Definitions for: Jointly

[adv] in conjunction with; combined; "Our salaries put together couldn't pay for the damage"; "we couldn`t pay for the damages with all out salaries put together"
[adv] in collaboration or cooperation; "this paper was written jointly"

Webster (1913) Definition: Joint"ly, adv.
In a joint manner; together; unitedly; in concert; not

Then jointly to the ground their knees they bow.

Synonyms: collectively, conjointly, put together, together

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Famous Quotes Containing Jointly:

Through mutual understanding, sincerity and goodwill, and with great wisdom and broad views, the leaders on both sides should jointly initiate new opportunities for peace, stability, cooperation and mutual benefit.

-- Chen Shui-bian ( Statesman)

As to the question of elected or not elected, each member of the European Commission has been appointed jointly by the governments of the 15 member states, and undergone individual scrutiny and a vote of confidence from the European Parliament.

-- Mario Monti (Italian Public Servant)

When President Jiang Zemin visited India in 1996, the two sides decided that they would jointly build a constructive partnership of cooperation oriented towards the 21st century.

-- Li Peng (Chinese Public Servant)

One has to work for years and decades, to conduct negotiations, to stand for positions and points of view, to jointly develop a civilized view on the administrative and state organization of Chechnya.

-- Akhmad Kadyrov (Chechen Statesman)

I want to assure your excellency that I am occupying myself permanently and jointly with my team to achieve a solution as soon as possible to this crisis, the principal objective being the safeguarding of the health and life of those who are inside.

-- Alberto Fujimori (Peruvian Statesman)

The sooner we learn to be jointly responsible, the easier the sailing will be.

-- Ella Maillart (Swiss Writer)

For over 15 years, through the clean coal programs of the Department of Energy, the Federal Government has been a solid partner, working jointly with private companies and the states to develop and demonstrate a new generation of environmentally clean technology using coal.

-- Tim Holden (American Politician)

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