Definitions for: Jerked Meat

[n] meat cut in strips and dried in the sun

Synonyms: jerky

See Also: beef jerky, biltong, meat

Famous Quotes Containing Jerked Meat:

My dad's a doctor, and when I was 8, I went to one of his medical conferences where they were demonstrating laser surgery on a chicken. I was so mad that a chicken had to die, I never ate meat again.

-- Natalie Portman (American Actress)

A corpse is meat gone bad. Well and what's cheese? Corpse of milk.

-- James Joyce (Irish Novelist)

The question is not only what is grown but what it's used for. There's not going to be a mass transformation of dietary habits in rich countries-on the contrary, the first thing people do when they become more prosperous is to buy more meat.

-- Susan George (American Activist)

The USDA is not our ally here. We have to take matters into our own hands, not only by advocating for a better diet for everyone - and that's the hard part - but by improving our own. And that happens to be quite easy. Less meat, less junk, more plants.

-- Mark Bittman (American Author)

Caltech was a meat grinder like I could never have imagined.

-- Vernon L. Smith (American Economist)

Women thrive on novelty and are easy meat for the commerce of fashion. Men prefer old pipes and torn jackets.

-- Anthony Burgess (English Novelist)

I don't eat much meat, fish, or poultry.

-- Carol Burnett (American Actress)

My dad was a musician, it was just what he did, like another guy's dad drives a meat truck. Our house was normal. We weren't taken with the fact our dad was a musician.

-- Branford Marsalis (American Musician)

A man loves the meat in his youth that he cannot endure in his age.

-- William Shakespeare (English Dramatist)

Divine right went out with the American Revolution and doesn't belong to the White House aides. What meat do they eat that makes them grow so great?

-- Sam Ervin (American Politician)

People are essentially red meat. They are.

-- Max Cannon (American Artist)

A boxer's diet should be low in fat and high in proteins and sugar. Therefore you should eat plenty of lean meat, milk, leafy vegetables, and fresh fruit and ice cream for sugar.

-- Gene Tunney (American Athlete)

Physical hunger and physical poverty is something I could only imagine. I've been poor when I was in China... As kids we never had to starve, but just didn't have enough meat, enough rice.

-- Joan Chen (Chinese Actress)

I have been following a vegan diet now since the 1980s, and find it not only healthier, but also much more attractive than the chunks of meat that were on my plate as a child.

-- Neal Barnard (American Author)

The night before I compete, I like to have steak. Meat is especially important for female athletes because it provides them with the nutrients they need to perform at their best.

-- Sasha Cohen (American Athlete)

The meat-and-potatoes work of world journalism is performed by the wire service reporters.

-- Bob Greene (American Journalist)

If you get enough sleep, cut back on cigarettes and red meat, you look better the next day.

-- Robin Wright Penn (American Actress)

Tofu hot dogs are actually scarier than real hot dogs. It's like wanting the worst possible meat product without even the thrill of it actually being meat.

-- Doug Coupland (Canadian Author)

I followed the same diet for 20 years, eliminating starches, living on salads, lean meat, and small portions.

-- Gene Tierney (American Actress)

We eat a lot of lean meat and fresh vegetables.

-- Jayne Mansfield (American Actress)

Sure I know where the press room is - I just look for where they throw the dog meat.

-- Martina Navratilova (American Athlete)

In the morning we received some very thin coffee. For lunch we had potato soup with a few pieces of meat in it, in the evening we had a very thin meat soup with some potatoes in it.

-- Leon Askin (Austrian Actor)

I think a song that's got something to say. I'm not much on gimmicks. I never have been because they don't last. But I like a song that tells a story and has some meat to it, you know, that means something.

-- Billy Eckstine (American Musician)

Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you!

-- Tommy Smothers (American Comedian)

When I'm painting the picture, I'm really painting a picture. I may have a flat-footed technique, or something like that, but still, to me, the thrill, or the meat of the thing, is the actual painting. I don't get any thrill out of laying it out.

-- Frank Stella (American Artist)

She jerked away from me like a startled fawn might, if I had a startled fawn and it jerked away from me.

-- Raymond Chandler (American Writer)

People enjoy our meat and our poultry, as I do as a consumer.

-- Mike Johanns (American Politician)

I love to cook comfort food. I'll make fish and vegetables or meat and vegetables and potatoes or rice. The ritual of it is fun for me, and the creativity of it.

-- Reese Witherspoon (American Actress)

I eat fish, three times a week meat, and if not yogurt, something like this and it rarely continues.

-- Karl Lagerfeld (German Designer)

Vegetables are interesting but lack a sense of purpose when unaccompanied by a good cut of meat.

-- Fran Lebowitz (American Journalist)

For our first date, I made Ryan Hamburger Helper, which is basically what I grew up on. I make my own version of it now, with macaroni and cheese and hamburger meat. And the kids - it's their favorite dinner.

-- Reese Witherspoon (American Actress)

I'm on this diet where you're supposed to eat only fish and meat.

-- Lasse Hallstrom (Swedish Director)

You have to kill to survive. People have been doing it forever. I eat meat, and I eat fish. If I were on a deserted island I would need that to survive.

-- Benicio Del Toro (American Actor)

Meat is an inefficient way to eat. An acre of land can yield 20,000 pounds of potatoes, but that same acre would only graze enough cows to get 165 pounds of meat.

-- Alexandra Paul (American Actress)

If you knew how meat was made, you'd probably lose your lunch.

-- K. D. Lang ( Musician)

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