Definitions for: Apex

[n] the point on the celestial sphere toward which the sun and solar system appear to be moving relative to the fixed stars
[n] the highest point (of something); "at the peak of the pyramid"

Webster (1913) Definition: A"pex, n.; pl. E. Apexes; L. Apices. [L.]
1. The tip, top, point, or angular summit of anything; as,
the apex of a mountain, spire, or cone; the apex, or tip,
of a leaf.

2. (Mining) The end or edge of a vein nearest the surface.

Apex of the earth's motion (Astron.), that point of the
heavens toward which the earth is moving in its orbit.

Synonyms: acme, apex of the sun's way, peak, solar apex, vertex

Antonyms: antapex

See Also: celestial point, celestial sphere, crown, empyrean, extreme, extreme point, extremum, firmament, heavens, roof peak, sphere, vault of heaven, welkin

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Famous Quotes Containing Apex:

So, my tactic with conservation of apex predators is to get people excited and take them to where they live.

-- Steve Irwin (Australian Scientist)

I hope that America as a whole, and especially its architects, will become more seriously involved in producing a new architectural culture that would bring the nation to the apex - where it has stood before - and lead the world.

-- Tadao Ando (Japanese Architect)

My field is with apex predators, hence your crocodiles, your snakes, your spiders.

-- Steve Irwin (Australian Scientist)

As a system of philosophy it is not like the Tower of Babel, so daring its high aim as to seek a shelter against God's anger; but it is like a pyramid poised on its apex.

-- Adam Sedgwick (British Scientist)

The apex of my civic pride and personal contentment was reached on the bright September morning when I entered the public school.

-- Mary Antin (Russian Activist)

Everybody knows that the great reversed triangle of land, with its base in the north and its apex in the south, which is called India, embraces fourteen hundred thousand square miles, upon which is spread unequally a population of one hundred and eighty millions of souls.

-- Jules Verne (French Author)

I remember back in Detroit, I used to go to the Apex Bar every night after I got off work. The bartender there used to call me Boom Boom. I don't know why, but he did.

-- John Lee Hooker (American Musician)

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