Sometimes, it pays to know what words are allowed in Scrabble. Especially if those words start with the letter Z.


Playing Scrabble can be challenging even to the best wordsmiths. The game doesn't solely rely on vocabulary skills. You also need to strategize and hope for a bit of luck to be on your side. For some of us who lack a large dictionary in our heads, we need to ensure that more than luck is on our side. Thus, some have resorted to using scrabble cheat sheets, better known as scrabble helpers, to assist them in playing scrabble. These cheat sheets are much like having your own Scrabble dictionary on hand, reminding you of the different words that you can use in the game. Now, if you were interested in utilizing these kinds of helpers, its best to not only have the list but to learn the words on the list. Not only will it help you win the game, you also get to learn while you're at it. Here's a list of some scrabble words that start with Z along with their definitions:

ZA – slang word for pizza

ZAG - an angular shape characterized by sharp turns in alternating directions.

ZAP – (n.) a sudden event that imparts energy or excitement, usually with a dramatic impact; (v.) to cook or heat using a microwave oven; to strike suddenly with force, to attack/kill/destroy using gunfire; flame, or an electric current; to move swiftly

ZAS – plural of ZA

ZAX - a tool similar to a hatchet used for trimming and puncturing roofing slates.

ZED – the 26th letter of the Roman alphabet.

ZEE – the 26th letter of the Roman alphabet.

ZEK – prisoner at a Soviet prison or labor camp.

ZEP – a certain type of submarine sandwich.

ZIG – a sudden or sharp turn or change of direction.

ZIN – Zinfandel wine

ZIP – (n.) postal code; high-pitched sound of a small object moving rapidly through air; energy or vigor; (v.) to convert a computer file into a smaller package; to move rapidly.

ZIT – slang for pimple

ZOA – singular form of protozoa; plural form of zoon (an animal which is the sole product of a single egg).

ZOO – a facility where live animals are exhibited.

ZUZ – an ancient Hebrew silver coin, one quarter of a shekel.

ZZZ – implies that a particular character is asleep.


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