Definitions for: Jackie Robinson

[n] United States baseball player; first Black to play in the major leagues (1919-1972)

Synonyms: Jack Roosevelt Robinson, Robinson

See Also: ballplayer, baseball player

Famous Quotes Containing Jackie Robinson:

In the past when I was in Hollywood, I was like a dog. I felt humiliated. My English was not good. People would even ask me 'Jackie Who?'.

-- Jackie Chan (Chinese Actor)

Jackie Gleason said that comedy is the most exacting form of dramatic art, because it has an instant critic: laughter.

-- Chuck Jones (American Director)

A lot of people ask me when I do a stunt, 'Jackie, are you scared?' Of course I'm scared. I'm not Superman.

-- Jackie Chan (Chinese Actor)

I like most of the Humphrey Bogart movies because they had to act then, and they acted very well. Edward G. Robinson is probably the best actor I've ever seen on the movies.

-- Patrick Macnee (British Actor)

Brooks Robinson belongs in a higher league.

-- Pete Rose (American Athlete)

Jackie considered his resurrection, the world's best return performance.

-- Audrey Meadows (American Actress)

Jackie had a keen eye for talent, and like an elephant never forgot. And, he was always right on the mark.

-- Audrey Meadows (American Actress)

I produced six movies with Amy Robinson since the very early '80s.

-- Griffin Dunne (American Actor)

After Jackie Robinson the most important black in baseball history is Reggie Jackson, I really mean that.

-- Reggie Jackson (American Athlete)

Mine was an easy ride compared to Jackie Robinson's.

-- Sidney Poitier (American Actor)

I wasn't trying to top Pulp Fiction with Jackie Brown. I wanted to go underneath it and make a more modest character study movie.

-- Quentin Tarantino (American Director)

Jackie Kennedy was magnificent in the days and weeks immediately following her husband's assassination. She was especially wonderful to me.

-- Pierre Salinger (American Public Servant)

I did the Ed Sullivan show four times. I did the Steve Allen show. I did the Jackie Gleason show.

-- Elvis Presley (American Musician)

As much as I liked and admired the various members of the Kennedy family, my first loyalty was to Jackie.

-- Pierre Salinger (American Public Servant)

I was singing a lot of waltzes. And I was with Jerry Kennedy, my producer, and he was playing me some songs, and he said, hey, I want to play you this song that I'm going to get Jackie Ward to record.

-- Reba McEntire (American Musician)

The only stage direction Jackie ever gave him, George said was: 'If you want to stay in the picture, stay close to me.' The rest of the cast remembered a television director's adage.

-- Audrey Meadows (American Actress)

Every time I look at my pocketbook, I see Jackie Robinson.

-- Willie Mays (American Athlete)

I was also very lucky to be a teammate of two of the greatest players to have ever played the game. I learned very early on by playing for Frank Robinson and with Henry Aaron that even the greatest players in the game were just one of the guys.

-- Robin Yount (American Athlete)

I never wanted to be the next Bruce Lee. I just wanted to be the first Jackie Chan.

-- Jackie Chan (Chinese Actor)

Jackie Robinson, as an athlete and as someone who was trying to make a stand for equality, he was exemplary.

-- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (American Athlete)

Don't try to be like Jackie. There is only one Jackie. Study computers instead.

-- Jackie Chan (Chinese Actor)

To be compared to Jackie Robinson is an enormous compliment, but I don't think it's necessarily deserved.

-- Sidney Poitier (American Actor)

One of the perks of being an actor is to get to meet athletes that you respect. Especially who played before my time. Brooks Robinson is one of those athletes; they just don't make them any nicer.

-- Josh Charles (American Actor)

Mrs. Robinson is a little dated now, but it has nothing to do with Joe DiMaggio.

-- Paul Simon (American Musician)

Jackie Robinson is a true legend.

-- Sidney Poitier (American Actor)

I just want people to remember me like I remember Buster Keaton. When they talk about Buster Keaton or Gene Kelly, people say, 'Ah yes, they good.' Maybe one day, they remember Jackie Chan that way.

-- Jackie Chan (Chinese Actor)

A manager should stay as far away as possible from his players. I don't know if I said ten words to Frank Robinson while he played for me.

-- Earl Weaver (American Coach)

I think I've drawn from some of the most feminine women, like Jackie Kennedy. I am totally devastated that she's gone. She had it all.

-- Sandra Bernhard (American Actress)

When I was a young kid I loved Don Rickles, Buddy Hackett and Jackie Vernon.

-- Marc Maron (American Entertainer)

They called to tell me that I was going to be returning to RAW. I left immediately to run home and tell Jackie. She said, I have some news for you-I'm expecting.

-- Charlie Haas (American Athlete)

Sugar Ray Robinson was at the top of the boxing world during the 1950's when it seemed that he would either win or lose the championship about every three or four months.

-- Dick Schaap (American Journalist)

Jim Crow was king... and I heard a game in which Jackie Robinson was playing, and I felt pride in being alive.

-- Lou Brock (American Athlete)

I am still shocking people today, and I don't know why. Is it because I'm a woman talking about sex and men? One magazine said that no one writes sex in the back of a Bentley better than Jackie Collins.

-- Jackie Collins (British Author)

When I went to Brooklyn in 1948 Jackie Robinson was at the height of his brilliant career.

-- Ernie Harwell (American Celebrity)

All though I didn't meet him. His legend and his saga and his story is just that. Jackie Robinson, we all have to tip our hat to him. Because he made the game available to guys like me.

-- Dave Winfield (American Athlete)

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