Since its launching, this Boggle-like online game has become one of the Top 25 games on Facebook. Here are some statistics that you might be interested to know.


Zynga's With Friends series has achieved a popularity that no other online game series of its fashion has ever had. And one of the reasons for this is their newest game Scramble with Friends. Much like its other "siblings", this game, launched in January 2012, is a twist of a classic board game. With Scramble with Friends, many born during the times of "family game night" are taken back to their memories of Boggle. Those who belong to the most recent generations have also become addicted due to several reasons. Unlike the other games in the series, Scramble with Friends is fast-paced as a round only takes 2 minutes to finish. It can also be quite challenging as it's a game that's not easy to master. The fact that players can connect with anyone to play a game at any point in time has also encouraged game addiction. And to feed everyone's addiction more, here are some "Did You Know" facts about Scramble with Friends:

·         As of March 2012, Scramble with Friends has ranked no. 17 in the Top 25 Facebook Games according to the number of daily active users. The game has 1.9 million players actively playing the game every day. Would you be willing to admit that you are one of them?

·         Since its launching, there have been more than 26 billion words found. It makes you wonder how many words there actually are.

·         In the iPhone and iPod Touch alone, players have used the Freeze power up over 400 million times. Now, if only we could use the same option in real life…

·         Every day, there are more than 7 million rounds played in Scramble with Friends. You'll know you're truly addicted if a significant percentage of that amount is yours.

·         Players find an average of 30 words in each round. You know you need to better your game if you can't claim the same average.

·         Each day, there are 50 million 5-letter words unscrambled. Apparently, people generally have a lot of 5-letter words in their vocabulary.

·         50% of the time, players choose to use the inspiration power up to increase their score. Maybe because their boss is just around the corner and they feel pressured to find more words in the fastest time possible?

·         As of March 2012, players have missed finding more than 184 billion words. So, that's the number of words that are still out there…

Knowing these facts will not help improve your quality of life. It will not even make you a better player. But they can be great conversation starters… with other Scramble with Words addicts like yourself.

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