Definitions for: Jerked Meat

[n] meat cut in strips and dried in the sun

Synonyms: jerky

See Also: beef jerky, biltong, meat

Famous Quotes Containing Jerked Meat:

The people of the future will say, meat-eaters in disgust and regard us in the same way that we regard cannibals and cannibalism.

-- Dennis Weaver (American Actor)

The woman I am currently crazy about was a vegetarian for a year until I started dating her. As is the case with most vegetarians, she had never eaten properly prepared meat, only commercially packaged or otherwise abused flesh.

-- Steve Albini (American Musician)

The night before I compete, I like to have steak. Meat is especially important for female athletes because it provides them with the nutrients they need to perform at their best.

-- Sasha Cohen (American Athlete)

I'm a meat girl and I just love having a beer.

-- Jill Goodacre (American Model)

It's like a prehistoric reflex, you know, going out and getting the meat and bringing it back to the cave. You feel you're supposed to make it better, but more than likely she's asking you to tell her how you feel.

-- Fred Ward (American Actor)

I have heard people eat most heartily of another man's meat, that is, what they do not pay for.

-- William Wycherley (English Dramatist)

It occurred to me that I just didn't see how I could go ahead and continue to eat meat. It just seemed so... cannibalistic to me. And so, I'm a vegetarian, and I have been ever since.

-- Alice Paul (American Activist)

I'm not strictly vegetarian, but meat doesn't play a big part in my diet.

-- Katie Holmes (American Actress)

For our first date, I made Ryan Hamburger Helper, which is basically what I grew up on. I make my own version of it now, with macaroni and cheese and hamburger meat. And the kids - it's their favorite dinner.

-- Reese Witherspoon (American Actress)

Now that I know how supermarket meat is made, I regard eating it as a somewhat risky proposition. I know how those animals live and what's on their hides when they go to slaughter, so I don't buy industrial meat.

-- Michael Pollan (American Educator)

We eat a lot of lean meat and fresh vegetables.

-- Jayne Mansfield (American Actress)

A king is a thing men have made for their own sakes, for quietness sake. Just as in a family one man is appointed to buy the meat.

-- John Selden (English Statesman)

Captain Clarke who had gone out yesterday with eighteen men to bring in the meat we had killed the day before, and to continue the hunt, came in at twelve o'clock.

-- Meriwether Lewis (American Explorer)

I've slowly gone back, later on in life, to fish and then chicken and then, last year, red meat.

-- Sarah Chalke (Canadian Actress)

I think a song that's got something to say. I'm not much on gimmicks. I never have been because they don't last. But I like a song that tells a story and has some meat to it, you know, that means something.

-- Billy Eckstine (American Musician)

The USDA is not our ally here. We have to take matters into our own hands, not only by advocating for a better diet for everyone - and that's the hard part - but by improving our own. And that happens to be quite easy. Less meat, less junk, more plants.

-- Mark Bittman (American Author)

I have been heartbroken once and it has affected all my relationships from there on. But now I look at it as a occupational hazard. If you are in the meat market at some point you are gonna get mad cows disease.

-- Dominic Monaghan (Irish Actor)

You can do anything with beer that you can do with wine. Beer is great for basting or marinating meat and fish.

-- Grant Wood (American Artist)

Caltech was a meat grinder like I could never have imagined.

-- Vernon L. Smith (American Economist)

I'm on this diet where you're supposed to eat only fish and meat.

-- Lasse Hallstrom (Swedish Director)

Personal columnists are jackals and no jackal has been known to live on grass once he had learned about meat - no matter who killed the meat for him.

-- Ernest Hemingway (American Novelist)

Primarily I'm a meat man, although once in a while I toy with a few vegetables.

-- Nat King Cole (American Musician)

People don't like to feed live mice and rats to their snakes. Now we have a regular meat food that they will eat. Ninety percent of the snakes will eat this food and love it.

-- Dick Van Patten (American Actor)

Sure I know where the press room is - I just look for where they throw the dog meat.

-- Martina Navratilova (American Athlete)

I'd like to do policy and I'd like to do philosophy, I'd like to be able to get into the depth, into the meat of the argument - that's the kind of stuff I want to do.

-- Jonathan Krohn (American Author)

A boxer's diet should be low in fat and high in proteins and sugar. Therefore you should eat plenty of lean meat, milk, leafy vegetables, and fresh fruit and ice cream for sugar.

-- Gene Tunney (American Athlete)

Really, if I'm gonna eat a meat, I'd rather eat venison than anything and I do like it a little on the rare side. That's probably my favorite meat and I've had some awfully good venison in some of the great restaurants.

-- Mike Ditka (American Coach)

In my own life, I decided to leave meat off my plate in medical school, but was a bit slow to realise that dairy products and eggs are not health foods either.

-- Neal Barnard (American Author)

Not eating meat is a decision, eating meat is an instinct.

-- Denis Leary (American Actor)

God sendeth and giveth both mouth and meat.

-- Thomas Tusser (English Poet)

The headline is the 'ticket on the meat.' Use it to flag down readers who are prospects for the kind of product you are advertising.

-- David Ogilvy (English Businessman)

If you knew how meat was made, you'd probably lose your lunch.

-- K. D. Lang ( Musician)

The Cistercians do not eat meat... Yet they keep pigs to the number of many thousands, and sell the bacon - though perhaps not quite all of it. The heads, legs, and feet they neither give away, throw away, nor sell. What becomes of them God knows.

-- Walter Map (Welsh Writer)

People enjoy our meat and our poultry, as I do as a consumer.

-- Mike Johanns (American Politician)

You have to kill to survive. People have been doing it forever. I eat meat, and I eat fish. If I were on a deserted island I would need that to survive.

-- Benicio Del Toro (American Actor)

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