Definitions for: Calx

[n] a white crystalline oxide used in the production of calcium hydroxide

Webster (1913) Definition: Calx, n.; pl. E. Calxes, L. Calces. [L. Calx, calcis.
limestone; cf. Gr. ? gravel. ?, ?, pebble, Skr. ? gravel, Ir.
carraic rock Gael. carraig, W. careg, stone. Cf. Chalk.]
1. (Chem.)
(a) Quicklime. [Obs.]
(b) The substance which remains when a metal or mineral
has been subjected to calcination or combustion by
heat, and which is, or may be, reduced to a fine

Note: Metallic calxes are now called oxides.

2. Broken and refuse glass, returned to the post.

Synonyms: burnt lime, calcined lime, calcium oxide, fluxing lime, lime, quicklime, unslaked lime

See Also: atomic number 20, Ca, calcium, oxide

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