ. But to truly enjoy beating your opponent, you should have other strategies up your sleeve.


It boggles (pun intended) the mind that there are simply too few strategy guides regarding Scramble with Friends. Of course, for some people, simply swiping at random letters seems to be the best strategy of all. But for some, they want to win more due to their skill than just luck and happenstance. With that in mind, here are some of the strategies you can employ to win yourself a game of Scramble with Friends.

·         Short words are the best. Instead of looking to find long words to get you a high score, you should concentrate on finding two-letter and three-letter words first. This can garner you around 25 to 30 words in the shortest span of time. And since the game's dictionary is the same one used in Words with Friends, learning the two-letter and three-letter word lists can help you in your quest to find short words.

·         In line with the strategy above, you can find short words quickly by breaking down the 4x4 grid into smaller sections. In each section, you should have 4 letters from which you can concentrate on building your short words. After exhausting that block, move on to the next block of 4 letters to find more words. In doing this, you get to build on your score while the board's pattern slowly starts to be absorbed by your mind, which will later help you find longer words.

·         Short words also usually have inflections or hooks. This means that you can often build longer words out of the short words that you found. For example, you found AX. From that word, you may be able to build other words depending on the letters surrounding it like FAX, AXE, AXES, FAXES, LAX, TAX, TAXES, etc. When it comes to this strategy, it pays to search for prefixes and suffixes like –S, –ING, -ED, RE-, -ER, and -EST. If you get TAX, you can form TAXING and TAXED quite easily.

·         Similar to inflections, some words have the same endings but different beginning letters. With CAT, you may be able to find MAT, HAT, BAT, RAT, and TAT.

·         If you do find a long word, make sure you look for shorter words contained within before you start on something new. For example, BROTHER can possibly yield you BROTH, THE, HER, ROT, and ROB.  

·         When it comes to boards with bonus tiles, it pays to always make a word with letters that have score modifiers as it will definitely increase your score. But did you know that you can actually form the word twice with and without the score modifiers and still have both of them count? Just make sure you first play the word without any of the bonus tiles and then play the word again with a letter that has the bonus tile.

·         Power-ups are essential. It's like a cheat since it really wasn't there during the era of Boggle but everyone is benefited from using them. First, make sure you always have two power-ups in each round. While the 2nd one will cost you a token, these refresh over time so it's not a big deal. Some people would say that the best power-up combo is the Freeze and Inspiration. The first will give you the extra time you need to boost up your score even more and the second one will help you find words you didn't see. While inspiration is great as it is, the time it will take you to look at what kind of word is being formed with the letters being shown to you can cost you the round. Scramble, for many, seems to be useless as it will only show you the board at a different angle but not change how the letters are placed in the grid. However, few realize that a different perspective will definitely garner you more words than what inspiration can give you. The best time to use your power-ups is when you're slowing down and can't seem to find words as fast as you need to be doing.

With these strategies and tricks up your sleeve, you'll find your friends scrambling (pun intended again) to beat you.

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