Definitions for: Go Wrong

[v] be unsuccessful; "Where do today's public schools fail?"; "The attempt to rescue the hostages failed miserably"

Synonyms: fail, miscarry

Antonyms: come through, succeed, win

See Also: ball up, blow, bobble, bollix, bollix up, bollocks, bollocks up, botch, botch up, bumble, bungle, fall, fall flat, fall through, flop, flub, fluff, foul up, founder, fuck up, fumble, louse up, mess up, mishandle, miss, muck up, muff, overreach, screw up, shipwreck, spoil, strike out, take it on the chin

Famous Quotes Containing Go Wrong:

So most astronauts getting ready to lift off are excited and very anxious and worried about that explosion - because if something goes wrong in the first seconds of launch, there's not very much you can do.

-- Sally Ride (American Astronaut)

The weather is like the government, always in the wrong.

-- Jerome K. Jerome (English Author)

God has been very good to me, for I never dwell upon anything wrong which a person has done, so as to remember it afterwards. If I do remember it, I always see some other virtue in that person.

-- Saint Teresa of Avila (Spanish Saint)

So people think I'm lying about my age all the time? It's the records that are wrong. I've never told anyone how old I am. The minute they ask me, I say 'That's none of your business.' So that means I've never once lied about my age. Now that's true!

-- Calista Flockhart (American Actress)

Probably some of the songs I never even really listened to the lyrics. Half of them I'd hear off the radio and was probably singing the wrong words and didn't even know it.

-- Alan Jackson (American Musician)

Far better an approximate answer to the right question, which is often vague, than the exact answer to the wrong question, which can always be made precise.

-- John Tukey (American Scientist)

To sleep around is absolutely wrong for a woman; it's degrading and it completely ruins her personality. Sooner or later it will destroy all that is feminine and beautiful and idealistic in her.

-- Barbara Cartland (English Novelist)

I don't generally find myself listening to the music of a film unless there's something awfully wrong with it.

-- Carter Burwell (American Composer)

There is something wrong about the man who wants help. There is somewhere a deep defect, a want, in brief, a need, a crying need, somewhere about that man.

-- Herman Melville (American Novelist)

Don't get fancy. Have you cooked an apple pie? You don't know what you did wrong? Do this: Take two or three apples. Put them on a table. Study them.

-- Paul Prudhomme (American Celebrity)

I do not say a proverb is amiss when aptly and reasonably applied, but to be forever discharging them, right or wrong, hit or miss, renders conversation insipid and vulgar.

-- Miguel de Cervantes (Spanish Novelist)

Right is right and wrong is wrong.

-- Terrell Owens (American Athlete)

If I've still got my pants on in the second scene, I think they've sent me the wrong script.

-- Mel Gibson ( Actor)

I'm sure any vocal teacher that listens to me would rather cut my throat than do anything - I do everything all wrong - but I think for me that's the best - because I don't think I have a voice so I think what I project would be style - if I learned to sing I'd lose my style.

-- Julie London (American Musician)

Just as the Red Sox proved the critics wrong, Maine can compete and can win.

-- John Baldacci (American Politician)

As a coach you can influence the diet of your players. You can point out what is wrong.

-- Arsene Wenger (French Coach)

There is always an easy solution to every problem - neat, plausible, and wrong.

-- H. L. Mencken (American Writer)

If we openly declare what is wrong with us, what is our deepest need, then perhaps the death and despair will by degrees disappear.

-- J. B. Priestley (British Writer)

I don't want to get in a big, long discussion about right and wrong, but our company has been working on the issue of underage drinking and alcohol abuse for a long time. I've been outspoken about it.

-- Pete Coors (American Businessman)

Science must have originated in the feeling that something was wrong.

-- Thomas Carlyle (Scottish Philosopher)

It is always right to detect a fraud, and to perceive a folly; but it is very often wrong to expose either. A man of business should always have his eyes open, but must often seem to have them shut.

-- Philip Stanhope (British Statesman)

The fact that it wasn't tells me that we've got a much more fundamental problem of understanding what went wrong, and we've got to figure out what was there. And that's what I call fundamental fault analysis.

-- David Kay (American Scientist)

Material loss can be made up through renewed labor, but the moral wrong which has been inflicted upon the conquered peoples, in the peace dictates, leaves a burning scar on the people's conscience.

-- Hjalmar Schacht (German Economist)

I support non-discrimination for homosexuals, but I think, or at least I have the right to think - without saying whether I think it or not - I have the right to think, along with the catechism of the Catholic Church, that homosexuality is morally wrong.

-- Rocco Buttiglione (American Politician)

It is not the creation of wealth that is wrong, but the love of money for its own sake.

-- Margaret Thatcher (English Leader)

You should never feel comfortable. There is something wrong if you are. You should always feel under threat, on the edge of your seat and pushing yourself. Win one and you want to win more. It's never-ending.

-- Damon Hill (British Athlete)

Even if I was a bad right wing guy, to the extent of whether my arguments are right or wrong, they're right or wrong independently if I'm right or left.

-- Bjorn Lomborg (Danish Scientist)

If rock-and-roll is well done, there's nothing so terribly wrong with that kind of music. But the lyrics are another story.

-- Kate Smith (American Musician)

There's nothing wrong with the car except that it's on fire.

-- Murray Walker (English Entertainer)

Dylan can do no wrong.

-- Warren Zevon (American Musician)

I'm one of those actors who likes to do it wrong nine ways before I come to the tenth way, which is the way I think it should be.

-- Wayne Rogers (American Actor)

Probably the closest things to perfection are the huge absolutely empty holes that astronomers have recently discovered in space. If there's nothing there, how can anything go wrong?

-- Richard Brautigan (American Writer)

In all intellectual debates, both sides tend to be correct in what they affirm, and wrong in what they deny.

-- John Stuart Mill (English Philosopher)

If there is a 50-50 chance that something can go wrong, then 9 times out of ten it will.

-- Will Harvey (American Businessman)

No captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of the enemy.

-- Horatio Nelson (British Soldier)

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