Definitions for: Capital Of Arizona

[n] the state capital and largest city of Arizona; situated in a former desert that has become a prosperous agricultural center thanks to irrigation

Synonyms: Phoenix

See Also: Arizona, AZ, Grand Canyon State, state capital

Famous Quotes Containing Capital Of Arizona:

First of all, Arafat is wrong. Jerusalem is Israel's capital, will never be divided, and will remain the capital of the State of Israel, the capital of the Jewish people, for ever and ever.

-- Benjamin Netanyahu (Israeli Leader)

I knew quite well, when I gave the names of our agents in the Soviet Union, that I was exposing them to the full machinery of counterespionage and the law, and then prosecution and capital punishment.

-- Aldrich Ames (American Criminal)

In a country of such recent civilization as ours, whose almost limitless treasures of material wealth invite the risks of capital and the industry of labor, it is but natural that material interests should absorb the attention of the people to a degree elsewhere unknown.

-- Felix Adler (German Educator)

I have long been a proponent of a guest-worker program between the United States and Mexico, and in particular I have proposed that Arizona would be an ideal location for a pilot project.

-- Janet Napolitano (American Politician)

The proportions, too, in which the capital that is to support labour, and the capital that is invested in tools, machinery and buildings, may be variously combined.

-- David Ricardo (British Economist)

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.

-- Arthur Conan Doyle (British Writer)

Additionally, this tax forces family businesses to invest in Uncle Sam rather than the economy. When families are forced to repurchase businesses because of the death tax, that means less money is being invested in new jobs and capital expansion.

-- Todd Tiahrt (American Politician)

Finance is critical. If sufficient investment is made in infrastructure and venture capital is made available, there will be a big improvement in the situation.

-- Sanjay Kumar ( Businessman)

My capital budget maintains my commitment to the education of children, health of the Chesapeake Bay, and safety of all Maryland citizens. We will continue to focus on the five pillars of my Administration as we build today and look forward to the projects of the future.

-- Robert. L. Ehrlich (American Politician)

We pledge to fight the dark forces high in the counsels of the Republican Party which have made political capital out of the techniques of character assassination by innuendo.

-- Emanuel Celler (American Politician)

That can be achieved by termination of Israeli occupation to the territories according to the international resolutions related, so the Palestinian State can be establish with Jerusalem as capital for such State.

-- Ali A. Saleh ( -)

Legislation to create a new 10 percent tax bracket, reduce the marriage penalty, cut the tax rate on dividends and capital gains, and increase the child tax credit have been essential elements in this economic expansion.

-- Roger Wicker (American Politician)

The senior officer who met with reporters in Baghdad said there had been 21 car bombings in the capital in May, and 126 in the past 80 days. All last year, he said, there were only about 25 car bombings in Baghdad.

-- Rich Lowry (American Editor)

Arizona now has one of the most innovative systems of financing school construction in the nation.

-- Jane D. Hull ( -)

Despite Arizona's remarkable growth in recent years, we have met the current federal health standards for ozone pollution and the Environmental Protection Agency recently approved our dust control plan.

-- Jane D. Hull ( -)

We have an obligation to live in harmony with creation, with our capital... with God's creation. And we need to administer and work that very carefully.

-- Bruce Babbitt (American Politician)

Just as a cautious businessman avoids investing all his capital in one concern, so wisdom would probably admonish us also not to anticipate all our happiness from one quarter alone.

-- Sigmund Freud (Austrian Psychologist)

The long and distressing controversy over capital punishment is very unfair to anyone meditating murder.

-- Geoffrey Fisher ( Clergyman)

Failure is more frequently from want of energy than want of capital.

-- Daniel Webster (American Statesman)

The great dialectic in our time is not, as anciently and by some still supposed, between capital and labor; it is between economic enterprise and the state.

-- John Kenneth Galbraith (American Economist)

The Yankees have better starting pitchers than Arizona. Arizona just has two... the Yanks have four.

-- Keith Hernandez (American Athlete)

Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.

-- Abraham Lincoln (American President)

I got the chance to argue my first case in Supreme Court, a criminal case arising in Alabama that involved the right of a defendant to counsel at a critical stage in a capital case before a trial.

-- Constance Baker Motley (American Activist)

Some of us claim that New York City is the capital of the country, indeed the capital of the world. Now, that may be a bit much for those who don't come from New York, but clearly we are an important city for reasons of our cultural advantages.

-- David Dinkins (American Politician)

I also want to thank Arizona citizens for their efforts at conserving energy last summer.

-- Jane D. Hull ( -)

The seeming antagonism between capital and labor is the result of deceptive appearance.

-- Leland Stanford (American Educator)

Ideas are a capital that bears interest only in the hands of talent.

-- Antoine Rivarol (French Journalist)

I sang in church growing up. Memphis is the blues capital of the world, we like to say.

-- Justin Timberlake (American Musician)

Manhattan... capital of the 20th century, a city that has fascinated me for more than three decades.

-- Jurgen Habermas (German Philosopher)

We have the deepest and most liquid capital markets in the world.

-- John W. Snow (American Economist)

Just as invasion is the true and tried weapon in the hands of capital against the class struggle, so on the other hand the fearless pursuit of the class struggle has always proven the most effective preventative of foreign invasions.

-- Karl Liebknecht (German Politician)

For example, in my own State of Arizona, an Israeli scientist is working with an Arizona company on a demonstration project involving a very fast-growing algae which can be used to power a biomass energy plan.

-- John Shadegg (American Politician)

Thought, not money, is the real business capital.

-- Harvey S. Firestone (American Businessman)

I would like to see capital punishment suppressed in all democracies.

-- Lionel Jospin (French Statesman)

Eliminating the Death Tax will continue to restore consumer confidence, spur capital investment, and create new jobs which are critical components of economic growth, particularly within the small business community.

-- Howard Coble (American Politician)

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