Definitions for: Jumped-up

[adj] (British informal) upstart

Synonyms: pretentious

Famous Quotes Containing Jumped-up:

Sure enough, it wasn't long until I got a call, telling me I had a scholarship there. It was the only scholarship offer I had and, believe me, I jumped at it.

-- Jack Youngblood (American Athlete)

At least 50 times. I've jumped off a building, jumped off a cliff in a car. I've been in bedrooms when women came in with knives and guns.

-- Dennis Rodman (American Athlete)

I haven't really had that many opportunities to play "lead" so I guess I jumped at the chance. I have also never done any "sci-fi" projects and thought it might be fun.

-- Julie Bowen (American Actress)

I've never played a hero before so I jumped at the chance.

-- Adrian Edmondson (English Actor)

My father was a diplomat for part of his life and I jumped from country to country and culture to culture.

-- Walter Salles (Brazilian Director)

Especially in the last 10 years, the writing on animated shows has jumped by leaps and bounds.

-- Will Friedle (American Actor)

I jumped 18 cars on a motorcycle, so I did almost everything.

-- David R. Ellis (American Director)

I'm a character actor so I've jumped around to all kinds of things.

-- Joe Mantegna (American Actor)

Dancing on 'Dancing With The Stars' really broadened my fan base. I jumped off the stage backwards one week, and so many women come up to me now and say, 'You're so brave. I can't believe you put yourself out there like that'. If that inspires some girl out there, then great, because boys aren't the only ones who get to have fun. We get to have fun too.

-- Monique Coleman (American Actress)

I jumped off the wheel of fortune because I wanted to simplify things. Now I've fulfilled my obligations to myself by making my new record. I'd like it to sell millions of copies, but my self - worth is not based on chart positions.

-- Roland Gift (British Actor)

Capo, my first golden retriever, so loved to swim she once jumped off a cliff to get into Lake Superior.

-- Sara Paretsky (American Author)

After that I jumped, especially being in art school, to the illustrators.

-- Bill Sienkiewicz (American Artist)

I jumped into acting because it was fun. It was tougher when I had to take my fun seriously.

-- Chris Noth (American Actor)

Pain was something we were expected to endure. But I doubt very much if you would be entirely happy today if a doctor threw a towel in your face and jumped on you with a knife.

-- Roald Dahl (British Novelist)

I just got a call one day from Ringo asking me if I wanted to go out on the tour. It was as simple as that. He was putting together this band and he heard of me in the context of doing this and he gave me a call. I jumped at the chance.

-- Greg Lake (British Musician)

I never took my SAT's. I never applied to college. I moved right out here and jumped into the thick of things. Whether that was the smart move or not, I'm sitting here talking to you now, so it paid off.

-- Scott Foley (American Actor)

I'm not in this for the money because if I was, I would have jumped out after our first album.

-- Justin Timberlake (American Musician)

I really loved what the guys were doing more than anything, how high they jumped, how effortless it was.

-- Peggy Fleming (American Athlete)

Watching Jodie on this is incredible; it's the perfect role for her. It's so intense and so emotional. She just jumped right into it and is so professional.

-- Erika Christensen (American Actress)

From the age of four, I was a huge comic fan and still am. When Lost in Space came along it was like being in a huge comic so we jumped at the chance of being part of that project and it proved to be a good choice.

-- Bill Mumy (American Actor)

I think I was a good student, because I jumped over a school. My main interest was basically history and literature. Sports were basically basketball and swimming at a pool. I was so happy.

-- Shimon Peres (Israeli Statesman)

I used to be a mean maniac. Someone once threw a firecracker at a show and I jumped off the side of the stage and whacked 'em on the side of the head.

-- Dick Dale (American Musician)

I went to the premiere of The Detective with Sinatra, and perhaps people jumped to conclusions. He was very protective towards me and never came on to me sexually.

-- Jacqueline Bisset (English Actress)

Hell, if I'd jumped on all the dames I'm supposed to have jumped on, I'd have had no time to go fishing.

-- Clark Gable (American Actor)

You mentioned Ross Perot. Mr. Perot jumped into the race at the last minute, had one issue that he ran on, the budget deficit, was in and out of the race a couple of times, and still got 20 million votes, didn't have the Internet.

-- Hamilton Jordan (American Civil Servant)

The history of the white man in India really jumped up and bit me in the neck.

-- Roland Joffe (English Director)

My grandfather was Catholic; my grandmother, Jewish. Crossing over from Bavaria, as immigrants to the United States, the ship started to sink. My grandmother jumped overboard. My grandfather followed, to save this girl he had never met.

-- Emanuel Celler (American Politician)

Now, being a girl, I was ashamed of my body and my lack of strength. So I tried to be a man. I shot, rode, jumped, and took part in all the fights of the boys.

-- Agnes Smedley (American Journalist)

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