Definitions for: Quicksand

[n] a pit filled with loose wet sand into which heavy objects sink

Webster (1913) Definition: Quick"sand`, n.
Sand easily moved or readily yielding to pressure;
especially, a deep mass of loose or moving sand mixed with
water, sometimes found at the mouth of a river or along some
coasts, and very dangerous, from the difficulty of
extricating a person who begins sinking into it.

Life hath quicksands, -- Life hath snares!

See Also: cavity, pit, sand

Famous Quotes Containing Quicksand:

Luxury! more perilous to youth than storms or quicksand, poverty or chains.

-- Hannah More (English Writer)

Vanity is the quicksand of reason.

-- George Sand (French Novelist)

Making the best of things is... a damn poor way of dealing with them. My whole life has been a series of escapes from that quicksand.

-- Rose Wilder Lane (American Journalist)

When I was a little kid we had a sand box. It was a quicksand box. I was an only child... eventually.

-- Steven Wright (American Comedian)

I worship the quicksand he walks in.

-- Art Buchwald (American Journalist)

If there's not any endgame, we're in quicksand. We take one more step, and we're still there, and there's no way out.

-- Richard Shelby (American Politician)

Each morning my characters greet me with misty faces willing, though chilled, to muster for another day's progress through the dazzling quicksand the marsh of blank paper.

-- John Updike (American Novelist)

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