Definitions for: Jane

Webster (1913) Definition: Jane, n. [LL. Janua Genoa; L. Genua, also OE. Jean.]
1. A coin of Genoa; any small coin. --Chaucer.

2. A kind of twilled cotton cloth. See Jean.

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Famous Quotes Containing Jane:

I used the name Jane Roe because I didn't want my personal name to be involved in it.

-- Norma McCorvey (American Celebrity)

I was really glad to meet Jane Clark because it did give me an insight. I couldn't imagine what kind of woman she was. I was hugely impressed by her energy, straightforward nature and enthusiasm for life.

-- Jenny Agutter (English Actress)

I feel it's like being a kid and dressing up, because that's what Baby Jane is.

-- Millicent Martin (English Actress)

The Dick, Jane, and Spot primers have gone to that bookshelf in the sky. I have, in some ways, a tender feeling toward them, so I think it's for the best.

-- Chris Van Allsburg (American Author)

How can a guy climb trees, say Me Tarzan, You Jane, and make a million?

-- Johnny Weissmuller (American Actor)

I'd just as soon not get into a discussion about Jane and her politics. I'd just as soon stick to what we're here for, the picture.

-- Henry Fonda (American Actor)

I love to direct my daughter, and act with her, and we both want to work with Jane again.

-- Peter Fonda (American Actor)

You know who helped me a lot? Jane Fonda. She said, Look at how many times I've been up and I've been down. So don't worry about anything.

-- Melanie Griffith (American Actress)

The best time I ever had with Joan Crawford was when I pushed her down the stairs in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

-- Bette Davis (American Actress)

I do want to write about Jane Whitefield again, but only when I have a good enough idea - something I've figured out about her that's news and that's worth a reader's time.

-- Thomas Perry (German Musician)

Since There are so many questions about what the president was doing over 30 years ago, what is it that he did after his honorable discharge from the National Guard? Did he make speeches alongside Jane Fonda denouncing America's racist war in Vietnam?

-- Jeff Gannon (American Journalist)

I would even go to Washington, which is saying something for me, just to glimpse Jane Q. Public, being sworn in as the first female president of the United States, while her husband holds the Bible and wears a silly pill box hat and matching coat.

-- Anna Quindlen (American Journalist)

I know in my soul when something feels like a sell out and I think for me, I knew that if I did the Jane's Addiction reunion thing, that I would feel like a sell out. That's how it would feel to me.

-- Eric Avery (American Musician)

Jane Austen was writing about boring people with desperately limited lives. We forget this because we've seen too many of her books on screen.

-- Mark Haddon (English Novelist)

I'll leave the swearing to the Jane Fondas.

-- Irene Dunne (American Actress)

You can be interested in a Jane Smiley novel whether or not anyone says a word. She enters into her characters' thoughts with great understanding and depth.

-- Richard Russo (American Novelist)

Their spirits and their visions are embodied in their craft. And so is mine. It's not Jane Saw Puff. But the clarity of Jane Saw Puff is precious to me.

-- Sharon Olds (American Poet)

We asked Jane Fonda if she would like to meet American pilots in Hanoi, but she refused, she didn't want to.

-- Hanoi Hannah (Vietnamese Celebrity)

I was the Jane Roe of Roe vs. Wade, but Jane Roe has been laid to rest.

-- Norma McCorvey (American Celebrity)

Jane Austen was an extraordinary woman; to actually be able to survive as a novelist in those days - unmarried - was just unheard of.

-- Julie Walters (British Actress)

I kinda go for the Jane Eyre type of film. I am fascinated by classics.

-- Tippi Hedren (American Actress)

I do hope to bring Jane Whitefield back before too long.

-- Thomas Perry (German Musician)

When Jane and I spoke out, people thought, What ungrateful children those two kids are to be that nasty about their father.

-- Peter Fonda (American Actor)

I remain loyal to Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert in music and to Shakespeare and Jane Austen in literature.

-- Anne Stevenson (American Poet)

It was a good experience working with Roger Vadim and Jane Fonda.

-- Terry Southern (American Writer)

I keep all my clothes on in House on Haunted Hill, Mary Jane's Last Dance, and The Way of the Gun.

-- Taye Diggs (American Actor)

We were marching since we were babies and all we did was make Jane Fonda famous.

-- Robert Patrick (American Actor)

There were many good actresses in my time like Jane Powell and Debbie Reynolds, but I was the only dancer.

-- Leslie Caron (French Actress)

Jane Austen is the pinnacle to which all other authors aspire.

-- J. K. Rowling (English Author)

Jane Austen is at the end of the line that begins with Samuel Richardson, which takes wonder and magic out of the novel, treats not the past but the present.

-- Leslie Fiedler (American Critic)

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