In playing Scrabble, most of us long to get some bingos of our own on the board. But how do you make it happen?


In the game of Scrabble, many players aspire to make bingos at least once in every game. For many of them though, it's just a matter of luck. But if you want to be able to make a bingo solely because of skill, then there are two things you will need to do. First, you will need to start increasing your vocabulary. To find Scrabble words that can help you in your quest, you will need to start looking at 7-letter Scrabble word lists and memorizing the words there. If you don't have time to do that, you can try using a Scrabble word finder to make things easier for you. There are plenty of Scrabble word finders and most are pretty easy to use. Simply input any combination of 7 letters and you'll be given a number of 7-letter Scramble words that you can start learning.

The other thing that you will need to do is to learn some strategies that will aid you in playing more bingos. One of the most important strategies that you'll ever need to learn is rack management. Not only will it help you make those oh-so-important bingos, it will also generally make you a better word builder. Managing your rack simply means having a balanced number of vowels and consonants. Rack management also means having not more than one of the same letter. A good mix of vowels and consonants are great but not if you have too many Us or Cs. With a balanced rack, you're more likely to have a good mix of letters to build off your bingo, especially if you have a lot of 7-letter Scrabble words in your vocabulary.

Strategy number 2 is to know your suffixes and prefixes. These are incredibly important as they help make shorter words longer. Once you know how to manage your rack, the next thing you'll need to do is to start looking for suffixes like –ING, -LY, -ED, and –ER or prefixes like UN-, RE-, PRE-, and IN. By setting aside the prefix or suffix you see, you'll be able to make building words easier for you as you will only need to look for 4-letter or 5-letter words out of the remaining tiles.

The next strategy that you'll need to implement is to start collecting the right letters. If you've ever watched "Wheel of Fortune", you'll know that the expert players always start guessing with the same letters. To play bingos, common letters are your friend. Now, you might notice that most of the common letters are have low values. But these are your keys to a bingo-happy Scrabble game. High value letters like Q, Z, X, and J aren't as easy to build off a 7-letter Scrabble word as an R, S, or T.

Learning bingo stems is the fourth strategy that you'll need to start doing. Bingo stems are letter combinations made of 6-7 letters that will likely form a bingo once another letter is added. The most popular of these bingo stems is TISANE. If you add a G, you can form words such as "teasing," "seating," "easting," and "eatings." Other popular bingo stems are SATIRE, SENIOR, RETINA, and ARSINE. The good thing about most of these stems is the fact that they contain the letter S which makes it easy to hook it to any of the words on the board. With any of these bingo stems, it'll be much easier to find Scrabble words to make your bingo play.

Knowing these 4 strategies will not only help you make more than your fair share of bingos, it'll greatly improve your gameplay as well. 

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