Definitions for: Painter

[n] large American feline resembling a lion
[n] a line that is attached to the bow of a boat and used for tying up (as when docking or towing)
[n] a worker who is employed to cover objects with paint

Webster (1913) Definition: Paint"er (p[=a]nt"[~e]r), n. [OE, pantere a noose,
snare, F. panti[`e]re, LL. panthera, L. panther a hunting
net, fr. Gr. panqh`ra; pa^s all + qh`r beast; cf. Ir.
painteir a net, gin, snare, Gael. painntear.] (Naut.)
A rope at the bow of a boat, used to fasten it to anything.

Paint"er, n. [Corrupt. of panther.] (Zo["o]l.)
The panther, or puma. [A form representing an illiterate
pronunciation, U. S.] --J. F. Cooper.

Paint"er, n. [See lst Paint.]
One whose occupation is to paint; esp.:
(a) One who covers buildings, ships, ironwork, and the like,
with paint.
(b) An artist who represents objects or scenes in color on a
flat surface, as canvas, plaster, or the like.

Painter's colic. (Med.) See Lead colic, under Colic.

Painter stainer.
(a) A painter of coats of arms. --Crabb.
(b) A member of a livery company or guild in London, bearing
this name.

Synonyms: catamount, cougar, Felis concolor, mountain lion, panther, puma

See Also: abstract artist, abstractionist, Adnre Derain, Alberti, Alberto Giacometti, artist, Bell, Benton, Blake, Braque, Cezanne, Chagall, Childe Hassam, Chirico, colorist, Constable, Copley, Corot, Courbet, creative person, cubist, Dali, dauber, Daumier, David, Davis, de Kooning, Delacroix, Derain, distortionist, Dufy, Duncan Grant, Duncan James Corrow Grant, Ernst, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Eugene Delacroix, Fauve, fauvist, Felis, Ferdinand Victor Eugene Delacroix, finisher, Fragonard, Francisco de Goya, Francisco Goya, Francisco Jose de Goya, Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes, Frederick Childe Hassam, Fry, Gainsborough, Gauguin, genus Felis, Georges Braque, Giacometti, Giorgio de Chirico, Goya, Goya y Lucientes, Grant, Gris, Gustave Courbet, Hassam, Hokusai, Homer, Honore Daumier, house painter, impressionist, Ingres, Jacques Louis David, Jaun Gris, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Jean Baptiste Camille Corot, Jean Honore Fragonard, John Constable, John Copley, John Singleton Copley, Kandinsky, Katsushika Hokusai, Kent, Kirchner, landscapist, Leon Battista Alberti, letterer, limner, line, Marc Chagall, Max Ernst, miniaturist, muralist, oil painter, old master, Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin, pointilist, portrait painter, portraitist, portrayer, Postimpressionist, Raoul Dufy, realist, Rockwell Kent, Roger Eliot Fry, Roger Fry, Salvidor Dali, scene painter, scenic artist, sign painter, skilled worker, stippler, Stuart Davis, Thomas Gainsborough, Thomas Hart Benton, trained worker, Vanessa Bell, Vanessa Stephen, Wassily Kandinsky, watercolorist, watercolourist, wildcat, Willem de Kooning, William Blake, Winslow Homer

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Famous Quotes Containing Painter:

Every good picture leaves the painter eager to start again, unsatisfied, inspired by the rich mine in which he is working, hoping for more energy, more vitality, more time - condemned to painting for life.

-- John French Sloan (American Artist)

The musician writes for the orchestra what his inner voice sings to him; the painter rarely relies without disadvantage solely upon the images which his inner eye presents to him; nature gives him his forms, study governs his combinations of them.

-- Hermann Ebbinghaus (German Psychologist)

I write because I write - as anyone in the arts does. You're a painter because you feel you have no choice but to paint. You're a writer because this is what you do.

-- Richard Price (Welsh Philosopher)

I decided to become a painter when my first four paintings where all published and attracted a great deal of interest. I exhibited one of them and it was sold.

-- John Dyer (Welsh -)

I'm reading a book about Romaine Brooks, a wonderful painter from early in the last century.

-- Lawrence Ferlinghetti (American Poet)

I'm just a landscape painter. I look out the window and I see what's going on, and I paint it. While I'm painting it, I also write thoughts about what I see going on out there.

-- William Wiley (American Soldier)

I have no ideas about what the paintings imply about the world. I don't think that's a painter's business. He just paints paintings without a conscious reason.

-- Jasper Johns (American Artist)

Every top player has his own style, just as every painter has his own personal signature.

-- Vladimir Kramnik (Russian Celebrity)

Knowing what paint a painter uses or having an understanding of where he was in the history of where he came from doesn't hurt your appreciation of the painting.

-- Jodie Foster (American Actress)

I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.

-- Claude Monet (French Artist)

I wanted to be an artist. I was studying art. I wanted to be a great painter. When I went into the Navy, there wasn't much to draw at sea. So I began writing, and I began reading a lot.

-- Evan Hunter (American Author)

Death is pitch-dark, but colors are light. To be a painter, one must work with rays of light.

-- Edvard Munch (Norwegian Artist)

A painter's tastes must grow out of what so obsesses him in life that he never has to ask himself what it is suitable for him to do in art.

-- Lucian Freud (British Artist)

The painter's obsession with his subject is all that he needs to drive him to work.

-- Lucian Freud (British Artist)

If you're a painter, you're not alone. There's no way to be alone.

-- Franz Kline (American Artist)

An icon painter starts not with Jesus Christ but by finding earth and rubbing. Now what is earth, what are you rubbing in directing?

-- Peter Brook (British Producer)

To finish a work? To finish a picture? What nonsense! To finish it means to be through with it, to kill it, to rid it of its soul, to give it its final blow the coup de grace for the painter as well as for the picture.

-- Pablo Picasso (Spanish Artist)

A mathematician, like a painter or a poet, is a maker of patterns. If his patterns are more permanent than theirs, it is because they are made with ideas.

-- Godfrey Harold Hardy (British Mathematician)

I'm glad movies aren't going to please everybody, they can't. But what they have to be is recognisable. I don't equate myself with a master painter, but I think you can recognise my films.

-- Kevin Costner (American Actor)

The painter must enclose himself within his work; he must respond not with words, but with paintings.

-- Paul Cezanne (French Artist)

In fact, I thought my calling was to be a painter.

-- Patti Smith (American Musician)

I never consciously said, 'I want to be an actor.' It sounds stupid, but it's kind of like being a painter or something. You don't say, 'From today on I'm going to be a painter.' It's not something conscious - you've just been painting pictures all your life.

-- Franka Potente (German Actress)

I was excited by what my painter friends were doing, and they seemed to be interested in our poetry too, and that was a wonderful little, fizzy sort of world.

-- Kenneth Koch (American Poet)

The painter must give a completely free rein to any feeling or sensations he may have and reject nothing to which he is naturally drawn.

-- Lucian Freud (British Artist)

A painter must think of everything he sees as being there entirely for his own use and pleasure.

-- Lucian Freud (British Artist)

To put down an ideogram of a table so that people will recognize it as a table is not the work of a painter, but to sense it for a moment as a magic carpet with a leg hanging down at each corner is the beginning of a painter's imagination.

-- Frank Auerbach (German Artist)

Art doesn't alter things. It points things out, but it doesn't alter them. It can't, no matter what a painter wants to do.

-- Arthur Boyd (Australian Artist)

Color possesses me. I don't have to pursue it. It will possess me always, I know it. That is the meaning of this happy hour: Color and I are one. I am a painter.

-- Paul Klee (Swiss Artist)

A painter paints the appearance of things, not their objective correctness, in fact he creates new appearances of things.

-- Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (German Artist)

I always thought that one of the reasons why a painter likes especially to have other painters look at his or her work is the shared experience of having pushed paint around.

-- Chuck Close (American Artist)

The poet ranks far below the painter in the representation of visible things, and far below the musician in that of invisible things.

-- Leonardo da Vinci (Italian Artist)

A mathematician, like a painter or poet, is a maker of patterns. If his patterns are more permanent than theirs, it is because they are made with ideas.

-- G. H. Hardy (British Mathematician)

The painter leaves his mark. And I just put in two statues in Rhode Island that I'm working on. And I think that's going to make me last longer than me.

-- Anthony Quinn (Mexican Actor)

What might be taken for a precocious genius is the genius of childhood. When the child grows up, it disappears without a trace. It may happen that this boy will become a real painter some day, or even a great painter. But then he will have to begin everything again, from zero.

-- Pablo Picasso (Spanish Artist)

You've got a movie where the pro-choice family gives their daughter no choice. The pro-life family murders. What seems to be the good mother, the kind of hippie painter, sweet and cute mother has no love for her daughter really.

-- Ellen Barkin (American Actress)

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