Definitions for: Quandong

[n] red Australian fruit; used for dessert or in jam
[n] Australian tree having hard white timber and glossy green leaves with white flowers followed by one-seeded glossy blue fruit
[n] the fruit of the Brisbane quandong tree
[n] Australian tree with edible flesh and edible nutlike seed

Webster (1913) Definition: Quan"dong, n. (Bot.)
The edible drupaceous fruit of an Australian tree ({Fusanus
acuminatus}) of the Sandalwood family; -- called also

Synonyms: blue fig, Brisbane quandong, Elaeocarpus grandis, Eucarya acuminata, Fusanus acuminatus, native peach, quandang, quandang, quandong tree, quantong, silver quandong tree

See Also: edible fruit, Elaeocarpus, Eucarya, Eucarya acuminata, fruit, Fusanus, Fusanus acuminatus, genus Elaeocarpus, genus Eucarya, genus Fusanus, native peach, quandong, quandong, quandong nut, quandong tree, quantong, silver quandong, tree

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