Definitions for: Janis Joplin

[n] United States singer who died of a drug overdose at the height of her popularity (1943-1970)

Synonyms: Joplin

See Also: singer, vocaliser, vocalist, vocalizer

Famous Quotes Containing Janis Joplin:

When I got hoarse, the manager would say, 'Drink this. Joplin used to drink this,' and I used to say, 'Joplin? Joplin's dead.

-- Cyndi Lauper (American Musician)

My idols are Janis Joplin and Annie Lennox, who are neither of them from the typical pop culture.

-- Natalie Cole (American Musician)

I watched Janis one time - we opened for her - and that's the only time I ever saw her. We opened for Jimi Hendrix. I got to stand on the side of the stage and watch him for two hours and then he died. But I got the essence before they left.

-- Stevie Nicks (American Musician)

I've always loved the blues, John Lee Hooker, Janis Joplin, Hendrix.

-- Eddie Money ( Musician)

America? They had a good girl singer, Janis Joplin.

-- Maurice Gibb (Australian Musician)

I remember my mom dressed like Janis Joplin.

-- Bryan White (American Musician)

Janis Joplin is definitely one of my biggest influences. She taught me how to feel music, and I don't think there's anyone like her that could bring such pain and emotion to a song.

-- LeAnn Rimes (American Musician)

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