Definitions for: Chamois

[n] hoofed mammal of mountains of Eurasia having upright horns with backward-hooked tips
[n] a soft suede leather formerly from the sheep of the chamois antelope but now from sheepskin

Webster (1913) Definition: Cham"ois, n. [F. chamois, prob. fr. OG. gamz, G.
1. (Zo["o]l.) A small species of antelope ({Rupicapra
tragus}), living on the loftiest mountain ridges of
Europe, as the Alps, Pyrenees, etc. It possesses
remarkable agility, and is a favorite object of chase.

2. A soft leather made from the skin of the chamois, or from
sheepskin, etc.; -- called also chamois leather, and
chammy or shammy leather. See Shammy.

Synonyms: chammy, chammy leather, chamois leather, Rupicapra rupicapra, shammy, shammy leather

See Also: genus Rupicapra, goat antelope, leather, Rupicapra, wash leather

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