Definitions for: Minor(ip)

[adj] (British) of the younger of two boys with the same family name; "Jones minor"

Synonyms: junior

Famous Quotes Containing Minor(ip):

For a country to have a great writer is like having another government. That's why no regime has ever loved great writers, only minor ones.

-- Alexander Solzhenitsyn ( -)

Disenchantment, whether it is a minor disappointment or a major shock, is the signal that things are moving into transition in our lives.

-- William Throsby Bridges (Australian Soldier)

We get on the bandwagon in all sorts of ways - you know minor ways and major ways - like what you've just encountered which isn't censorship exactly, it was something sort of uglier in a way.

-- Kathy Acker (American Activist)

Before coming here I had a minor back problem and I thought whenever I play Pakistan I get a back problem.

-- Sachin Tendulkar (Indian Athlete)

Even a minor event in the life of a child is an event of that child's world and thus a world event.

-- Gaston Bachelard (French Philosopher)

This was truly guerilla filmmaking. We shot out in the middle of nowhere in a place called Delta Flats, where basically every day was some new minor catastrophe.

-- Jeri Ryan (American Actress)

I am involved in minor league baseball. I go around the country speaking to troubled youths, trying to help them understand that whatever path they choose, they'll need to really pay attention to it.

-- Gerry Cooney (American Athlete)

Only one man ever betrayed my confidence, and that only in a minor matter.

-- Harry Houdini (Hungarian Entertainer)

It's only in relatively recent years that Hollywood became the playground of multinational corporations which regard movies and TV shows as a minor irritant to their overall activity.

-- Peter Bart (American Editor)

People are too apt to treat God as if he were a minor royalty.

-- Herbert Beerbohm Tree (English Actor)

A curious consequence is that I have become a minor celebrity.

-- Edward Tufte (American Educator)

I've always been a fan of the 19th century novel, of the novel that is plotted, character-driven, and where the passage of time is almost as central to the novel as a major minor character, the passage of time and its effect on the characters in the story.

-- John Irving (American Novelist)

Over the years your bodies become walking autobiographies, telling friends and strangers alike of the minor and major stresses of your lives.

-- Marilyn Ferguson (American Writer)

The crimes committed by the North Vietnamese regime against the Vietnamese people were minor compared to the crimes committed by the Khmer Rouge against the Cambodians, but for us on the left they were emotionally far more significant.

-- James Donald (Scottish Actor)

That's something Mary Lou Williams used to tell me: If you're not feeling right about what you're doing and you play a minor tune it all comes back, falls into place. I don't know if that's true, but I do it.

-- Marian McPartland (English Musician)

In my introductory course, Anthropology 160, the Forms of Folklore, I try to show the students what the major and minor genres of folklore are, and how they can be analyzed.

-- Alan Dundes (American Educator)

Minor things can become moments of great revelation when encountered for the first time.

-- Margot Fonteyn (English Dancer)

We've had such thorough training, we've had an excellent team on the ground. With the minor glitches that have occurred, we've been able to take care of them. And the teams on the ground are getting tons of incredible data.

-- Laurel Clark (American Astronaut)

In addition, the bill passed by the House requires a person performing an abortion on a minor from a different state to notify one parent in the home state.

-- Virgil Goode (American Politician)

Promoting a record on a major label is like running a minor military campaign.

-- Robyn Hitchcock (English Musician)

God, great principle of all minor principles, God, who is Himself without a principle, could not conceive Himself, if, in order to do it, He required to know His own principle.

-- Giacomo Casanova (Italian Celebrity)

A proof of really great art is that it is generally true - it seldom falls into the misapprehensions to which minor art is liable.

-- Lafcadio Hearn (Japanese Author)

In 1962 I was named Minor League Player of the Year. It was my second season in the bigs.

-- Bob Uecker (American Athlete)

A Minor is one of my all-time favorite keys to play in. It's a very moody key, and also 'A' is the first letter of my name. It just represents the songs through my eyes.

-- Alicia Keys (American Musician)

Patience, n. A minor form of dispair, disguised as a virtue.

-- Ambrose Bierce (American Journalist)

Each player, it will be observed, has eight superior Pieces or officers, and eight minor ones which are called Pawns; and, for the purpose of distinction, the Pieces and Pawns of one party are of a different color from those of the other.

-- Howard Staunton (English Celebrity)

Everybody is excited to play so I think who plays with whom is a minor thing at this point.

-- Mats Sundin (Canadian Athlete)

The inconveniences we faced within this state are minor compared to... New Orleans.

-- Richard Burr (American Politician)

We are minor in everything but our passions.

-- Elizabeth Bowen (Irish Novelist)

Athletes who take to the classroom naturally or are encouraged to focus on grades should be able to do well in the classroom. I believe the reason you go to college is to get your degree. It's not a minor league or an audition for the pros.

-- Rebecca Lobo (American Athlete)

The main concern of the study is with the outline of a theoretical system. Its minor variations from writer to writer are not a matter of concern to this analysis.

-- Talcott Parsons (American Sociologist)

It is clear from all these data that the interests of teenagers are not focused around studies, and that scholastic achievement is at most of minor importance in giving status or prestige to an adolescent in the eyes of other adolescents.

-- James S. Coleman (American Sociologist)

Anyone interested in becoming a professional umpire and becoming eligible to work in the minor leagues must attend one of the two umpire schools sanctioned by Major League Baseball.

-- Jim Evans (American Athlete)

Is the minor convenience of allowing the present generation the luxury of doubling its energy consumption every 10 years worth the major hazard of exposing the next 20,000 generations to this lethal waste?

-- David R. Brower (American Environmentalist)

Minor league umpires are evaluated in their respective leagues each year and rated numerically. This enables umpires to know where they stand and helps them make prudent career decisions.

-- Jim Evans (American Athlete)

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