Definitions for: Sandbox

[n] plaything consisting of a pile of sand or a box filled with sand for children to play in
[n] mold consisting of a box with sand shaped to mold metal

Synonyms: sandpile

See Also: cast, mold, mould, plaything, toy

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Famous Quotes Containing Sandbox:

Archaeology is the peeping Tom of the sciences. It is the sandbox of men who care not where they are going; they merely want to know where everyone else has been.

-- Jim Bishop (American Journalist)

When I played in the sandbox, the cat kept covering me up.

-- Rodney Dangerfield (American Comedian)

I can talk to anybody but when it comes to somebody that I like, then I turn into like this five-year-old kindergartener in a sandbox.

-- Jonathan Bennett (British Philosopher)

It was the most pleasurable thing I've ever done, playing this character, and I just remember feeling so at home and so - I don't know, I was just happy - and it just wasn't ever work! It was like a sandbox for me, and I would crack myself up rehearsing.

-- Jenna Elfman (American Actress)

I think when I was two years old in the sandbox. I think I formulated my basic philosophy there, and I haven't really had to alter it very much ever since.

-- Boyd Rice (American Artist)

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