Definitions for: Scuba

[n] a device (trade name Aqua-Lung) that lets divers breathe under water; scuba is acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

Synonyms: aqualung, Aqua-Lung

See Also: breathing apparatus, breathing device, breathing machine, cylinder, oxygen mask, ventilator

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Famous Quotes Containing Scuba:

I was training more learning how to scuba dive which I'd never done which was really, really, really cool.

-- Ashley Scott (American Actress)

I've been a scuba diver since I was 16 and I think that was one of the reasons they chose me.

-- Christopher Atkins (American Actor)

If I have a Sunday free, I'll go up the coast and spend some time on the beach. I scuba dive and swim and sail. A lot of the things I like are around the water.

-- Parker Stevenson (American Actor)

I made that decision back in 1985. I was out here getting certified in SCUBA with Garcia in Kona and I thought to myself, this is a place to wake up in in the morning.

-- Bill Kreutzmann (American Musician)

I do an awful lot of scuba diving. I love to be on the ocean, under the ocean. I live next to the ocean.

-- James Cameron (American Director)

I remember going to my school careers advisor and asked about jobs that required scuba divers. It was a phase.

-- Paul Putner (English Comedian)

I sail, scuba dive, play football, basketball.

-- Casper Van Dien (American Actor)

I try to swim every damn day I can, and I've learned to scuba dive and snorkel.

-- Nina Simone (American Musician)

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