Definitions for: Feedback

[n] response to an inquiry or experiment
[n] the process in which part of the output of a system is returned to its input in order to regulate its further output

See Also: action, activity, answer, natural action, natural process, negative feedback, positive feedback, regeneration, reply, response

Famous Quotes Containing Feedback:

We can collaborate with a Netscape employee or partner who's halfway around the world. We can distribute information and software to customers and shareholders, and get their feedback.

-- Jim Barksdale (American Businessman)

But, people are recognizing me more. Sometimes fans just approach me on the street and say how much they love the show. It's great to get that kind of feedback.

-- Catherine Bell (British Model)

Other times, you're doing some piece of work and suddenly you get feedback that tells you that you have touched something that is very alive in the cosmos.

-- Leonard Nimoy (American Actor)

Feedback is a pleasant thing. I get a lot of letters from unexpected people in unexpected places.

-- Brian Aldiss (English Writer)

We heard later through the grapevine that we were being compared to the Furious 5, and because of that we were getting feedback that they were saying that we werent all that, that we were copying them... blah blah blah.

-- Kool Moe Dee (American Musician)

Negative feedback is better that none. I would rather have a man hate me than overlook me. As long as he hates me I make a difference.

-- Hugh Prather ( -)

I'm vulnerable to criticism. Any artist is, because you work alone in your studio and, until recently, critics were the only way you'd get any feedback.

-- Howard Hodgkin (British Artist)

In the theatre, the actor is given immediate feedback.

-- Charles Keating (American Lawyer)

I've had a lot of very positive feedback about those stories, and seem to have struck upon something that most people feel. I can also tap dance, and don't know many other authors who can.

-- Paul Kane (English Writer)

During the final two weeks of training, our students work simulated game situations in which our staff members role-play as players, managers, and coaches. They are given immediate feedback following each camp game.

-- Jim Evans (American Athlete)

The cast clubs were a big part of it, too. I found I wasn't getting that instant feedback I was used to with a forged blade. The sweet spot is a shade bigger, and when I didn't hit the ball dead center, I didn't know it, because it still felt great.

-- Payne Stewart (American Athlete)

The feedback that I get from my association with Gomez is heartwarming. It is very difficult for me to take anything but a positive view of the Gomez phenomenon.

-- John Astin (American Actor)

A lot of people recognize me or feel that they know me. A lot of times when I speak, they recognize my voice. It's fun, it's exciting. It's always good feedback.

-- Tina Yothers (American Actress)

But I always communicate with the audience. I never pretend like I'm just in my bedroom making a track. The whole point of doing a gig is, like, a feedback thing between you and the audience.

-- Tom Jenkinson (English Musician)

It is important to me that what Poe has to say gets across to people. I want to give people the feeling that I get from all this. I think that we are succeeding. The feedback is very warm.

-- John Astin (American Actor)

I guess it is the sense of personal satisfaction that racing gives you that I am probably going to miss, because in racing you get that feedback very quickly.

-- Bobby Rahal (American Athlete)

That's what makes Linux so good: you put in something, and that effort multiplies. It's a positive feedback cycle.

-- Linus Torvalds (Finnish Businessman)

I'm getting positive feedback for my acting so we'll see if any other interesting parts come up.

-- Johnny Vegas (British Comedian)

One of the great things about being recognized is that you receive this feedback from people. It is easy to see how sincere people are. It's nothing fake or jive. They're giving sincere appreciation. And it's not that easy to express.

-- John Astin (American Actor)

Loving a baby is a circular business, a kind of feedback loop. The more you give the more you get and the more you get the more you feel like giving.

-- Penelope Leach ( -)

Male and female gossip also sounds different, as women use more animated tones, more detail and more feedback.

-- Kate Fox (English Author)

Well, user feedback was excellent. Even when the software didn't work at all, there were few people who were avid users, and there were people who were just sending excellent feedback and excellent ideas.

-- Shawn Fanning (American Businessman)

Feedback is the breakfast of champions.

-- Ken Blanchard (American Businessman)

The orbs create feedback loops that can influence either personal of employee behavior.

-- David Rose (American Musician)

Initial feedback we got from people was that Poker could and should be a product in its own right. For us, that was definitely a case of us not seeing the forest for the trees since we are Poker nuts.

-- Tim Page (British Photographer)

The orb allows for constant dynamic feedback.

-- David Rose (American Musician)

Negative feedback effected amplifier performance significantly.

-- Harold Stephen Black (American Inventor)

In comedy, though, it's good to get feedback from the audience about what they find funny.

-- Bobby Farrelly (American Director)

If you don't get feedback from your performers and your audience, you're going to be working in a vacuum.

-- Peter Maxwell Davies (English Composer)

Third, for people who aren't doing it already, take classes - they're worthwhile. Workshops or classes - a workshop is where you do actually get feedback on your work, not just something where you go and sit for a day.

-- Octavia Butler (American Writer)

I think then, when we started receiving the first of the user feedback, feedback from people that I had not specifically told about it, but had spread from friend to friend and then they were giving us feedback.

-- Shawn Fanning (American Businessman)

I've received a lot of positive feedback from both the secular and Christian markets. People seem to be receiving it with open arms and hearts, and are interested in the stories I want to share about my relationship with God and my faith.

-- Brian Littrell (American Musician)

There is nothing to compare with the instantaneous feedback a singer gets from the people sitting in front of him. That is where it all comes together - all the rehearsing and working to get everything just exactly right.

-- Andy Gibb (Australian Musician)

I always had this non-stop drive. I had to keep sending stories out and every once in awhile I'd get something accepted or get the little trickle of positive feedback.

-- Kevin J. Anderson (American Writer)

I get a lot of inspiration from the audience feedback to our live shows.

-- Donnie Iris (American Musician)

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