Definitions for: Quezon City

[n] city on Luzon adjoining Manila

See Also: city, metropolis, urban center

Famous Quotes Containing Quezon City:

If a large city can, after intense intellectual efforts, choose for its mayor a man who merely will not steal from it, we consider it a triumph of the suffrage.

-- Frank Moore Colby (American Educator)

I was always a clown. In the eighth grade I won a city speech contest by doing an Eddie Murphy routine. I'm no good at public speaking, but if I can assume a role and speak as that person, then I'm fine. When I had to give a book report, I always did it in character.

-- Jason Wiles (American Actor)

Also, after people play these Sim games, it tends to change their perception of the world around them, so they see their city, house or family in a slightly different way after playing.

-- Will Wright (American Scientist)

I'm in a little bit of a different situation, because working in the business that I do and living in the city that I live in, I haven't had a problem with people who are gay. Since I was 10 I've been working alongside them, and some of my best friends are gay.

-- Jason Bateman (American Actor)

A city becomes a world when one loves one of it's inhabitants.

-- Lawrence Durrell (British Writer)

I am not really retired, and may never be completely, but I can't think of a better place to contemplate retirement than New York City.

-- Robert MacNeil (Canadian Journalist)

Kolkata is a great city, has great food and great people. We had some problems finding the kind of old buildings we were looking for, and even handling the crowds, but on the whole it was fun shooting there.

-- Sanjay Dutt (Indian Actor)

In the 1990s, we introduced Boston's community policing strategy. We reversed the tide of violent crime that threatened our city, and we established a national model for preventing and fighting crime.

-- Thomas Menino (American Politician)

The city of Wildwood has been fantastic in helping us and supporting this event. This is a small way of the Soul saying thanks to our fans.

-- Ron Jaworski (American Athlete)

Taking it as a whole, Mexico is a grand city, and, as Cortes truly said, its situation is marvellous.

-- Edward Burnett Tylor (English Scientist)

But instead of that stuff you get relationships with people and neighbors that you would never get in a city. People in small towns are a lot more open.

-- Genevieve Gorder (American Designer)

If you take the contempt some Americans have for yuppies and multiply it by 10 you might come close to understanding their attitude towards the City, as they call it - London, the people of the south.

-- Martin C. Smith ( -)

We cannot ignore the disparity in resources that continue to plague many of our school systems, especially those serving predominantly inner-city minority and impoverished children.

-- Diane Watson (American Politician)

San Francisco is a mad city - inhabited for the most part by perfectly insane people whose women are of a remarkable beauty.

-- Rudyard Kipling (English Writer)

This is the city of dreamers and time and again it's the place where the greatest dream of all, the American dream, has been tested and has triumphed.

-- Michael Bloomberg (American Politician)

Butte was once a grand city. To me, that city is like one big stage for Edward Hopper. You could put your camera anywhere, and you felt you were looking at his paintings.

-- Wim Wenders (German Director)

The police chief of Hiroshima welcomed me eagerly as the first Allied correspondent to reach the city.

-- Wilfred Burchett (Australian Journalist)

After Babar's mother was killed by the hunter, he went to the big city.

-- Jean de Brunhoff (French Writer)

When I started, there weren't that many kids doing it in the city, but the in the wave after me there were a lot of them and they actually never spoke to each other.

-- Eric San (Canadian Musician)

We've lost our city. I fear it's potentially like Pompeii.

-- Marc Morial (American Politician)

Often, city fathers blamed prostitutes for the disease, and some threatened to brand their cheeks with hot iron if they did not desist from their vices.

-- Peter Lewis Allen ( -)

Never take an elevator in city hall.

-- Harvey Milk (American Politician)

It doesn't matter what you're trying to accomplish. It's all a matter of discipline. I was determined to discover what life held for me beyond the inner-city streets.

-- Wilma Rudolph (American Athlete)

As a planning board commissioner, I have to review the applications for development throughout the city, and the bulk of those applications have been for the waterfront. I think the progress the waterfront has made is amazing.

-- Vincent Frank ( -)

I think that I've tried many times to get Cuba in my writings, especially Havana, which was once a great and fascinating city.

-- Guillermo Cabrera Infante (Cuban Novelist)

In the first Spider-Man, at the end of the movie, Peter Parker had to deny himself a relationship with a girl that he's in love with. The very next thing that happens is that he's swinging through the city.

-- John Dykstra (American Scientist)

I live not too far from it in New York City.

-- Piper Perabo (American Actress)

The temple of Ceres should be in a solitary spot out of the city, to which the public are not necessarily led but for the purpose of sacrificing to her.

-- Marcus V. Pollio ( -)

Downtown Detroit has more vacant buildings over 10 storeys than any city in the world.

-- Meg White (American Musician)

Oakland revolved around Forbes Field. Nothing in the city could match that atmosphere.

-- Willie Stargell (American Athlete)

In the event of fire in any of the public buildings troops would be of vast service in the protection of public property, and should insurrection break out the protection of life and property would be more safe guarded by our company of regulars, than by the whole City.

-- Thomas L. Smith (American Explorer)

And Seattle isn't really crazy anymore. It's a big dot-com city.

-- Krist Novoselic (American Musician)

I felt that I had been influenced by being in the city enough and I wanted to go off by myself to see what was going on. I remember going out there and looking in the mirror and thinking I wasn't anything.

-- Roscoe Mitchell (American Composer)

The Society of American Civil Engineers, someone who's going to come in and say to the public, we've looked at, we've examined, we've reviewed the repairs and we think they're strong enough to withstand the type of hurricane that - that could hit the city this season.

-- Marc Morial (American Politician)

I went to Second City, where you learned to make the other actor look good so you looked good and National Lampoon, where you had to create everything out of nothing, and SNL, where you couldn't make any mistakes, and you learned what collaboration was.

-- Bill Murray (American Actor)

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