We all know that learning the two-letter word list and the three-letter word list is essential to playing a great game of Scrabble. But did you know that four-letter words can sometimes be even more important?


In playing the game Scrabble, you will definitely find yourself constantly learning new words via your opponents and thereby increasing your vocabulary. But while such a thing is considered all well and good, you would like to be able to have been the teacher instead of the student. In addition, you probably wouldn't have minded the points that would have gained you the lead. Now, everyone knows it's essential to your Scrabble strategy to learn the two-letter words and maybe a couple hundred three-letter words, the latter having a word list that actually contains over 1,000 words. In addition to these word lists that you should know, you also need to enhance your four-letter word vocabulary.

Obviously, learning some new four-letter words has the benefit of increasing your vocabulary thereby increasing the number of possible words you can play at any given time. Another great benefit to adding four-letter words to your Scrabble vocabulary is that many of them can serve as hooks from three-letter words, allowing you opportunities to play a bingo. There are also quite a number of four-letter words that are vowel-heavy or consonant-heavy. This is great if you need to get back a good balance of consonants and vowels without having to lose points or exchange tiles. Some examples of vowel-heavy four-letter words are EUOI (expressing Bacchic frenzy), HUIA (a bird in New Zealand), EAUX (a river or water), and JIAO (a monetary unit of China).  For consonant-heavy four-letter words, some examples are CWMS (a deep basin on a mountain), RYND (an iron support), XYST (a training area in Ancient Greece), and ZZZS (sleep).

Another advantage to learning new four-letter words is that a lot of them will earn you a high number of points. Just imagine what you can score off of ZZZS? There are a great number of four-letter words that contain a J, Q, X, or a Z which any expert Scrabble player will call the power tiles. Knowing some short words that will help you score high and still dispose of these sometimes difficult letters will not only boost your gameplay but impress your opponent as well. Some examples of power-scoring four-letter words are JAGG (to cut unevenly), QUIZ (to interrogate), FAUX (fake), and CZAR (a king or emperor).

A good number of four-letter words also have inflections that yield you seven-letter words sometimes longer. This not only increases the points you earn but also your bingo expertise. For example, the word TOIT means to walk in a leisurely manner. As it is a verb, adding –ING gives you the inflected word TOITING which means you get to play a bingo! Another example is the word LOGY which means displaying little movement or activity. Since it is an adjective, you can create LOGIEST to make your bingo. One important factor to creating bingos through your four-letter word vocabulary is to know which ones are adjectives and which ones are verbs. This way, you know which ones can end in –ING and those that can end in –EST.

Seeing all of the advantages four-letter words can afford a Scrabble player, you can definitely say that it will undoubtedly improve your performance. Keep in mind though that there are more than 5,000 four-letter words. So, be sure to first concentrate on words that will help you the most such as the consonant- and vowel-heavy list as well as four-letter words that contain one or more of the power tiles. That certainly should be enough to keep you on your way to becoming a Scrabble expert.

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