Definitions for: Equus Caballus

[n] solid-hoofed herbivorous quadruped domesticated since prehistoric times

Synonyms: horse

See Also: bangtail, bay, chestnut, dawn horse, encolure, eohippus, equid, equine, Equus, female horse, foal, gaskin, gee-gee, genus Equus, hack, harness horse, high stepper, horseback, horseflesh, horsemeat, horse's foot, horse's hoof, jade, liver chestnut, mare, mesohippus, mount, nag, pacer, palomino, pinto, plug, poll, polo pony, pony, post horse, poster, protohippus, race horse, racehorse, riding horse, roan, saddle horse, sorrel, stable companion, stablemate, stalking-horse, steeplechaser, stepper, wild horse, withers, workhorse

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