Definitions for: Jaws

[n] holding device consisting of one or both of the opposing parts of a tool that close to hold an object

Synonyms: jaw

See Also: alligator clip, bench vise, bulldog clip, chuck, holding device, pair of pliers, pliers, plyers, spanner, vise, wrench

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Famous Quotes Containing Jaws:

You see an absolutely brilliant film later, as an adult, and you walk out thinking about what to have for dinner. Whereas something like Jaws winds up having a huge effect on me. If only my parents had been taking me to Kurosawa films when I was eight, but no.

-- Ann Patchett (American Author)

Kittens are wide-eyed, soft and sweet. With needles in their jaws and feet.

-- Pam Brown ( -)

Since writing JAWS, I've been lucky enough to do close to forty television shows about wildlife in the oceans, and yes, I have been attacked by sea creatures once in a while.

-- Peter Benchley (American Author)

Watching Jaws just scared the living daylights out of me when I was young. I know a lot of people my age who are still petrified of sharks because of that film.

-- Ashley Scott (American Actress)

But I'm more interested in why people are frightened by Jaws and why Jaws was such a hit than saying Spielberg's my main influence.

-- Damien Hirst (British Artist)

The movie that's had the most effect on me is Jaws. To this day when I'm in the ocean, I'm hearing that music.

-- Judd Nelson (American Actor)

He who could have been a torch and stoops to being a pair of jaws is a deserter.

-- Jose Marti ( Activist)

We were equals once when we lay new-born babes on our nurse's knees. We will be equal again when they tie up our jaws for the last sleep.

-- Olive Schreiner (South African Writer)

If you lived through the shooting of Jaws, you can live through anything.

-- Sam Mendes (British Director)

So much of Jaws was amazing because the mind filled in what was missing.

-- Bill Sienkiewicz (American Artist)

Having in my life been bitten by the jaws of both victory and defeat, I must rush to add that success is to failure as butter pecan ice cream is to death.

-- Rupert Holmes (English Composer)

Jaws was still a handsome, big guy. He got the girl. He was my favorite villain. I tried to make this guy endearing somewhat because all he wanted to do was unite his country.

-- Rick Yune (American Actor)

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