Definitions for: Shoebox

[n] an oblong rectangular (usually cardboard) box designed to hold a pair of shoes
[n] a structure resembling a shoebox (as a rectangular building or a cramped room or compartment)

See Also: box, construction, structure

Famous Quotes Containing Shoebox:

I had one year of struggle. My parents were always there, but I didn't want to rely on them. Now it's moving pretty fast. I'm not rich, but obviously this is fantastic. All I know to do with money is put it in a shoebox anyway.

-- Ben McKenzie ( -)

Our dreams are made of real things, like a shoebox full of photographs.

-- Jack Johnson (American Athlete)

The great problem of the concert hall is that the shoebox is the ideal shape for acoustics but that no architect worth their names wants to build a shoebox.

-- Rem Koolhaas (Dutch Architect)

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