Papaya Farm Best Fruits To Plant (IPhone)



Here is a list of the fruits in the IPhone games “papaya farm” sorted by the profitability per hour.

Using the table below, the game player can easily determine which fruit to plant to maximize her wealth growth.

To find out which fruit to plant, simply go down the list and find the highest “Profit Per Hour” value for your level.


718 thoughts on “Papaya Farm Best Fruits To Plant (IPhone)”

  1. ZTZCheese says:

    Great chart. Any chance you’d be willing to update it with the new time values on some of those seeds?

  2. admin says:

    I just updated it.

  3. Sin says:

    How about a complete table for tools as well?

  4. Chica says:

    Just wondering how do people can still if u have a dog thts ha dog food? Is it cause it just riped and the friend has a 10 second window to steal before the dog bites. Are there ant cheat codes to get more papays other than what is stated? I’m so addicted to this game i just my farm like every hour as well as my friends garden.

  5. Linda says:

    Hii, thanks!

    Do you happen to know what respect points do for you?

  6. LinZ says:

    Can someone please tell me how to get blue roses or purple roses etc
    they’re not in the store

  7. admin says:

    If you plant secret rose, it will grow into random colors.

  8. LinZ says:

    How does the preservation period work?

  9. Desi says:

    How can I get more papayas witouth paying for it???also I need a carrot blender really bad and I don’t have one

  10. WingNut says:

    How do you hire friends on papaya farm?

  11. ume says:

    I have the very partial table for tools.

    you can read this page although it includes Japanese char.
    I want to share such information with other people and complete the table.

  12. ed says:

    anyone knows how to skip a task?
    do we really have to do all task?
    I’ve already made a carrot juice before the task showd up..

  13. ed says:

    for hiring a friend to water your plants, go to chat, click the list of ppl, send un invitation to be a friend and then, when they log in, you will see the ‘hire’ under their name. click it.

  14. Jesee says:

    whats the difference between papaya and cash?

  15. LinZ says:

    I don’t get the preservation period
    I thought it was that if the preservation period was 1h it would last one hour fully grown before it rots
    but I had some lotus’s and I left them for days but they never rotted (their preservation time is 1h)
    how does the preservation period work?

  16. Roxy says:

    My brother went out of town and he asked me to steal his fruit, which are “secret roses.” They are 7/7 and everytime I try to steal, it says “There are no fruits to be stolen.” He only has one other friend than myself, so I know even if she did steal, there would be leftovers. Is there a special way to steal roses, or does the “preservation period” mean I can’t steal until that hour is over?

  17. Linda says:

    Cash is used to buy fruit seeds in papaya farm. Papayas are used to purchase tools in papaya farm. Getting papayas can only be accumulated by doing a few things; inviting friends (and claiming them for 500 papayas), downloading tapjoy applications, or completing surveys (these are absolutely shady surveys-BEWARE). Yes, so it is really hard to get papayas.

  18. Katrin says:

    Does anyone have a list at what levels you can plow new land? I’m at level 9 and have 8 total fields, 2 of the 8 are for friends.
    I really need mire to open up soon, some of these things take way too long to grow.

  19. Jay says:

    How do you feed the dog, people tell me to buy food in the items screen, but there is no option to do so… What lvl do I need to be at to get the dog food, i already have the dog, I need more food… Plz help!!

  20. ume says:

    I read a article about the preservation period in the Papaya. The article says that anybody cannot stole the fruits during their preservation period. i’m not sure but it seems to be true.

  21. Chica says:

    LinZ Ok to plant a rose of a different color u have to buy the secret rose. Plant it and see what color comes out ( hints secret rose). I plant a seed and plow it if it’s not the color rose I need. Also the preservation period means after it’s riped it still has an extra hour to be picked (it’s like an extra hour to be ripened)

    Add Me to friends I send good gifts every day.

  22. Abot Okia says:

    Did anyone get a definitive answer for what the preservation period is for?

    This spreadsheet has the new fruits as well as different tabs for sorting by level, profit per hour, and profit per harvest. It’s incomplete in regards to the tools and products.

  23. Krissy says:

    I just started playing papaya farm and my friend got one too but we can’t find each other on it. How do you do that?

  24. xmul says:

    Happy Holloween! Anyone knows how to get the secret pumpkin?

  25. Linda says:

    Preservation period is the time period that your crop is safe from being stolen. Ex. Tulip has 1 hr preservation period, so up to 1 hour after it ripens, no one can steal it. PS. Read instructions, it helps a lot.

  26. Samronero says:

    Any cheat codes for more papayas ????

  27. Reventon says:

    The amount required for most fruit processors is four times the amount notmally yielded in a harvest.

  28. Jamil says:

    what if you dont know anyone who plays this game how do u get friends?? could u email me? thanks

  29. Ash hole says:

    I never saw a reply for what the respect points are for. Anyone know?

  30. Melyy says:

    can someone tell me how to get Purple Tulips? it doesn’t show up in the store.

  31. Bryn says:

    I’m about to get a new iPhone. Is there s way to log into my farm on my new phone?I don’t want to lose all the progress I’ve made!


  32. Zach says:

    You seriously need to update this list

  33. Sunny D says:

    Can I purchase tools? Also, what does watering the plants do?

  34. Billy says:

    What is the real time if i plant something that takes 23hour papaya time what is it human time

  35. Ggyy says:

    You can not purchase tools.
    You can only get tools when you are plowing also a friend can send you one.
    Watering plants will increase productivity by 25%.

  36. toothiemonster says:

    watering increases the yield by a couple. so instead of getting 20 fruits, you’ll get 22. Also, does anyone know how to turn a love fruit into a love fruit seed to plant?

  37. jim says:

    Does anyone have a list at what levels you can plow new land?
    Does anyone have a list at what levels you can plow new land?
    Does anyone have a list at what levels you can plow new land?

  38. papayaking says:

    When do we get to plow more land? (Which level?)

  39. BT says:

    From what I remember – Level 10 you can plow the 7th farm space, Level 13 – you can plow the third friends space (I don’t know the others yet).

  40. Ggyy says:

    At Level 16 you can plow 8th farm land.
    At level 20, you can plow 9th farm land.

  41. SHE says:


  42. Ggyy says:

    At level 19, you can plow 9th farm land.
    not at level 20

  43. BT says:

    Anyone know what the “refresh” looking icon on the top right is for?

  44. Bobby says:

    refresh means, well, refresh. If it says there are 20 seconds left and after 20 seconds you click refresh, the crop will be done

  45. Darj says:

    Hi! Everyone,

    The Respect Point (RP) goes by 300. Everytime you get to 300 you get either a fertilizer card or a butterfly card. I have only gotten fertilizer cards so far.

    You get RP by sending fruits or tools to your friends. It does not have to be expensive. You also get it if someone steals from you and is bit by your dog. Someone used the invisible gown on mine and I got some RP too. Yopu also get RP if you remove weeds and worms from your friends farms.

    The different colored tulips work the same way as secret rose. you have to purchase secret tulips and when you plant it you find out what color it is. That is going to be the same for datura as well.

    You cannot purchase tools. You can only get it by plowing.

  46. Christina says:

    The refresh button.. Refreshes any updates to ur garden… I have an itouch so i press the refresh button to get updated ripening time, whenever someone waters, etc…

  47. papayaking says:

    Refresh is used to refresh the page as sometimes you’re not seeing the most-up-to date “state” of the page. For example: if the time to harvest says 30 secs. It will keeps saying 30 secs for a while unless you click refresh again.

  48. PapayaLover says:

    how come some people can steal one item, some can steal 2, and some can steal my whole crop in one swoop without using a cape?

  49. BT says:

    thanks. For some reason I thought it was a “undo” button. I used it before but didn’t see anything different (since it’s like hours away so nothing happen) but got it now. THANKS!!!

  50. jim says:

    how can you earn papayas without inviting friends… I am earning a few papayas every once in a while and I am not sure how?

  51. papayaking says:

    Everyday we got 10 papayas by default.

  52. PapayaQueen says:

    We get 10 papayas daily, for logging in.

  53. juli says:

    πŸ™ Farm dog is missing! I spent a whole lot of papayas for a farm dog which never showed up on my farm? anyone know what this is about? My papayas were deducted but no dog on farm. and if i try to repurchase a dog, it says i already purchased one…?

  54. STEELE MAN says:

    Great list!!! Really helpful!!!

    Add me as a friend on the game, my name is STEELE MAN

  55. Seany says:

    morning glorys used to be the best seed to plant because you would 4 outta 5 times
    get a tool. But I think they reduced the chance with the new fruits.. What is the power of the papaya staff? And how do some people have like hundreds of millions of dollars ? A good way to get papayas is to invite a bunch
    of people who just started playing the game and then clicking invite
    more friends then claim papayas. If the person accepts you get 500 each time. Anyone know what seed is the best to plant now for tools? Try the morning glorys! Friend me- seany ( my avatar is a guy with black hair glasses and a crazy pink background) gogo!

  56. Peteten says:

    I started to make a spreadsheet. If you have any info for the uncompleted items please respond and I will update the spreadsheet.

  57. papaya says:

    At what levels can you plow land? Also I need eggplant for my Chinese cook book, what seed is that??

  58. Peteten says:

    Disregard post 51…Updated spreadsheet

  59. Max says:

    How do we delete our friends? Thanks.

  60. Ggyy says:

    To delete a friend you need to go to chat room menu, scroll down you will see the friend list. Above the friend list, you see a delete bottom.

  61. Ggyy says:

    at lv 3, 5th land
    at lv7, 6th land
    at lv10, 7th land
    at lv16, 8th land
    at lv19, 9th land
    not sure, 10th land

  62. Ggyy says:

    I think you just bought the card but you haven’t used it.
    check the items menu.

  63. Max says:

    Thanks for the help regarding deleting friends.

    Does anyone know why sometimes my friends can still steal from me even though I have a dog and the dog has food? I’ve noticed that if they steal right after the crops have ripen, they are not bitten by the dog but I’m not sure if there is a rule.

  64. Max says:

    how come some people can steal one item, some can steal 2, and some can steal my whole crop in one swoop without using a cape?

    If you are the first one to steal an crop, you will two of the items. Anyone else who steals that same crop will only get one.

    I think some crops can be stolen in whole. Grass is one of them.

  65. BT says:

    To cont. from Max

    Cotton, Pumpkin, and Rice — it can be stolen in whole

  66. Munchkin says:

    So I love playing this game but am still somewhat lost.

    Questions kind people….

    I have a whole bunch of tools but have no idea what to do with them

    What does the respect points do

    what do the papayas do

    thanks a bunch

  67. Tyler says:

    If you select the tool, it will tell you how many of a crop you will need to use it. Once you have collect enough crops, you can use the tool to make something For example, using the jasmine pot tool with jasmine will yield a new item and then you can sell that item for a higher price than if you just sold the jasmine by itself.

    For respect points, you earn points for every crop that gets stolen from you, as well as when you send your friends crops or tools. I think you also get points for digging up worms on your friend’s farm and also for watering them but I’m not sure about those two.

    Papayas allows you buy items, such as a fertilizer card or a dog in the game. Cash allows you to buy seeds.

  68. Moses says:

    My only question thus far is… what do the sunglasses mean when you go to look at your friend list? Sometimes my friends have a sunglasses logo by their avatar, sometimes they don’t. Any ideas?

  69. peteten says:

    Tools are used to process crops. If you select a tool it will tell you how many fruits you need to process them with the tool. If you process the fruits with the tool you will yeild whatever the tool says. i.e. lemons+lemon blender=lemon juice. The processed product will generally sell for much more then the individual fruits will. So once you have enough fruits for a select tool you can hit the use button and it will process them. THe processed product will show up with the fruits and you can then sell it. It usually takes a couple minutes to show up.

    I believe respect points allow you to gain special items such as fertilizer cards, etc. for every 300 you collect. I only have 600 but I got a fertilizer card when I hit 600. You will lose respect pints if you are bit by a dog when stealing. You get points for sending fruits/tools to people or stealing.

    Papyas are used to buy special items which are listed in the store under items.

  70. KMR says:

    Ok, I am on level 12 and have realized the game either has a flaw or makes it harder once you get in higher levels. I have a friend who allows me to use his phone to grow thigs, which I send to myself from his game to my game and I make more money and get more tools used in a faster time.

    HOWEVER, he has all the sunflowers I need, I clicked to send them to my farm and it sent only 1. SO, I figured maybe I somehow managed to do that to myself. Tried it the next day, and it sent 1 PEPPER, EVEN THOUGH I clicked 31 sunflowers. WHY???

    Is it because you cant send that many to a friend? Is it my level? And why a pepper?…What changed? This is making me feel like I never sent big things to myself and I am second guessing myself now haha

  71. ume says:

    Hi, Moses

    A sunglasses means that the friend has ripened fruits you can steal. πŸ™‚

  72. Mindy says:

    I had the free Papaya farm app. Then to get 1,000 free papayas I dowloaded Papaya pro. But the 1,000 free ones are in the Papaya pro which puts me back to level 1. Is there anyway I can move them to the orginal Papaya farm?

  73. Jamil says:

    so im still waiting to see how to add friends if you dont know aanyone who plays this game????

  74. Anonlittlealex says:

    What I do is go into chatrooms>games and then just say ‘add me for watering’ once or twice. people will add you then

  75. Ggyy says:

    The maximum number you can send the fruit or tool is 1 per day per friend.
    It has nothing to do with your level.

  76. Ggyy says:

    To add a friend, you need to go to Chat Room/IM menu, and then you select a Chat room (probably “Papaya Farm” is the best one since everyone in that room is playing that game). After entering chat room, you click “user” and you will see a list of player. Click their “home” and you will see “Add as friend”. The request will go to the player’s pmail. If he or she accept your request, you become friends.

  77. Lo says:

    I’ve been playing this game and assuming that there is some kind of bonus for collecting each fruit and tool since everyone has a medal section which outlines what we’ve earned already. Reading these posts it seems like that’s not necessarily true, it’s simply that the more tools you use the more money you make. Does anyone know? I’ve been giving away my double tools.


  78. Peteten says:

    Yes if you just go into the chat room and send a message “Need farm friends” several people will add you.

  79. Peteten says:

    Also if anyone is planting roses. Can they post how many you need per ribbon to process and what was the total you received for the bouquet.

    I am putting a spreadsheet together and need the info. I already grew all the roses and really don’t feel like doing it again since they take 80 hours each.

    Green Rose: 16 needed / $320,000
    Blue Rose: ??? / ???
    White Rose: 24 needed / $ ???
    Yellow Rose: 24 needed / $ ???
    Purple Rose: 24 needed / $216,000
    Pink Rose: ??? / ???

  80. icecream says:

    Hi Peteten! I have the pink and blue ribbon. But Im still growing my roses. But so far the tools say you need 24 for each ribbon. Once sold I will write back. Sorry:)

  81. Kato says:

    Someone unfriended me but I was growing a crop on their guest plot. The game still thinks I’m using 6 friend plots even though I’ve lost this friend. Will it refresh itself?

  82. Buttercup says:

    I had new symbols show up on two friends. Hearts and glasses above the fruit ready to pick glasses. The only thing I can think is they had fruit ready to pick and I had planted on their friend plots. I harvested my fruit and did not steal any of theirs and replanted on their friend plots. Anyone got any ideas?

  83. nms24 says:

    Some of my friends show up in the friends list with a heart shaped flower icon. Does anyone have any idea what that means?

  84. OC says:

    When looking at your list of friends, everyone would eventually see a set of glasses next to a friend’s avatar.

    Question is… does anyone know what the heart (with 2 leaves) next to a friend’s avatar mean?


  85. kris says:

    24 blue needed

  86. Mi says:


    I got some tools information, hope it helps.

    Pink Rose: 24 needed / $ 216,000
    Onion salad $31,680
    Cappuccino (Coffee) $17,920
    Mango Juice $43,200
    A vase of lilies $153,600
    Chocolate (cocao) $416,000
    Green tulip vase: 16 needed / $192,000
    Purple Tulip vase : 24 needed
    Pink Tulip vase: 24 needed

  87. Blamo King says:

    a Bouquet of Blue Roses = $288,000
    white = 240,000
    Pink = 216,000

  88. Ggyy says:

    Green Rose: 16 needed / $320,000
    Blue Rose: 24 needed / $288000
    White Rose: 24 needed/ $ 264000
    Yellow Rose: 24 needed / $ 240000
    Purple Rose: 24 needed / $216,000
    Pink Rose: 24 needed / $192000

  89. ume says:

    Black tulip: 16 needed / $224,000

  90. ume says:

    Hi nms24
    The heart shape means that you planted some seed in his/her friendly land.

  91. Janice says:

    The heart tulip by the avitars means u planted on their friend plots. Does anyone kno what plant gives you tools when u plow them. I keep getting the same ones so I just give them away

  92. Ego says:

    What does the little heart icon mean by a friends Avatar? When i look at my friends, theirs a tiny heart shaped plant their. thanks!

  93. Lauren says:

    I actually play on my G1, but I was wondering…I am level 2…the last task I got was processing fruit{carrots}….after I finished the task, I still did not get a new one…I’m going on 5 days with no need task….am I doing something wrong? Any help would be great! Thanks!

  94. Katrina says:

    Hey, does anyone know how to remove someone?

  95. Laura says:

    I have been playing papaya farm for nearly two weeks and just got a message when I logged on that I had advanced to level five, but when I go on my farm it still says level four? Why has my farm score not gone up?

  96. jim says:


    the tasks are given to you at the beginning of the game… just like a tutorial to help get you started… after you have finished them you just need to play the game… do what you want

    read the other comments, your question has already been answered

    I encountered the same issue when one of my friends removing me and I had planted on their farm… when your plant is ripe and they harvest you will get your fruit & ability to plant on another friendly farm… if they refuse to harvest, eventually your plant will die and you will get the ability to plant on another friendly farm

    Everyone keep up the good work on the spreadsheets, please add preservation period time to the spreadsheet

  97. Raquel says:

    how do i buy more papayas?!!! i downloaded papaya pro 3.0 like it said to do and in my pmail inbox when i click on papaya pro 3.0 info there is a tab thats says “Top in app purchases”. when i click on this tab it shows me all the prices for buying papayas, 1.99 for 2000 papyas etc. but it wont let me click on it to buy!!!!! What do i do?

  98. Raquel says:

    Also, I can’t add my friends to water plants. when i search for them in chat it says not found

  99. sham says:

    hey does any1 know where I can find a list of what lvl I unlock new pathes and am able to plant on more frendly patches etc? ty

  100. Lalala says:

    I really need a friend! Can anyone be mine?

  101. Lahaye says:

    Anyone know how to get your password/account info? My iphone died and I had to have it swapped out for another one, now papaya is asking for my email and password or phone number and password. I have tried every password I can think I might use and nothing is working. In the help list at it says to go the the home page (link was included which I clicked) and click the forgot password under sign in. Well…. there is no sign in spot or forgot password link. I did find a place by surfing around that said forgot password on another page and when I clicked that… it said……. wait for it… “under construction” πŸ™ I really would like to get back to my farming. πŸ™‚ Im level 16 and that took a while. Anyone know what I should do? I cant find anything on papaya’s site to help me and there is no place I could find that is a “contact us” and their papaya forums only gave me a Forbidden access page. Please help. thank you kindly.

  102. Tyler says:

    Raquel, if you’ve already downloaded Papaya Pro, you now only have the option of buying more papaya. After selecting to buy more papayas, it will ask for your iTunes login/password and your iTunes account will be billed. I’m not sure why you can’t add your friends using search, perhaps they have a common name?

    Does anyone know why people can still steal from you even though you have a dog? What is the rule in regards to stealing? One of my farm friends think that you are allowed to steal once a day from a dog-guarding farm but I don’t want to risk losing my respect points to try.

  103. Mkr2003 says:

    Hi, does anybody know if you can get tools when you plow dead crops? I have friends with crops that have died, but when I plow, I never get tools!


  104. Eli says:

    Mkr2003- yes you can get tools when plowing, either on your own land or a friendly land, however, you do not always get tools when you plow. Whenever I see my friend’s land needing to be plowed, I always do so. Sometimes I have gotten tools, but most of the time I do not.

  105. Bran says:

    I’m a newbie! I don’t know how to harvest my crops. Can anyone help me please?!

  106. Peteten says:

    Mkr2003 – I never got tools from plowing other peoples dead crops. Only my own and friendly land.

    Tyler – You can steal as much as you want. I have a dog and some people get bit and some don’t . It seems that the first person to steal gets 2 of the crop and the subsequent theives get only one. You can not steal the last crop. If you steal with a dog that is fed you run the risk of getting bit. Someone wrote that if you go into a farm and steal immediately you run less of a chance of getting bit but I have not personally confirmed that. Lastly you can only steal once from any crop. You can steal from the same person multiple times per day.

    My spreadsheet was updated

  107. Diazy says:

    please add this data to the spreadsheet regarding number of fruits requiredfor the tool:
    Moon Papaya – 16 (Papaya Shaft)
    Redbud – 16 (Redbud Pot)
    Narcissus – 16

  108. lionheart says:

    Anyone hear the rumor that they’re shutting down Papaya Farm? I have not been able to purchase anymore papayas in the game and someone said that the app is no longer available for download in the iTune store.

  109. gman says:

    can you use fertilizers on other peoples crops to pass by their preservation period?

  110. Mark says:

    Why did all papaya products disappear from AppStore? Are they going to shut papaya farm down? Any news?

  111. Lolita says:

    Peteten- you’re not quite right. You can get tools from plowing other peoples’ ‘dead’ crops but it’s as random as plowing your own.
    — The first person that steals a crop always gets either the ten-minute crops in their entirety (grass, paddy rice, eggplant, cotton, and pumpkins) or two of that crop, subsequent thieves get one. There are only certain crops whose last fruit can’t be stolen, usually the higher level ones (ex. cacao, datura, etc.)

    News to all- you are NO LONGER able to buy papayas. You still earn 10 points every day you login. Also, if you have Papaya Pro, you can play games (like Diamonds) againast other Papayans and earn (1 point at a time, slowly) more papayas.

  112. vivi says:

    How i can make my credit in papaya going up

  113. icecream says:


    If you didn’t enter a password/information after you first signed up (first time you launched Papya Farm) then there is a chance you will not be able to access your farm. Its strange. I remember having to return to my profile or settings to enter a password after the fact. And the reason I did that was because I too could not access my farm when I dowloaded two other Papya Farm applications (so I would get extra papyas.) I know its confusing. But I remember something like this. Did you register your phone? If you did then you should be able to log on with just your phone number. Good luck!

  114. Ginet says:

    how do you earn the tools that are in short supply? are they driven by the type of fruit that you’re plowing?

    i’ve also earned tools when plowing on other’s land that i’ve planted on. i’ve also seen people take my tools when they’ve plowed my garden space. chumps!

  115. dimple says:

    yea hey.. i triedd to steal off my bros farm and it keeps saying that “there are no fruits to be stolen” when there is clearly a fruit that is rdy to be stolen..

  116. LeeLee says:

    Why can’t I buy Papayas anymore? The “recharge” tab disappeared!!

  117. G says:

    I had to remove the app from my iPhone and now I cant find it…I cant find it in app store, I cant download it from the website. How can I get back to my farm???

  118. Pearl Dragon says:

    Hi U guys! I have some advice. this happened to me. When u have several things to be plowed sometimes u get tools or seeds 4 every single plow without a lucky card. I call it the “golden time” so i try to plant a lot of things during that time and use butterflies and fertilizer cards. So just to advise u that when u have 5 or more plows and u get tools or seeds every time to plant alot. But it will end with in about 2 or 3 hours.

    Also i have a question i got like 600 rp and i didnt get anything and other ppl got things like fertilizer and bf cards so i was just wondering y i didnt get anything.

    plus any cheat codes would be nice.

    THX ALL!

  119. Pearl Dragon says:

    The heart means that u planted on the persons friendly land and the glasses mean that they have ripen fruits that u can steal

  120. Pearl Dragon says:

    some of u guys were asking y ur fruits were stolen when ur dog was fed. thats because there is a 40% chance that the dog will allow the person to steal.

  121. Pearl Dragon says:

    some of u guys were wondering about fruits being stolen.

    first time-2 fruits r stolen
    second time through the end- 1 fruit is stolen
    ten minute crops- all fruits stolen

    some fruits u cannot steal the last one and other fruits u can. that is because 4 example poppy and carrots. poppy only has about 4 or five fruits. carrots have about 24 fruits.

    plz comment on my comments weather they are useful 2 u or if i need 2 post better advice because i have more but i dont want 2 put up 2 much if u guys dont need it.

  122. Random j says:

    I was just curious how the rainbow card works. Do you have to use it on ripe crops before you harvest them or does it just give you 1.5 times for all the ripe crops harvested in the last 24 hours?

  123. aaa says:

    does the game crash for anyone. it goes up to the logging in screen and crashes

  124. Tyler says:

    gman, no you cannot use the fertilizer card to override the perservation period. The fertilizer and bees and flowers card can only be used while the fruit is still in growing stage.

    Pearl Dragon, what do you mean 40%? Does that mean my dog will bite only 60% of those who steal or does that mean that when I steal from someone with a dog, I will get bitten 60% of the time?

    Thanks all.

  125. Mark says:

    Did anyone find anything out about why papaya is gone from AppStore? Are they going to shut this down soon?

  126. alexa says:

    Of course you can purchase tools but u will get only one that y dont have the rest might be repeted..when you go to store, click items, you will see lucky card. i think it cost 800 papayas, as i said before you will get 2 tools and one that u dont have..

  127. alexa says:

    Hi! Mark
    They sent to all the papayans an email. check you inbox..They were saying that it seems to be a problem but They have already speak to Apple and they are trying to fix it so nop, it will not be close..Yeahhhhh..
    Let’s hope this get solve soon cos i need papayas

  128. Lo says:

    I got a note in my inbox which said the following:

    Dear Papayans,
    We are sorry for the inconvenience as you might notice that our products disappeared from App Store and the in-app-purchase doesn’t work any more. We have been talking with Apple and they told us their iTunes Connect team is trying to fix this issue. So we are still waiting. We will kieep you posted.

  129. Melissa says:

    Your datura pricing is incorrect (perhaps it has changed since you did this chart). The lowest priced one sells for 14000, making profit per hour 1000, and the highest selling for 17000 making profit per hour around 1333. Therefore at level 20, datura is the best for profit that you can plant. You will make at least as much as orange, pistachio, or cashew – if not more.

  130. Melissa says:

    When I called Apple they said they have removed the app due to too many customer complaints about bugs in the game. The game is VERY buggy, I agree, so I can understand. Apple will relist it when and if Papaya fixes the bugs. If you still have it on your phone though, it should still work just as before, except you can’t purchase papayas or download apps from the list in game – Unless *Papaya* takes down their server/deletes the game, this should continue to work.

  131. Pearl Dragon says:

    Random j:

    Yes u r correct about the rainbow card

  132. Pearl Dragon says:

    the game crashes sometimes 4 me

  133. Darj says:

    The lucky card costs 2000 papayas.

  134. Darj says:

    Pricing for some items I am getting ready to sell:

    1. Cabbage Salad: $1900.00
    2. Carrot Juice: $1300.00
    3. Eggplant in fish fragrance: $3500
    4. Popcorn: $7000
    5. Rose Water: $80,000
    6. A Vase of White Tulips: $134,400
    7. A Pot of Magnolia: $204,800
    8. A Pot of Pink Datura: $464,000
    9. A Pot of Blue Datura: $528,000
    10. A Pot of Green Datura: $496,000
    11. A Pot of White Datura: $448,000
    12. A Pot of Yellow Datura: $480,000
    13. A Pot of Black Datura: $544,000
    14. A Pot of Purple Datura: $512,000

    It is a lot of money I had saved up because the plot I have to plow tonight is $2.2 million Ouch!!!!!

  135. Random j says:

    Rainbow cards have to be played within 24 hrs before the fruit is ripe not after like the card says. You basically have a 24 hour window where everything that finishes(gets ripe) within that time you receive 1.5 times. 1.75 times with water and rainbow card.

  136. ume says:

    Now players cannot purchase Papayas because the apps were removed on the iTunes store. Papayamobile says they are talking about this problem with Apple. But still unresolved. In my quite personal aspect, the problem may be pics in some circle that violate laws.

  137. Peteten says:

    Ok. I updated the spreadheet based on everyone’s input. Thanks for the help. Only a few more items to go and it will be complete.

    Please let me know if you notice any errors.

    I need the following info.

    Sale price of blueberry juice
    Sale price of a hyancith pot
    Sale price of grape juice (I am planting now)
    Sale price of ansy pot (I am planting now)

    Sale price of red tulip vase
    Sale price of pink tulip vase
    Sale price of purple tulip vase

    # of tulips to make a vase of white tulips

    Sale price and number items to process the following:
    Moon Papaya

  138. shahid says:

    does anybody know about lands in farm???

    its giving me error that i cant saw this kind crops in more than two farm any idea ???

    help plzzzzz

  139. jim says:


    Please look at the tools that I need, If you have one that you are willing to trade for any tool that I have, please let me know

    See my info here:

  140. mr wrench says:

    jim i need coconut blender, chem lab,and apple blender have tomato, olive, and green ribbon

  141. Melissa says:

    The sale price for any item when processed with it’s tool becomes 2x what they would have sold for normally. So for example, 56 blueberries sold unprocessed would go for $450 each, selling for a total of $25200. when processed into blueberry juice, it sells for $50400. You can apply this math to all of your crops to figure out what the processed selling price will be.

    Also, if you have not already figured out, all tools require 4 of each crop unwatered for their tool (ex: 1 blueberry crop yields 14, 14×4=56 needed for tool processing), with the exception of the 10 minute crops which require 24 of each crop. (example 30 grass per grass crop, x24 = 720 required for tool)

    Hope that helps.

  142. Mi says:

    Blueberry juice $50,400
    A pot of Narcissus $441,600
    A vase of pink tulips $144,000

  143. peteten says:

    Thanks Mi. I updtated the spreadsheet with your info.

  144. Darj says:


    I have the green tulip vase. I would love to trade it for your chem lab. Please do let me know.

  145. Darj says:


    Here is the info on stuff I have:

    Moon Papaya: 16 needed for the papaya shaft: $3,840,000
    Miseltoe: 16 needed for the pine tree: Sorry don’t have the price yet

    That is the info I have right now because I sold everythin else a few days ago. I will update this as I get ready to sell more stuff. Thanks

  146. jim says:

    Mr Wrench,

    I would be happy to trade with you, I added the only Mr wrench i found when searching for you on papaya…. hopefully it is you… my papaya name is Brown

    I have found a tomato blender… so just send the olive or green ribbon, ill send the coconut blender & chem lab… I dont have an apple blender.


  147. uyen says:

    hello! i need ribbons for roses, any color would be appreciated,excepted for blue and purple which i already have. I have coffee makers, cactus pot, cabbage salad dressing, textile processor and black tulip vase ready to exchange. thanks for the help!

  148. Jennifer says:


    Does anyone know how many pistachios are needed for the plate tool? Thank you for your help.

  149. kath says:

    Pearl Dragon,

    When and how do you get “golden times”?

  150. WildcatDave says:

    I find it hard to believe that there is a bug problem causing the app to be offline. I have had no problems so it’s not likely the app. As it’s apparent that most people think they have a problem but it’s simply that they do not understand the game because they did not read the directions.

    Other things are simply self explanatory. For example when the game says you can only plant two of a plant at a time it means you can only plant two of a crop at a time. When it says you can only send one gift per day it means you can only send one gift per day. etc..

    I do believe there is a problem as it was stated officially and it will be resolved soon. The game works fine except for the app store connection.

    I need more friends, so add me if you get a chance.

  151. shahid says:

    120 pistachios need for flour and u can sell it for 120,000

    uyen whats ur name or username on papaya ?? i got tons of ribbons

  152. peteten says:

    Thanks Darj. I updated the spreadsheet witht he Moon Papaya info.

    There are only a couple cells with missing info. I highlighted them in yellow.

  153. peteten says:

    Item Level Price Ripe Time Product. Fruit Price Total $/Crop Tool $/hr Shared $/hr # Fruit to Proc Total $ Proc. Crop Proc. $/hr On hand

    Love Fruit 1 $0 12 2 20,000 40,000
    Love Flower 1 $0 12 2 20,000 40,000
    Grass 1 $20 0.167 30 1 30 Grass Proc. Machine $60 -$30 720 $1,440 $240 $0
    Morning Glory 1 $140 6 16 35 560 Pot $70 $23 64 $4,500 $164
    Potato 1 $80 6 16 25 400 Deep Fryer $53 $20 64 $3,300 $124
    Cabbage 1 $50 4 18 13 234 Salad Dressing $46 $17 72 $1,900 $106
    Carrots 1 $30 3 18 9 162 Blender $44 $17 72 $1,300 $98
    Wheat 1 $20 5 20 15 300 Toaster $56 $26 80 $2,500 $121
    Jasmine 2 $300 8 16 65 1,040 Pot $93 $28 64 $8,000 $213
    Corn 2 $150 10 18 50 900 Popcorn Oven $75 $30 72 $7,000 $160
    Pepper 2 $120 9 18 45 810 Crusher Machine $77 $32 72 $6,500 $167
    Cucumber 2 $100 9 18 40 720 Blender $69 $29 72 $6,000 $156
    Rice 2 $50 0.167 30 2 60 Rice Cooker $60 -$120 720 $2,880 $419
    Dandelion 2 $40 6 18 30 540 Pot $83 $38 72 $4,500 $181
    Onion 3 $300 32 18 220 3,960 Salad Dressing $114 $53 72 $31,680 $238
    Coffee 3 $200 20 16 140 2,240 Coffee Machine $102 $46 64 $17,920 $214
    Sunflower 3 $800 40 8 500 4,000 Crusher Machine $80 $30 32 $32,000 $180
    Tomato 3 $300 32 16 160 2,560 Tomato Blender $71 $31 64 $20,480 $151
    Lavender 3 $300 32 20 200 4,000 Bottle $116 $53 80 $32,000 $241
    Peas 3 $180 24 16 120 1,920 Buiscuit Oven $73 $33 64 $15,360 $153
    Eggplant 3 $60 0.167 18 4 72 Chinese Cookbook $72 -$144 432 $3,500 $514
    Spinich 3 $250 28 16 130 2,080 Popeye the Sailor $65 $28 64 $16,640 $140
    Carnation 4 $2,000 36 14 500 7,000 Vase $139 $42 56 $56,000 $333
    Rose 4 $1,500 72 10 1,000 10,000 Perfume Bottle $118 $49 40 $80,000 $257
    Watermelon 4 $500 40 14 300 4,200 Blender $93 $40 56 $33,600 $198
    Cherry 4 $400 36 14 450 6,300 Blender $164 $76 56 $50,400 $339
    Apple 4 $400 36 14 450 6,300 Blender $164 $76 56 $50,400 $339
    Plum 4 $400 36 14 450 6,300 Blender $164 $76 56 $50,400 $339
    Banana 4 $400 36 14 250 3,500 Blender $86 $38 56 $28,000 $183
    Cotton 4 $80 0.167 20 5 100 Textile Proc. Machine $120 -$180 480 $4,800 $719
    Peach 4 $300 36 18 200 3,600 Blender $92 $42 72 $28,800 $192
    Marigold 5 $1,800 68 10 1,200 12,000 Pot $150 $62 40 $96,000 $326
    Blueberry 5 $800 44 14 450 6,300 Blender $125 $53 56 $50,400 $268
    Pineapple 5 $600 40 14 400 5,600 Blender $125 $55 56 $44,800 $265
    Strawberry 5 $600 40 14 400 5,600 Blender $125 $55 56 $44,800 $265
    Cactus 5 $800 32 10 500 5,000 Pot $131 $53 40 $40,000 $288
    Hyacinth 6 $1,200 40 16 400 6,400 Pot $130 $50 64
    Mango 6 $700 32 12 450 5,400 Blender $147 $63 48 $43,200 $316
    Coconut 6 $800 40 10 600 6,000 Blender $130 $55 40 $48,000 $280
    Pumpkin 6 $100 0.167 26 5 130 Boiler $180 -$210 624 $6,240 $958
    Violet 6 $1,400 40 16 500 8,000 Vase $165 $65 64 $64,000 $365
    Grape 6 $1,500 44 18 420 7,560 Blender $138 $52 72 $60,480 $310
    Pansy 7 $4,000 36 12 1,400 16,800 Pot $356 $122 48
    Green Rose 7 $4,000 80 6 5,000 30,000 Ribbon $325 $138 16 $320,000 $1,450
    Blue Rose 7 $4,000 80 6 5,000 30,000 Ribbon $325 $138 24 $288,000 $850
    White Rose 7 $4,000 80 6 5,000 30,000 Ribbon $325 $138 24 $264,000 $775
    Yellow Rose 7 $4,000 80 6 5,000 30,000 Ribbon $325 $138 24 $240,000 $700
    Purple Rose 7 $4,000 80 6 5,000 30,000 Ribbon $325 $138 24 $216,000 $625
    Pink Rose 7 $4,000 80 6 5,000 30,000 Ribbon $325 $138 24 $192,000 $550
    Orchid 8 $5,000 48 4 4,000 16,000 Vase $229 $63 16 $128,000 $563
    Lotus 8 $4,000 44 6 2,200 13,200 Pond $209 $59 24 $105,600 $509
    Olive 9 $5,000 24 6 2,500 15,000 Blender $417 $104 24 $120,000 $1,042
    Hawthorn 9 $5,000 30 16 1,250 20,000 Blender $500 $167 64 $160,000 $1,167
    Red Tulip 10 $5,000 52 6 2,500 15,000 Vase $192 $48 24
    White Tuplip 10 $5,000 52 6 2,500 15,000 Vase $192 $48 $134,400
    Pink Tulip 10 $5,000 52 6 2,500 15,000 Vase $192 $48 24 $144,000 $596
    Purple Tulip 10 $5,000 52 6 2,500 15,000 Vase $192 $48 24
    Green Tulip 10 $5,000 52 6 2,500 15,000 Vase $192 $48 16 $192,000 $1,288
    Black Tulip 10 $5,000 52 6 2,500 15,000 Vase $192 $48 16 $224,000 $1,519
    Lily 11 $5,000 56 6 3,200 19,200 Vase $254 $82 $153,600
    Poppy 12 $6,000 56 4 10,000 40,000 Chemistry Lab $607 $250 16 $320,000 $1,321
    Truffles 13 $8,000 60 4 12,000 48,000 French Cookbook $667 $267 16 $384,000 $1,467
    Lemon 13 $6,000 24 8 2,600 20,800 Blender $617 $183 32 $166,400 $1,483
    Cacao 14 $10,000 64 4 13,000 52,000 Valentines Card $656 $250 16 $416,000 $1,469
    Pistachio 15 $2,000 10 40 300 12,000 Plate $1,000 $400 160 $96,000 $2,200
    Moon Papaya 15 $12,000 480 4 120,000 480,000 Shaft $975 $475 16 $3,840,000 $1,975 8
    Redbud 16 $8,000 36 4 9,000 36,000 Pot $778 $278 16 24
    Narcissus 17 $12,000 48 4 13,800 55,200 Pot $900 $325 16 $441,600 $2,050 26
    Cashew 17 $3,000 12 30 500 15,000 Flour $1,000 $375 404
    Cantury Plant 18 $10,000 12 4 4,900 19,600 Wine Bottle $800 -$17 16 $156,800 $2,433
    Magnolia 19 $6,000 24 8 3,200 25,600 Pot $817 $283 32 $204,800 $1,883
    White Datura 20 $20,000 36 4 14,000 56,000 Pot $1,000 $222 16 $448,000 $2,556
    Pink Datura 20 $20,000 36 4 14,500 58,000 Pot $1,056 $250 16 $464,000 $2,667
    Yellow Datura 20 $20,000 36 4 15,000 60,000 Pot $1,111 $278 16 $480,000 $2,778 20
    Green Datura 20 $20,000 36 4 15,500 62,000 Pot $1,167 $306 16 $496,000 $2,889
    Purple Datura 20 $20,000 36 4 16,000 64,000 Pot $1,222 $333 16 $512,000 $3,000
    Blue Datura 20 $20,000 36 4 16,500 66,000 Pot $1,278 $361 16 $528,000 $3,111
    Black Datura 20 $20,000 36 4 17,000 68,000 Pot $1,333 $389 16 $544,000 $3,222
    Orange 23 $8,000 36 20 2,200 44,000 Blender $1,000 $389 80 $352,000 $2,222
    Mistletoe 25 $16,000 24 4 20,000 80,000 Pine $2,667 $1,000

  154. peteten says:

    Item Level Price Ripe Time Product. Fruit Price Total $/Crop Tool $/hr Shared $/hr # Fruit to Proc Total $ Proc. Crop Proc. $/hr On hand

    Love Fruit 1 $0 12 2 “20,000” “40,000”
    Love Flower 1 $0 12 2 “20,000” “40,000”
    Grass 1 $20 0.167 30 1 30 Grass Proc. Machine $60 -$30 720 “$1,440” $240 $0
    Morning Glory 1 $140 6 16 35 560 Pot $70 $23 64 “$4,500” $164
    Potato 1 $80 6 16 25 400 Deep Fryer $53 $20 64 “$3,300” $124
    Cabbage 1 $50 4 18 13 234 Salad Dressing $46 $17 72 “$1,900” $106
    Carrots 1 $30 3 18 9 162 Blender $44 $17 72 “$1,300” $98
    Wheat 1 $20 5 20 15 300 Toaster $56 $26 80 “$2,500” $121
    Jasmine 2 $300 8 16 65 “1,040” Pot $93 $28 64 “$8,000” $213
    Corn 2 $150 10 18 50 900 Popcorn Oven $75 $30 72 “$7,000” $160
    Pepper 2 $120 9 18 45 810 Crusher Machine $77 $32 72 “$6,500” $167
    Cucumber 2 $100 9 18 40 720 Blender $69 $29 72 “$6,000” $156
    Rice 2 $50 0.167 30 2 60 Rice Cooker $60 -$120 720 “$2,880” $419
    Dandelion 2 $40 6 18 30 540 Pot $83 $38 72 “$4,500” $181
    Onion 3 $300 32 18 220 “3,960” Salad Dressing $114 $53 72 “$31,680” $238
    Coffee 3 $200 20 16 140 “2,240” Coffee Machine $102 $46 64 “$17,920” $214
    Sunflower 3 $800 40 8 500 “4,000” Crusher Machine $80 $30 32 “$32,000” $180
    Tomato 3 $300 32 16 160 “2,560” Tomato Blender $71 $31 64 “$20,480” $151
    Lavender 3 $300 32 20 200 “4,000” Bottle $116 $53 80 “$32,000” $241
    Peas 3 $180 24 16 120 “1,920” Buiscuit Oven $73 $33 64 “$15,360” $153
    Eggplant 3 $60 0.167 18 4 72 Chinese Cookbook $72 -$144 432 “$3,500” $514
    Spinich 3 $250 28 16 130 “2,080” Popeye the Sailor $65 $28 64 “$16,640” $140
    Carnation 4 “$2,000” 36 14 500 “7,000” Vase $139 $42 56 “$56,000” $333
    Rose 4 “$1,500” 72 10 “1,000” “10,000” Perfume Bottle $118 $49 40 “$80,000” $257
    Watermelon 4 $500 40 14 300 “4,200” Blender $93 $40 56 “$33,600” $198
    Cherry 4 $400 36 14 450 “6,300” Blender $164 $76 56 “$50,400” $339
    Apple 4 $400 36 14 450 “6,300” Blender $164 $76 56 “$50,400” $339
    Plum 4 $400 36 14 450 “6,300” Blender $164 $76 56 “$50,400” $339
    Banana 4 $400 36 14 250 “3,500” Blender $86 $38 56 “$28,000” $183
    Cotton 4 $80 0.167 20 5 100 Textile Proc. Machine $120 -$180 480 “$4,800” $719
    Peach 4 $300 36 18 200 “3,600” Blender $92 $42 72 “$28,800” $192
    Marigold 5 “$1,800” 68 10 “1,200” “12,000” Pot $150 $62 40 “$96,000” $326
    Blueberry 5 $800 44 14 450 “6,300” Blender $125 $53 56 “$50,400” $268
    Pineapple 5 $600 40 14 400 “5,600” Blender $125 $55 56 “$44,800” $265
    Strawberry 5 $600 40 14 400 “5,600” Blender $125 $55 56 “$44,800” $265
    Cactus 5 $800 32 10 500 “5,000” Pot $131 $53 40 “$40,000” $288
    Hyacinth 6 “$1,200” 40 16 400 “6,400” Pot $130 $50 64
    Mango 6 $700 32 12 450 “5,400” Blender $147 $63 48 “$43,200” $316
    Coconut 6 $800 40 10 600 “6,000” Blender $130 $55 40 “$48,000” $280
    Pumpkin 6 $100 0.167 26 5 130 Boiler $180 -$210 624 “$6,240” $958
    Violet 6 “$1,400” 40 16 500 “8,000” Vase $165 $65 64 “$64,000” $365
    Grape 6 “$1,500” 44 18 420 “7,560” Blender $138 $52 72 “$60,480” $310
    Pansy 7 “$4,000” 36 12 “1,400” “16,800” Pot $356 $122 48
    Green Rose 7 “$4,000” 80 6 “5,000” “30,000” Ribbon $325 $138 16 “$320,000” “$1,450”
    Blue Rose 7 “$4,000” 80 6 “5,000” “30,000” Ribbon $325 $138 24 “$288,000” $850
    White Rose 7 “$4,000” 80 6 “5,000” “30,000” Ribbon $325 $138 24 “$264,000” $775
    Yellow Rose 7 “$4,000” 80 6 “5,000” “30,000” Ribbon $325 $138 24 “$240,000” $700
    Purple Rose 7 “$4,000” 80 6 “5,000” “30,000” Ribbon $325 $138 24 “$216,000” $625
    Pink Rose 7 “$4,000” 80 6 “5,000” “30,000” Ribbon $325 $138 24 “$192,000” $550
    Orchid 8 “$5,000” 48 4 “4,000” “16,000” Vase $229 $63 16 “$128,000” $563
    Lotus 8 “$4,000” 44 6 “2,200” “13,200” Pond $209 $59 24 “$105,600” $509
    Olive 9 “$5,000” 24 6 “2,500” “15,000” Blender $417 $104 24 “$120,000” “$1,042”
    Hawthorn 9 “$5,000” 30 16 “1,250” “20,000” Blender $500 $167 64 “$160,000” “$1,167”
    Red Tulip 10 “$5,000” 52 6 “2,500” “15,000” Vase $192 $48 24
    White Tuplip 10 “$5,000” 52 6 “2,500” “15,000” Vase $192 $48 “$134,400”
    Pink Tulip 10 “$5,000” 52 6 “2,500” “15,000” Vase $192 $48 24 “$144,000” $596
    Purple Tulip 10 “$5,000” 52 6 “2,500” “15,000” Vase $192 $48 24
    Green Tulip 10 “$5,000” 52 6 “2,500” “15,000” Vase $192 $48 16 “$192,000” “$1,288”
    Black Tulip 10 “$5,000” 52 6 “2,500” “15,000” Vase $192 $48 16 “$224,000” “$1,519”
    Lily 11 “$5,000” 56 6 “3,200” “19,200” Vase $254 $82 “$153,600”
    Poppy 12 “$6,000” 56 4 “10,000” “40,000” Chemistry Lab $607 $250 16 “$320,000” “$1,321”
    Truffles 13 “$8,000” 60 4 “12,000” “48,000” French Cookbook $667 $267 16 “$384,000” “$1,467”
    Lemon 13 “$6,000” 24 8 “2,600” “20,800” Blender $617 $183 32 “$166,400” “$1,483”
    Cacao 14 “$10,000” 64 4 “13,000” “52,000” Valentines Card $656 $250 16 “$416,000” “$1,469”
    Pistachio 15 “$2,000” 10 40 300 “12,000” Plate “$1,000” $400 160 “$96,000” “$2,200”
    Moon Papaya 15 “$12,000” 480 4 “120,000” “480,000” Shaft $975 $475 16 “$3,840,000” “$1,975” 8
    Redbud 16 “$8,000” 36 4 “9,000” “36,000” Pot $778 $278 16 24
    Narcissus 17 “$12,000” 48 4 “13,800” “55,200” Pot $900 $325 16 “$441,600” “$2,050” 26
    Cashew 17 “$3,000” 12 30 500 “15,000” Flour “$1,000” $375 404
    Cantury Plant 18 “$10,000” 12 4 “4,900” “19,600” Wine Bottle $800 -$17 16 “$156,800” “$2,433”
    Magnolia 19 “$6,000” 24 8 “3,200” “25,600” Pot $817 $283 32 “$204,800” “$1,883”
    White Datura 20 “$20,000” 36 4 “14,000” “56,000” Pot “$1,000” $222 16 “$448,000” “$2,556”
    Pink Datura 20 “$20,000” 36 4 “14,500” “58,000” Pot “$1,056” $250 16 “$464,000” “$2,667”
    Yellow Datura 20 “$20,000” 36 4 “15,000” “60,000” Pot “$1,111” $278 16 “$480,000” “$2,778” 20
    Green Datura 20 “$20,000” 36 4 “15,500” “62,000” Pot “$1,167” $306 16 “$496,000” “$2,889”
    Purple Datura 20 “$20,000” 36 4 “16,000” “64,000” Pot “$1,222” $333 16 “$512,000” “$3,000”
    Blue Datura 20 “$20,000” 36 4 “16,500” “66,000” Pot “$1,278” $361 16 “$528,000” “$3,111”
    Black Datura 20 “$20,000” 36 4 “17,000” “68,000” Pot “$1,333” $389 16 “$544,000” “$3,222”

  155. peteten says:

    Sorry for the last two posts. That was my ill attempt to post the spreadsheet in the thread.

    It’s much easier to view here:

  156. Brooke Keisling says:

    Hey guys, I am really interested in trading tools, let me know if you want to!

    Here’s what I have to trade:
    Rice cooker (2)
    China Cuisine (4)
    Onion Salad Dressing (3)
    Cactus Pot (1)
    Marigold Pot (1)
    Pumpkin Boiler (6)
    Pepper Crusher Machine (1)
    White Tulip Vase (2)
    Grass Processor (3)
    Textile Processor (5)
    Jasmine Pot (1)
    Morning Glory Pot (2)
    Frying Pan (3)
    Cabbage Salad Dressing (1)
    Biscuit Oven (1)
    Cherry Blender (1)
    Toaster (1)
    Tomato Blender (2)
    Popcorn Oven (3)
    Carnation Vase (2)
    Plum Blender (1)
    Dandelion Pot (1)
    Blueberry Blender (2)
    Purple Ribbon (1)
    Coffee Maker (1)

    Tools I need:
    grape blender
    yellow and pink rose ribbon
    lily vase
    chemistry lab
    france cuisine book
    valentine card
    papaya shaft
    redbud pot
    datura pots- any except white
    magnolia pot
    lemon blender
    pistachio plate

    Please let me know if you want to trade!!!!

  157. Meydad says:

    Something about tools –
    The price if a tool ( after filling it up) , will always be twice the price of the fruits you have used.
    Exe: green ribbon- green rose=$10000 fruits requiired-16
    16 green roses=$160,000 green ribbon with the roses= $320,000

  158. Jamie says:

    I had to update my iphone and my app deleted and I want it back any suggestions.

  159. Jamie says:

    I had nothing wrong with the papaya farm or credit card crap that some of the people were talking about I am completely content with what it was and i want it back.

  160. davis7 says:

    I can’t find the invite a friend button to get 500 papayas, help?

  161. PPM says:

    Question about the BUTTERFLIES CARD:

    Does ALL the crops in all the land increase growth rate by 4 hrs OR it’s just the crops within a specific land that you choose?

  162. Teresa says:

    I want to harvest my crops that I’ve planted on my friend’s farm that have been ripened. Is there a way to do that?

  163. PeteTen says:

    Updated sheet to include the new items; Peanuts, Mushrooms, Picher Plants. also added extra line items for the new tools for the Apple and Pumpkin.

    If anyone has the values for the highlighted cells please send them my way. Thanks.

  164. shahid says:

    the game is getting lil boring now

  165. Friend says:

    At which level are you allowed to plant the 10th friendly land? 11th?

  166. Jad says:

    I there any update on the purchasing papaya it would help speed things up a bit!

  167. Darj says:

    Pete Ten

    Here are the values for three of the highlighted items you need

    1. Purple Tulip——– 24 in a vase ——— $201,600
    2. Moon Papaya ——- 16 in a papaya shaft ——–$3,840,000
    3. Miseltoe————- 16 in a pine tree —————$640,000

  168. Blizzard says:

    Hi Jim, I have a white ribbon if you still need it. I’d like to trade for your red tulip vase. Let me know, thx?

  169. PuddingSkin says:

    Shahid, I need Yellow, White or Green ribbon, add me and we can trade somethings.


  170. Blizzard says:

    Hi Jim, I have a white ribbon if you still need it. I’d like to trade for your red tulip vase. Let me know, thx

  171. Justin says:

    Blizzard, if you have a white ribbon I have some stuff to trade.

  172. Luu says:

    Is anyone else having major technical issues with this app? Aside from freezing and shutting down 1 or 2 times a day it has worked fine for a week or 2 but now it never gets past the “logging in, fun fact” stage after I start the app. I went to the app store to see if anyone else is having this issue and its gone. I don’t want to uninstall since I clearly can’t reinstall. Anybody have any info

  173. Jessica says:

    For the carriage the total price of the processed prod is 60,000

    ~Jessica x3

  174. Darj says:

    I cannot get into papaya farm, chat or my home screen anymore =( Is it just me?

  175. MoniTeMexicana says:

    mine stopped working too i think im gonna cry i saw a couple other peoples stopped too maybe they are finally fixing it

  176. dalejrsfan88 says:

    No Darj, I cant get into anything either! Wonder whats up?

  177. Miss miss says:

    I can’t either. It just hangs up and I can’t get into anything. It just started about 3:00 cst.

  178. lalalanono says:

    Darj – it’s not just you. It will be so annoying to have put money into this game and just have it disappear – I’ve never had any buggy issues with the game…

  179. AmazingMelf says:

    Papaya farm isn’t working for me either

  180. Scarlet Descalla says:

    Me too, Darj… So sad πŸ™

  181. Mojomarm says:

    I can’t login either – was worried it was an issue at my end but if other people are suffering the same, that’s made things a bit less panicky

  182. Jessica says:

    I can’t get into my farm either. πŸ™

  183. Scarlet Descalla says:

    Does anybody have problem logging on their papaya farm? ??

  184. lalalanono says: – this is the papaya blog from the creators of the game.

  185. Amit says:

    Papaya farm won’t go beyond logging in screen. Just stays there forever.

  186. aaahhhh says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhh why isnt papaya farm working???????????/

  187. AmandA says:

    I am not able to access Papaya anymore. Not in app store anymore either.

  188. Chromia21 says:

    OMG!! i thought it was just me…sigh…i cant get on for the past hr i think the game either crashed or their server is down…im dying without my farm πŸ™

  189. Ruthie says:

    I can’t get in my farm either it’s not just you

  190. Mac says:

    I am not able to get into my farm either!!! I hope they have not removed it. I had heard that Apple had removed it from the Apps because of pornography being sent to minors!! I hope they can figure this out!!!

  191. Gamshi says:

    I can’t seem to open any of the papaya apps. My mistletoes should be ripe. Is anyone else having probs?

  192. Lolafish says:

    Darj, It won’t load for me either… It’s stuck on the logging in page.

  193. BaldEagle says:

    Thought it was just me Darj, all my papaya apps won’t access, no papaya listed on itunes store, have a funny feeling we may have just lost a great game!

  194. Prasad says:

    I am having same problem… can’t get in..keeps saying “Logging in..”

  195. avicus says:

    I can’t log in either. Hope the program isn’t dead for good.

  196. redbull101 says:

    i can’t log on either.

  197. Kandis says:

    Hi Darj. It is not just you. I also cannot get into Papaya Farm.

  198. la says:

    I can’t access farm either!!! The game tries to load and nothing πŸ™

  199. dina says:

    i cannot get on either i was just googling to see if anyone else had same problem…

  200. chinhuei says:

    me neither, since 2PM Pacific time

  201. Reese says:

    I can’t either, thought it was just my phone, but this can’t be good. I hope it comes back!

  202. kiki says:

    I couldn’t login neither.

  203. Jaime says:

    I’m can’t get on papaya either. I hope they get it straightened out soon.

  204. Jane says:

    I and my friends also have not been able to get onto papaya farm. Anyone have any idea what might be going on.

  205. Soul Flame says:

    I can’t get on either, Darj. Not for 3 or 4 hours (it’s the 14th at 5pm here CA time). Thought it was my cell service but I tried on my wifi and still can’t get on. *sigh* I hope whatever the reason is, won’t cause anyone to lose their stuff!!

  206. Tyra Banks says:

    Me neither
    I think their server is down

  207. MINI says:

    what happened to papaya farm, I dont think it is on the app store anymore either. i dont know anyone who can get in anymore? Anyone know?

  208. Sarc says:

    I can’t log on either. It stopped working around 3 pacific time. The game is no longer available in the app store? Has this app been lost forever? I was growing my first moon papayas too!

  209. Prasad says:

    Here you go.. One more spreadsheet, more detailed and contains profit info on harvest with and without tools and additional info when crops are watered.


  210. djdarkbeat says:

    No it’s looking like all users are having access issues at this time.

  211. Coral says:

    I cannot connect to any Papaya App as well.

  212. Stacey says:

    Papaya Farm has been deleted by the app store…I haven’t found any explanation yet…anyone know anything about this??

  213. djdarkbeat says:

    Looks like its back up now

  214. Pearl Dragon says:

    What I ment is that ur dog will bite robbers 60% of the time and allow the robber to steel 40% of the time
    U will probably get bitten 60% of the time.
    I found out that the more hours of food the dog has the more likely it will bite.

    The golden time for me is just random i get them just like every other 2 months so when it comes 4 u then try to plant alot because it wont come back 4 a while

  215. caylan says:

    best stinking game ever so addicting

  216. Diazy says:

    To summarize the levels to plow new land:
    lvl 3 – 5th land
    lvl 5- 2nd friendly land
    lvl 7 – 6th land
    lvl 10 – 7th land
    lvl 13 – 3rd friendly land
    lvl 16 – 8th land
    lvl 19 – 9th land
    lvl 22 – 4th friendly land
    lvl 25 – 5th friendly land
    lvl 28 – 10th land

    I’m not sure about the last two pieces of land

  217. Jane says:

    How do you get a Secret Pumpkin?

  218. Ilse says:

    Por q no podemo usar la papaya farm

  219. Mg says:

    Apple-newton tool-the law of gravity is the product of it= $200000

  220. Katie says:

    Does this game work out of the U.S? I’m leaving on a trip over winter break and i will have internet but will it still work?

  221. Zee says:

    Hi guys,

    If you are wondering about the last land, you get your very last piece of land in level 28.

    I am a level 30, I will glady trade with anyone with pine or a picher pot. I can even plant those in your farm! Plus I have lots of things to trade.

    My screen name is Zeebee, just make sure to also send me a pmail telling me you’re from here.


  222. Tyler says:

    Did anyone hear that Papaya Farm might be released on facebook soon, with the option of purchasing papayas again? I’m not sure if you will be able to play papaya farm on facebook or what.. but I was forwarded this email, unknown or authentic or not.

    Dear Papayans,

    We are sorry for the inconvenience recently (Papaya disappeared from apple store and you can’t buy papayas any longer) and we are working with Apple on the issues right now. To compensate your loss, we will add some free papayas to your account in the next 2-3 days. The more you purchased in the past, the more free papayas we will give you.

    The good news is that we are going to release Papaya Farm on Facebook very soon. At that time, you can purchase papayas directly from Facebook.
    Please stay tuned.


  223. Blizz500 says:

    Hey! everyone this is GREAAAAAAAAAAAAT info it has been a pleasue to so many of your post, i didnt know so many people played Papaya Farm, i can only hope that they fix the problem and let start buying papayas again.
    Peace, and Happy Farming!

  224. Jenz says:

    The selling price for the hyacinth pot is $51,200.

  225. jess says:

    there have been more fruits added can u update it again

  226. jess says:

    hey everyone i need coloured ribbons, reply if u hav any to trade

  227. MaNpaChi says:

    PLANT CARROTS TO GET TOOLS…I GET TOOLS FOR AT LEAST 2 OUTTA 3 OR 4 THAT I PLANT…at least for now. ADD ME!!! I share : ) my name is the same as the one on here.

  228. shahid says:

    i dont know how to add without going ur home page

  229. Jane says:

    How do you get the secret pumpkins?

  230. peteten says:

    Spreadsheet was updated to include the price for selling a pot of redbuds. $288,000

  231. Jenz says:

    The price for the red tulip pot is $120,000.

  232. Pearl Dragon says:

    i hav a pansy pot and yellow ribbon for trade

    i need flour carraige and new tools

  233. Hector says:

    I am Hector farming god


  234. Scotch says:

    does anyone know how the Lucky Card works?
    I heard that the tool you receive (that you don’t already have) is the first one on your medals that you don’t own.
    or is it totally random out of all the tools you have still to collect?

    has anyone used lucky card to confirm this? thanks.

  235. Fresh x says:

    add me
    Fresh x

  236. Smiley says:

    You can only get secret pumpkin by having a friend send one to you. Papaya Farm sent 1 seed to everyone who belonged to Papaya Farm on Halloween day. They also sent a message to your inbox that they hoped friends would share as those who joined Papaya Farm after Halloween would not be able to get one.

  237. Audrey says:

    to everyone who had been experiencing crashes with their papaya farm apps. I have had this happen a lot, but it usually effects my other apps as well. The only apps it effects are any that I downloaded to my phone. the ones that come on it are never effected by this. In order to correct this, I usually have to plug my iphone into my computer and sync it. I don’t know if this is what you all are experiencing too, but I hope this helps.

  238. JGT2004 says:

    With invisible gown can you steal the crop from someones friend plot that you didn’t plant? Ie B plants in As friend plot, can C use invisible gown to plow up Bs crops??? Thanks I want to make sure before I use the papayas!

  239. Darj says:

    Thank you to all you replied to my post about Papaya not working that day. I dont know for some reason I was only able to see your posts today. I am a papaya farm addict it is official because those three hours without farm was the longest hours of my life. lol.

    I am glad farm is back up and running. We can even buy papayas through paypal know but I still am holding on to the hope of being able to purchase papayas through itunes.

    Thanks again friends and happy farming =)

  240. Soul Flame says:

    What is the best way to use a rainbow card to make the most money? I should be level 20 tomorrow and I can buy a bunch of the butterfly cards to use in tandem.


  241. Scarlet Descalla says:

    OMG!!! What happened to my papaya farm?? I can’t log in again… Anybody have trouble logging in? I miss my farm… πŸ™

  242. MNDA says:

    yes, Papaya farms DOES work outside of the country. I was in Europe in October and had no problem!

  243. Scarlet Descalla says:

    Please help…. I miss my papaya farm…

  244. Angie says:

    I deleted it from my iPhone by a mistake how can I get it back?

  245. Christian says:

    I need high tools, how can i get them?

  246. Mnda says:

    I couldn’t get into papaya again last night until about midnight CST. When I did, the layout was different (mostly just the grafics) but there was a rabbit on the right of the screen. When I touched it, my garden changed to more of a farm and I was given introductory tasks like when I started Papya. I got as far as buying a chicken and a cat. This morning I got on to see if I had any eggs and this whole second farm world was gone. Did anyone else have this experience or know when this second farm is actually going to be released?

  247. Darj says:

    Yes Scarlet, I couldnt login either last night. It was 1030 pm est so I went to bed when I woke up i could login and found papaya ranch was able to purchase a hen and a cat and the ranch went away again =((

  248. diana says:

    yea this morning around 6am i tried the animal farm for about 30 mins it were gone and i spend 100 papayas to buy meat for my chick and cat. now it’s gone they wouldn’t return my 100 papayas that sucks!

  249. Maupsie says:

    Hè Darl,
    I was really happy with that ranch!!! And then suddenly it dissapears… I Hope it will be back soon. I guess it will be problems with moving animals. It takes much technique. Hope they can solve it.

    Bye Mau

  250. Ning says:

    Last night a little bunny button showed up on the right side of my farm, I clicked in, it is a whole new land and says Papaya ranch. It was also giving me new tasks such as buying a hen…I didn’t go through with it because it was the middle of the night, and I thought I could do it in the morning. But when i logged in again in the morning, i could never find that bunny again. Can any one tell me what is going on? Many thanks…

  251. Jimdaddy says:

    Darj & Scarlet I too had issues logging in last night and I finally picked it up to see if I could get on and I was taken to papaya ranch. A small icon appeared above the quit button that allowed me to go back and forth between the farm and the ranch. I too purchased three hens and two cats and played the game for a couple of hours. I even gathered 20 eggs from where the chickens produced. I spent 200 papaya purchasing meat to feed the “stupid” cat which were taken out of my papaya farm’s papayas. I would like to know how I might be able to either get my papayas back of get the game back. I enjoyed watching the chickens and cats roam around the ranch. Where did it go…….

  252. icecream says:

    I hate it when u constantly send ur friends items and tools. and they never ever send anything back. even grass would be a nice gesture. I went from 10 pages of friends to only 3. These are the only people who are kind enough as to give. Its rude not to give after so long, just throwing it out there

  253. icecream says:

    I have over 600 secret pumpkins if you wanna be my friend I always send one everyday (usually). Look for me (icecream) I have a yellow background.

  254. Prasad says:

    Potential Solution for Papaya Farm Blank Page.

    I had the similar problem and doing following fixed the issue.

    Basically, steps below will walk you thru the steps of re-installing Papaya from your computer ITunes. So please take a backup of iphone, otherwise you may loose the app completely.

    1. First make sure ITunes in your desktop/computer is synced and is backed-up with iphone.
    2. Remove the Papaya Farm game from IPhone, but not from ITunes (in Desktop)
    3. Now in ITunes under devices, select ur Iphone and go to Applications.
    4. You should not see Papaya in the application, now from the available applications on left hand side, select Papaya add add it to applications view of IPhone.
    5. Sync now and try running the app again.

    Hope it helps.

  255. Jane says:

    The price for a Pumpkin Carriage is 60,000.

  256. shelley says:

    when you purchase the farm animals, can we plant them yet? what is the deal with the new papaya ranch theme?

  257. deany says:

    Anyone know where i can download this? Ive been playing it for ages, im level 15, had to restore my iphone today and its deleted.

    Tried to download it from the app store but it says all papaya have been removed from the UK app store. And i tried from to

  258. Brynn Danyluk says:

    Has anyone seen Papaya Ranch on their app?! It’s crazy! I have 2 animals but can’t figure out how to get them to “produce”. Is this a dream…?

  259. Brynn Danyluk says:

    I just realized other people have now seen the Ranch. Mine is on and working and I have my little hen and cat roaming around; I just can’t get them to “produce”. Every time I tap the glove and the animal it says “Production: 1 hour away from next production”; problem is, I cant get them to produce at all. I’m so confused. Any help…? Thanks –

  260. KMR says:

    Does anyone understand how to get grass for the new “ranch” they installed into the papaya game? Is this somehow grown in our farm since the two are next to each other? I really dont want to see my animals die!

  261. nicky05 says:

    hello people I delete papaya farm from my iphone and as you know papaya is not anymore in the app store, i don’t know what to do im so addicted to the game and now i don’t know what to do, does anyone know what i could do, help please

  262. JGT2004 says:

    Pretty sure the grass is grown in your own farm. Also the cats can “breed” to get more for free but haven’t seen any use for the eggs.. So I’ve personally just been selling them. Not sure I’m a big fan of the ranch as you hve to use papayas for the meat. I have been tempted not to die but I don’t want my cats to die!

  263. tiger mai says:

    you need to plant grass in your farm and use it to feed your animal in your ranch.
    you will then get grass on the feed bag.

  264. Hector says:

    When my ranch has begun production of tiger is it known that kittens and penguins may be fed to it?

    Hector farming god


  265. Soul Flame says:

    Probably you can use the animals as meat? I’m not very far, but it said something about when the animal is mature you can get rid of it… So, perhaps it “turns into meat” then. I can’t imagine you would have to use papayas always to buy meat–that would be rather lame.

  266. Catherine says:

    I’m trying to understand the ranch. I have run out of meat and slowing running out of grass but I have no idea how to replenish it or eben give grass to friends on it! Anyideas? Also I processed a mature hen and it just went into my storage to sell so can’t get meat from it.

  267. Liz says:

    Does anyone know the best item to plant to recieve tools while plowing??? HELP!!!! add me **Farrah Love**

  268. eieio says:

    Ha! feed the kittens to the tiger. That wont work, but at least the tiger and cat are the only animals that require meat (papayas).

  269. Jennifer says:

    To get grass to feed the animals in the ranch you first plant and harvest it in the farm.

  270. Martinez says:

    They should change couple of things in ranch:

    1) it shouldn’t be allowed to steal all products by one person as in one minute anyone can steall every single egg, cat. etc. – it should be like in farm – one crop to steal from a piece of land

    2)they should allow us to create a meat for example from a chicken or a cow to feed cats, tigers – buying them by papaya points is worthles and stupid

    Except of that – the game is quite addictive!!

  271. Ning says:

    I accidently bought three cats, and they are like p..i..g…s. So far I have spend 600 papayas on the meat, and they are still not matured yet. I don’t want to spend any more papayas but i don’t know how to get rid of them. Anyone figure out a way yet?
    I think we are being tricked by papaya, because if we calculate, each cat produces 8 times, two hours between each production, and we get five kittens each time, and each cat consumes 1 piece of meat per hour, one cat needs 16 pieces of meats for the production stage, but so far, for 3 cats, i spent 600 papayas (60 pieces of meat) already, and they are still in the production stage.

    It doesn’t make sense!! Plus, on the cat description, it says cats only need meat at the growth stage, but once you purchase them, YOU ARE STUCK WITH THEM, unless you spend well over 1000 papayas to feed them up to mature stage.

    I don’t like being tricked to buy papayas, what do you think guys??

  272. shahid says:

    yes i think papaya pplz are trying to make more n more money about this meant thingi becouse if u think about it its not worth it playing ranch except for the grass stuff

    grass is ok but i dont think the meat part when u have to buy a meat 10 piece of meat for 100 papaya thats just too much

    papaya are just trying to make money now

  273. Friend says:

    How to purchase papayas? Is it still not added back to apple store? My phone is a G phone.

  274. Acheron says:

    you can buy papayas by going to “more” on the papaya homescreen all the way to your right. Then click on “get more papayas” and then at the bottom go to “buy papayas” from there make sure you have a pen and write down your account no.
    You are going to use it to buy the papayas. You get 13000 for $10

  275. Acheron says:

    Marre Christmas & happy new year
    if you are on the giving spirit, please buy me a few papayas
    my I’d no. 2032332

    thank you

  276. Gabin says:

    the only way to get rid of the cats is to kill them using the plow

  277. flavio says:

    do carnivorous animals eat eat bought from the item store??

  278. Joaquin says:

    Mature hens can be harvested for their meat. When a hen matures, harvest it (takes a little over 24 hrs.). In the storage room, select ‘exchange’. This converts the hen into meat. Don’t breed cats!!! They are ravenous! (still trying to figure how to get rid of mine!)

  279. midnight says:

    You can exchange the chickens for meat when the chickens mature. Don’t use up all of your papayas! Then feed your cats. Once the cats mature, you can harvest them and not have to worry about feeding them.

    Make sure you grow plenty of grass in your farm to feed your animals.

    So far I’ve had regular eggs, golden eggs, “baby cats” as they call them, and baby rabbits.

  280. Natalie says:

    I am locked out of my papaya account. Have contacted papaya thru feedback several times and not heard anything from them.. I have tried my email and phone number and it won’t work.. Everytime I try to get into my account it makes me a new one. My Iphone broke and they sent me a new one and since them have been locked out.. I am a level 25 and have moon papayas growing and will be really aggravated if they will not help me out. Please someone help me!!

  281. Cheryl says:

    I have had major problems off and in with papaya connecting AND getting my purchased papayas. I purchased 13000 papayas 1 week ago for $9.99 and STILL have not gotten them! But you better believe my credit card was charged, that same day as a matter of fact. What makes it really hard for me to swallow is out of a total of 9 emails I have sent to them about it is I have recieved 1 back. That was after the 3rd time I emailed them. They were so kind to take the time to email me to tell me to email a different email address for them. Whatever! So, I keep emailing the other email addy and have not heard from anyone. This sux! I was dumb enough to downdload 3 free apps for 170 papayas a piece and 1 purchased app for 700 papayas on Christmas night thinking I could grab me some quick papayas until they credit my account. Yea right! Those DIDNT SHOW either and STILL HAVENT!!! I finally got the pine tool for the christmas tree and leveled up early morning Christmas day to plant mistletoe. I know it’s dumb but I wanted to able to use the pine tool while it was still Christmas but I couldn’t because I had no butterflies to speed them up and no papayas! I tried getting friends to send me them but only had like 2-3 help. Anyway, my main point here is papaya is screwing me around and I’m really pissed! I let them know that I appreciated the fact they had managed to transform my favorite app into my worst headache. Way to go! Who knows if/when I will get them but they have been paid and won’t respond and it’s just not right!

  282. Anastacia says:

    Hi All, I recently accidentally deleted papaya farm from my phone. does anyone know how i may get it back on. i can’t seem to be able to download it from the app store.
    your help in desparately needed and greatly appreciated!!

  283. nurse says:

    Anyone know how much the new processed products are? Like all fruit flowers, rose & carnation extractors, and grape dryer? Also there’s new tool for spinach i believe. Thanks!

  284. nurse says:

    flours** sorry!

  285. kiki says:

    The game kind of get frustrating , it keeps shutting down or won’t let you login for a while. I’ve raised a tiger, and it costed more than 4000 papayas to buy the meat. and people can steal all of your animals at one time, not one or two. If you have 24 geese, one person can steal all of them, which really pissed me off. Now, you can’t login again!

  286. kiki says:

    Hi, Scotch
    When I was on level 18, I kept getting junk tools. so I used a lucky card once. I spent 2000 papayas, and got a Toaster( the first medal I didn’t own) and a grass processing machine, which I got a ton, I felt I’ve been robbed. never buy it again. U might try to use it when the papaya shaft is the first medal that you haven’t own, so you might get it. Good Luck!

  287. dina says:

    they are robbing us, we should get at least 50 meat for 100 papayas. they are never bringing the game back to itunes because apple probably figured them out now they want money. does it ever occur to you that they keep adding more things and the kinks are not worked out. get it through your heads its all about money and because the game is so addicting people will buy more and more.. i never bought any papayas and never will….

  288. ash says:

    orange flour product you get 704,000

  289. Jessica says:

    Grow chickens and exchange them for meat, only 3 at a time, but it beats buying papayas.

  290. Yasser says:

    I need to know why papaya farm deleted from App Store

  291. Amy says:

    Hey does anyone know how to plant the love fruit or the love flower??

  292. tiger mai says:

    the Ranch – don’t raise any animal that required meat; they are P-I-G-s
    and it does cost you money if you let it; specially Tiger. so don’t go there..
    yah… the dog is lame too…

  293. Ellington says:

    Any thing I need to do to get a “Love Flower”? Is it just random? I’ve gotten three “Love Fruits”; but, no flower. On the ranch, you can exchange a mature chicken for one piece of meat. It is pretty slow; but, doesn’t cost you papayas. Happy farming and ranching.

  294. Nuclear Fire says:

    This is a great game. I’ve never had problems with it crashing and neither has my wife or our friends. If you want it or it was accidentally deleted you just need to get the app file from someone who has it. Open in iTunes and sync. Very easy. If you need the file email me,

  295. BECVEC says:

    help… i just synced my ipod and papaya has disappeared, what has happened,

  296. gopmom says:

    I have been hunting for the elusive pistacio plate and narc pot. Can anyone help me out? I have a few things to trade…Black tulip vase or orchid vase. I also have butterfly cards and a rainbow. Add me if you’re interested and pm me that you are from this site so I know. Thanks to the person who put all this great stuff together!!!

  297. Becvec says:

    I am so sad. Has this happened to anyone else. Synced iPod and it has deleted papaya!! I can’t get it back!! Sob!!

  298. moonie says:

    You can rear hens and exchange the mature hens for meat. 1 hen = 1 meat. Harvest the mature hens, go to your storage, click on hens, you will get the options to sell or send or exchange. All I have now are mature hens, but I think the other animals when matured can be exchanged for meat too.

  299. Friend says:

    How long does it take a Moon Papaya to die on a friendly lot? Someone unfriended me and has not been harvesting the Moon Papaya that should have ripened for several days now. I would really want the Moon Papaya harvest but if it is not happening at least I want my lot quota back.

  300. MoniTeMexicana says:

    i know some of you people lol weirdddd anyways someone asked what plnts were good fo toolcarrots couple of good scmmers list circles like nanas virruetas and rubiis they are good and accurate dont not i repeat DO NOT trade with SXD biggest scammer ever and watvh out for vainetna and jarek now known as keraj or maybe bobicus

  301. bull says:

    how on earth can u make ur plants grow faster? i see eveyone makes there moon papaya grow faster then 19 days but mines takes exactelly 19 days

  302. Scarlet Descalla says:

    Hi! Does anyone have problems buying papayas? I have been trying for 3 days now and it won’t go through. Im using papayamobile on my iphone. Does anyone know where i can get papayas online? Thanks in advance. Pls add me too. My name is Scarlet Descalla?

  303. Scarlet Descalla says:

    Hi! Does anyone have problems buying papayas? I have been trying for 3 days now and it won’t go through. Im using papayamobile on my iphone. Does anyone know where i can get papayas online? Thanks in advance. Pls add me too. My name is Scarlet Descalla?

  304. jam says:

    Strawberry Flour Product = 89600
    Spinach Salad Dressing = 33280

  305. Jenz says:

    The mature rabbits and geese cannot be exchanged for meat. So far, chickens are the only ones you can exchange for meat. Has anyone harvested a mature angora rabbit? Can you exchange that for meat?

  306. shahid says:

    yes i have harvest angora rabbit you cant exchange that one eaither so far

  307. Rae Emily says:

    Hey, I was wondering how you send people a pmail asking them to say you were the person to invite them to papaya farm. I’ve tried going to their homepage and writing them a pmail, but all the pmails I’ve gotten from my friends asking me tonsay they were the person to invite me to papaya farm have had a button you can press to claim… I can’t get that to happen. So if anyone could tell me how to send that kind of letter, it would be greatly appreciated.

  308. kleee says:

    you can only plant the love flower on your friends “friendly land” and yes you get them randomly when plowing πŸ™‚

  309. Brynn Danyluk says:

    Just an FYI: Papayas are not essentialto play this game! I’ve been playing since it first started and not once have I purchased a papaya. There’s no sense…yes, it would be nice to grow plants faster, but you don’t HAVE to. So unless you’re OCD and must have plants growing crazy fast, enjoy the game by playing it slow and leisurely πŸ™‚

  310. jam says:

    Coconut Flour Product = 96000

  311. lAMA says:

    Got addicted to this game. Got frustrated and removed the app from my phone. Now i go into the iphone app store and its gone. So, now I can’t play anymore. Anyone have any ideas on what happened to the game. I search and cannot find it. Help. Miss my farm friends!!

  312. snowywhiteowl says:

    Anyone figure out how to get rid of cats/tigers on the ranch? I see from the posts that someone suggested a ‘plow’ tool but I’m buggered if I can find it.

  313. jam says:

    Lemon Flour Product = 3328000

  314. mkr2003 says:

    How come my animals don’t always produce? I’ll have an angora rabbit with 30 seconds left, and then 5 minutes later it’ll be at 4 hours…with no fur made, and no “soandso stole rabbit fur” notice.

    And is the golden rabbit fur really rare?

  315. gia says:

    i got golden rabbit hair its not that rare.. it only gives a notice when you have gold products produced.. easy way to get meat is to have multiple profiles and send it to yourself…

  316. Andy says:

    Umm i don’t know but i think that they need to lower the price on the meat it is way too high!

  317. celia says:

    Hi started playing papaya farm a few months ago and kept wondering how to get more help on my farm and thank to your blog i found it. Thank You

  318. cristina says:

    do all the crops on the left hand side (the 5 of them) end up being for friends only? cause i’ve unlocked 3 of them already and i don’t wanna purchase the 4th one if it’s for friends

  319. Dave says:


    The author, papaya mobile inc, seems to not care about its farm game any more. Who knows how long we can play before they just kill their server along with all of our assets (it is an online game, what you have on your phone is basically nothing). Then it is over. All gone. All your time just plain wasted.

    If you care about papaya farm, go here to tell them – and complain

  320. Mojomarm says:

    Just harvested a mature sheep – could only sell it, no option to exchange for meat so only chickens can do that so far.

    Have just bought a cow – had anyone harvested a mature one of those yet to see if it can be exchanged for meat?

  321. celia says:

    Hi i play on Papaya Farm and are looking for friends to add so PLEASE PLEASE add me my name is seal

  322. Mike says:

    Everyone! Add me! search MooskyMinsky!

  323. Celia says:

    Hi left a message to add me but just found loads with the same name so if u did want to add me iam seal from the uk my picture is of a female with brown hair blue back ground and a red waist coat

  324. Andy says:

    hi im on papya too mine is andy

  325. Brynn Danyluk says:

    Please add me as a friend – but no stealing! I just want to water and be watered πŸ™‚ I actually have 2 papaya farms on my phone (fluke accident, made one from my twitter account and one from my facebook account because I couldn’t remember my passwords). It’s been nice because I can plant on my own land, but I need friends to water πŸ™‚
    My user names are brynnheather and Brynn Danyluk

    Thanks a bunch πŸ™‚

  326. Farrah Love says:

    Hey!! I asked this before… but no one really answered… What is the best plant to grow in order to obtain tools??

    Let me know…

    also……. I have sooo much to trade, pmail me if you need anything!!

    My name is Farrah Love on Papaya =)

  327. opi says:

    if i delete a friend, can they still steal my crop or animals?

  328. Bekka says:

    Hi all ^_^! Please add me as a friend on Papaya.

  329. Gizmo says:

    Brynn Danyluk- how did u set up two accounts? I need to grow love flower, thanks

  330. SOLEY says:


  331. jam says:

    Orchid Water = 256000

  332. sandy says:

    Can you send a watchdog, papayas or dog food to ur friends? If so how do you do this?

  333. Kandiee69 says:

    Hey I need more friends on my farm add mee iff you dont steel plus i need help with this stuff



  334. Acheron says:

    Hi I need a pine tool! If you have one email ne at
    They are a lot if people with my name on papaya so I want you to get the right me.
    I have a lot of pots, tulip vases, newton, carriage, pond, vday card, ribbons, blenders and many more. I will give mote than one tool for the pine.

  335. peteten says:

    Thanks to everyone who sent info for the spreadsheet. I updated as such.

  336. ppya says:

    Brynn – how did you create two separate accounts?

  337. mysterious asian says:

    Lookin for hot papaya farm girl to add as friend!!! post ur facebook and papaya farm email so i can add πŸ˜‰

  338. Mojomarm says:

    For the spreadsheet – 80xpeanuts + peanut blender = peanut butter. Sale price = $128,000

  339. Lorczar says:

    Has anyone noticed they have new animals for sale on the ranch.

  340. jayne says:

    once you harvest a crop does it expire if you don’t have the tool to use it?

  341. Mojomarm says:

    Mature cow can’t be harvested then exchanged for meat so still just chickens. Looking like it might just be chickens but trying the horse next

  342. nothing2see says:

    Plum (Flour) – 100800
    Blueberry (Flour) – 100800
    Mango(Flour) – 96000

    The number of crops needed is the same as the other tools used to process the same fruits.

  343. Ella says:

    I wonder what happens when you pow all your land in the end? I’m only on level 16, but what happens at the end, after you got all the fruits and tools…

  344. shahid says:

    any1 have pine tree or picher pot please i have bf cards and some new flour and tools too let me know thanks

  345. Brynn Danyluk says:

    When I first got onto Papaya, I downloaded Papaya Pro or something, the app where it had like 6 games attched and Papaya Farm was one of them (I think it was in October). I started Playing papaya Farm but couldn’t figure out how to “pluck” my plants (what turned out to be harvesting them) so I went to the App Store, searched for Papaya Farm and downloaded that App as well. I did that with the intention of re-going through the instction process so I could figure out what I was doing wrong. So at that point I had 2 different App’s on my iPhone; Papaya Farm and Papaya. One I “access” through my Twitter account and the other I access through my facebook account; I have no actual papaya account (I don’t think at least, whenever I log in on my phone it’s automatic through Twitter or Facebook).
    Anyhow, it’s enabled me to have 2 farms and be in dirct competition with myself. It’s constant going back and forth though πŸ™‚ I try to earn more money on my “brynnheather” account than my “Brynn Danyluk” one! Be my friend – but no stealing! just watering! πŸ™‚

  346. vkb says:

    @ Brynn Danyluk – did you have to unregister your device on either one? i have papaya AND papaya farm, but papaya has linked me automatically on both accounts….

  347. CH says:

    Does anybody know what gifts I’ll get from Papaya on every 300 RP points? is it random?

  348. CH says:

    I saw some people raising peacock, squirrel etc skipping having a mature rabbit, goose etc. How do they do it?

  349. Co says:

    Any idea when it will be back on iTunes?

  350. Le le says:

    How do reload your papayan’s other than paypal.

  351. Le le says:

    problem solved paypal working let the farming began.

  352. samerai says:

    add me, need help on my farm! how do i get higher in level on the farm?

  353. AnnCas says:

    Can anyone tell me:
    What’s the Rainbow for? I saw one of my friends with a rainbow & it has time limit as well…
    What would be best to plant to get Tools? I’m desperate for tools!!

  354. Anna says:

    U can trade in a mature chicken for a piece of meat…I finally got the three cats I had to mature(thank god)…also u can buy grass for 50 papayas(1500 pieces)

    Hope this helps

  355. djdarkbeat says:

    Hopefully Papaya will get some new fun facts. Knowing that 2/3 of Americans have hemorroids and that 2500 babies are dropped every minute is not fun.

    BTW there’s a good hack to get respect back if you’ve been bitten by a dog. Respect points are awarded by the activity not the amount of the activity so you can get 1 respect point for each blade of grass given away, just change the setting from ten down to one. You can circulate through your friends farms doing this and getting points.

  356. chad says:

    i just sent 10 meats to a farm because a tiger was 30 seconds to having babies.
    The tiger had them and it wont let me steal them. In the store, it does not say about any protection period. What gives???

  357. Claire says:

    Ok on my itouch in the app store I can’t get papaya farm anymore cuz I accidently deleted it and in the app store I searched it and it wasn’t there and I don’t know why?????????????? I really like that game and I can’t even play it anyMore and they need to put it back in the app store

  358. Mojomarm says:

    Anyone else struggling to login to Papaya Farm on Facebook? I’ve setup my papaya account on my phone, confirmed my email address on the email they sent to me but everytime I try to login on FB, I get told it’s an invalid username/password combo

  359. Angelwings2580 says:

    How do I get 20 day dog food?

  360. giant beekeeper says:

    Just synced my iphone and ‘lost’ my papay app – and i can’t download it again ‘cos its been removed from apple store!!!! I know – i’m an idiot, but didn’t realise it would be such a biggie……


  361. Darj says:

    I have been able to log on to my farm in facebook since early this morning without a problem. I must say I am thoroughly enjoying it in facebook =)

  362. gia says:

    only chickens can be turned into meat.. i am doing kangaroo now… best of luck.

  363. Mi says:

    Hyacinth pot 51200
    Carnation Extractor 112000
    Banana Flour 56000
    Mango Flour 86400
    Lemon Flour 332800

    The number of crops needed is the same as the other tools used to process the same fruits.

  364. Becvec says:

    To delete a friend go to chat.

  365. tiger mai says:

    i lost my farm app a week ago, lucky for me my brother have it on his phone;
    you have to authorize your itune using his itune account on your computer
    connect his iphone to your computer,
    Tranfer the apps from his phone to your computer thru itunes
    connect your iphone to your computer and tranfer the apps back to your iphone.
    it is very easy, if you need help let me know.

    if you don’t know anyone that have that apps , you now can play it on facebook.
    to do this properly you need to > Home tab >profile > phones (copy your phone ID use this to login with FB plus your nickname that you been using previously, and your password that you have use to setup your farm and your account should be link to FB.

    Happy farming….

  366. tiger mai says:

    you may be able to download the game from here also:

  367. icecream says:

    I hear you. I used my invisble cloak and still couldn’t steal them either. What a waste of a card:(

    But there are so many glitches in the system. For instance i thought to get my 60,000 respect points first (instead doing the medals for stealing fruits) , I have 3,000 rp and now i regret doing that because i have my “earned $6 million dollars” medal not completed because i spent the money but like over 3 times! so i too have eraned $6 million dollars (3 times) and yet it still says i havent earned that medal. So is the same thing going to happen after i get 60 thousand respect points….hmmmm…probably! 😐

  368. Mel Llami says:

    Does anyone know if the people playing papaya farm on facebook can interact with those on the iphone/ipod touch?

  369. Buffy says:

    I just started using Papaya Farm on Facebook. It is really slooooooooow. Does anyone has this problem too? Also, how do you send a gift to a friend? I cannot find the send button.


  370. Sexy T says:

    Hi everyone, I have been on papaya for about 3 months now and I hardly have any friends. I don’t want anyone to steal my crops or for me to steal theirs, just need someone to water and have me water and plant on each other land. Can u add me as a friend. My name is T and my avatar has short black hair and white glasses. thanks

  371. Peteten says:

    Updated the spreadsheet

    The only items missing are the jasmine perfume bottle and the mushroom cream.

    Thanks to all that sent me info.

    In case your wondering anything highlighted in yellow are items I have not personally confirmed by processing the items myself.

  372. Lavender says:

    I think the facebook’s papaya farm is a little different from iPhone’s version… I haven’t tried yet but I heard there is no friend’s list, can’t hire for watering and can’t do chat with friends… is that true?

  373. Mi says:

    Jasmine perfume bottle 16000

  374. Jennifer says:

    Why can’t I steal a tiger??

  375. Munchkin says:

    I can’t steal baby tigers- what gives?
    Someone used invisible cloaks on my farm though and stole my white tigers

  376. Munchkin says:

    CH- post 349

    Once you get a horse that has matured- you can get all of those new animals

  377. Zooby says:


    I know there is a way to increash the cash
    apparently you invite a friend and they water you plants and I don’t know the rest and I’m sure many pple know so therefore could anyone advise. Lots of people and enefiting from it and I think its unfair on the rest.

  378. Brynn Danyluk says:

    @VKB – I haven’t had to unregister. I don’t recall ever registering though, actually. I do know I have 2 different Papaya #’s…I broke down and finally bought some papaya’s and for each one I had a different account number. I don’t know how it all happened. You can friend me and see my 2 farms/ranches πŸ™‚ Several people on here are my friends on both. But no stealing! πŸ™‚

  379. Brynn Danyluk says:

    I just read on here that you can buy grass on the ranch with papaya’s! I always wondered why no one else was constantly growing grass like me…I always try and get my crops to mature around the same time and then plant ones that take a similar time to grow. Then I can harvest all crops at once. Am I the only OCD-ish person on here?!
    Also, why does everyone always need tools? Is this beause you’re wanting the tools you haven’t gotten before? I get tools all the time and find myself never being able to use them enough. I have a surplus. I’ve gotten to the point where I sell half of them for 1k.

  380. Bell says:

    Hey everyone, I am having some problems getting my password( that I made up a long time ago) for my app on the iphone. I needed it to sign on to FB but that seems near impossible. I went to more-settings-reset password on my phone, and they ask you for your old password before you can make up the new one( but that kinda defeats the point of needed to reset a password) I read some where that if you log out and try to log back in they will send you an email with your old password if you request it. This is kinda a chance I don’t want to take, if it does not work my farm is gone! Please help!!!
    Thanks everyone!!! πŸ˜‰

  381. MNDA says:

    to login on facebook I had problems too, but then I remembered that my Ipod likes to Capitalize everything. So I capitalized the first letter of my password and got in on FB! Hope that helps!

  382. Peteten says:

    Spreadsheet updated again.

    Only item missing is the mushroom cream.

  383. Jenz says:

    The mushroom soup is 128,000.

  384. ppya says:

    does anyone know if there’s an “expiration date” for items you harvested and placed in your storage? i’ve been notincing items disappearing from my storage.

  385. ppya says:

    i am very confused with the rules of “friendly land.” help!!!

  386. Kitten says:

    I am at level 7 and am unable to steal a tiger….why? Thanks for your help.

  387. Kitten says:

    How come I had to pay more to plow my first plot than others? Couls it be because I have more money? Do they go buy money to beside how much you have to pay to have a plot plowed for growing?

  388. Donny says:

    Are there any animals besides the chicken that can produce meat????

  389. jeff says:

    What are the magical powers of the papaya shaft?

  390. PirateTeeter says:

    Is there any way to get tools quicker? I mean I have been sitting on all of my produce now for awhile and I seem to be unable to dig up any tool I haven’t received yet… Any tips would be well appreciated.

  391. B says:

    Anyone know whether you get papayas for a baby Pegasus?

  392. ego says:

    here is some of the latest info i have on the ranch, soon to have a few more. i hope this helps people build a spreadsheet

    hen $400 egg $50 gold egg $100
    cat $2000 baby cat $2000 black cat $4000
    rabbit $1500 colorful rabbit $1600
    goose $1000
    angora rabbit $1600
    sheep $2000
    milch cow $4000
    horse $6000 baby horse $1500 swift horse $3000
    panda $200,000 baby panda $150,000 super panda $300,000
    spotted deer $50,000 pilose antler $6000
    tanystropheus $80,000 baby tany $75,000

    baby squirrel $10,000

  393. Lorczar says:

    Friendly land is were only a friend can plant on it. Then when it’s time to harvest you recieve half of the fruit. Friendly land can not be watered. If you can get a friend To water your other plots then you will recieve about 25% more fruit. Your friend has to be on line for you to hire them to water your land. Under their name it will say “hire”. Press that and they will get an invitation to water your crops. Baby animals seem to have about a 4 hr preservation period before you can steal them. You can not steal a mature animal.

  394. Lorczar says:

    I forgot to mention you can not steal from a friendly plot. Only you or the friend that planted it can harvest it. Who ever harvest it f
    gets the chance to win the tool/seed/money.

  395. Lorczar says:

    I forgot to mention you can not steal from a friendly plot. Only you or the friend that planted it can harvest it. Who ever harvest it first
    gets the chance to win the tool/seed/money.

  396. Bryony says:

    Does anyone know what you get for a baby pegasus?

  397. Brynn Danyluk says:

    @Sexy T…you’re my friend on one account and I tried to add you today to my other account, but I searched and couldn’t find you. Add me as a friend under the name “Brynn Danyluk”. Thanks! I’ll water and not steal – though at some point, all of us nice people will have to start stealing and be stolen from in order to earn the 60,000 respect points medal. OY!

  398. LED says:

    I deleted friends from the chat function.
    And those deleted friends still show up on my friends list.
    What gives?

  399. BigbootyJudy says:

    So does any one know a way to start getting better tools. I’ve been getting the same tools for about two weeks now and I don’t want them…I’m at level 30 and never had this issue before. I also used to get more tools when I plowed and now the come rarely…what gives? If anyone wants to be-friend me and trade tools let me know! look for Big booty judy!

  400. Mel Llami says:

    If I buy the Pegasus that costs 600 papayas — will I get papayas in return when I sell the baby pegasus/unicors? Or will I just get money?

  401. mary says:

    can you delete animals that are already on your farm???????? How??????????
    Also, are than any plants that give you a higher possibiblity of getting tools than others?

  402. crazy cdlouie says:

    cream of mushroom soup = $128,000

  403. Arrogancia says:

    @Mel Llami , you will only get the money (cash) back.

  404. MNDA says:

    Baby Pegasus = 100,000 papaya dollars. Seems there is about a 1 hour preservation period on baby animals.

  405. Serphimera says:

    I’ve noticed that the secret datura sell for different prices based on their color. So far I have:

    White $14,000
    Pink ?
    Yellow ?
    Green ?
    Purple $16,000
    Blue $16,500
    Black ?
    I assume the price goes up by $500 for each “rarer” color, but I think I’ll check anyway.
    Has anyone noticed this on the secret roses and secret tulips?

  406. wes says:

    baby pegasus definitely not worth it, you can’t even breed them.
    you only get a couple baby pegasus’ for 100k each, which for many people, is chump change/not needed anymore

  407. Dingo says:

    New farm tools! Save up your apples to make ipods!

    There are also lots of new items which look like they need combinations of all the fruits, all the perfumes, all the roses etc.. Does anyone know if this is the raw fruits etc, or the processed fruits, because processed ones are going to take ages to amass again!

    well done Papaya farm, we just need tools to process our animals now. Give me a bunny blender please πŸ˜€

  408. Tiger Mai says:

    hello all, there are a tons of new tools on Papaya farm; this morning i’d received a secret Tulips basket; its required 8 of each color tulips to go in the basket….
    way to go Papaya;
    keep on planting…..
    i love this game

  409. Brynn Danyluk says:

    I never saw an answer regarding the “expiration” period on harvested crops in your storage. Does anyone know if the crops stay good forever or if they go bad at some point (like after a certain number of days)?

  410. JCC says:

    New Tool – ADVANCED BLENDER – 1 EACH of following juice required to process tool. (So don’t sell your juice).
    -Blueberry juice
    -Carrot juice
    -Mango juice
    -Coconut juice
    -Grape juice
    -Cucumber juice
    -Orange juice
    -Hawthorn juice
    -Lemon juice
    -Tomato juice
    -Peach juice
    -Banana juice
    -Plum juice
    -Apple juice
    -Cherry juice
    -Watermelon juice
    -Pineapple juice
    -Strawberry juice

  411. gwen says:

    crops do not expire, they stay for as long as you keep them. it sucks that i cant get any papayas for my pegasus i was a little disappointed. it reminds of the tiger and you probably have to buy a lot before you get the unique one. anyways happy farming…

  412. OU Bobcat says:

    With all these new tools, I’m afraid to sell any of my other completed tools! It would be helpful if as people get a new tool, they list what the ‘requirements’ are. I received the “PERFUME MASTER” and it requires: lavendar water, rose water, jasmine water and orchid water. Also received the “FLOWER BASKET (secret rose)” like the tulip, it requires the following completed roses: yellow, pink, white, purple, blue and green. You need the complete bunch tied in the ribbon, not just one of each. LOTS of stuff needed now! Please update as you get stuff….thanks and happy farming! πŸ™‚

  413. OU Bobcat says:

    As for the harvesting…I have had stuff stored for a long time and nothing has expired. So I do not believe that becomes an issue – thank goodness!

  414. Evelyn says:

    Noo, I don’t think there’s any expiration period for the stuff in ur storage.. I had hella stuff before including all colors of tulips then I sold all of em, THEN the next day new tools came out! And I got secret tulip basket lol. Wat a challenging game haha.. :p

  415. Nsquared says:

    BigbootyJudy I have the same problem and its getting really annoying! If I get one more dandelion pot or textile processing machine, I’m done with this game.

  416. Jaime says:

    For the ADVANCED DRESSING, you need one of each of the following:
    onion salad, spinach salad, and cabbage salad. You make each one by using the appropriate dressing tool.

  417. Shelley says:

    Brynn Danyluk:
    I think it might have something to do with a glitch in between FB and phone based. That happend to me once or twice. Annoying and frustrating but I just had to remember it’s just a game!

    I found a list somewhere that said what you get for what you plant but I can’t find it again. I”m level 32 and I rarely get anything I actually need which is SO frustating. So tired of spendinga ton of time on things and getting a friggin grass processing tool! I planted a pitcher plant and mushrooms in an attempt to get something new even though I haven’t gotten either tools.

    RE: FB interface, it seems that if you request someone to be your friend on FB you can only access them through FB and not on your phone… I’ve gotten to the point that I’d like all my frinds to add it and not use it so i can have the papayas. ALso I’ve never bought a single one and just be patient.

    Feel free to add me, Shelley is my name, hard to find i’m sure, my avatar has black hair a tshirt and skinny jeans on with a hoodie or cardigan (I’m not sure what it is honestly)
    As long as my grass isn’t stolen I don’t really care, I’d prefer it kept to a minimum or if you actually need it and not to just steal because it’s there… But like I said it’s a game, It gives me something to do when I’ve got free time.

  418. gopmom says:

    The Advanced Oil Master requires Lavendar Extractor, Rose Extractor and Carnation Extractor. Combine all 3 oils for completion.

  419. gopmom says:

    In addition to Ego’s post regarding Ranch animals,
    The baby peafowl (peacock) is 50,000$ and a colored peafowl is $100,000

  420. Bigbootyjudy says:

    Hey I’m interesting in gaining friends who like to water crops and trade tools…i’m not interested in friends who steal all of my shit! If you want to be my friend, find me on papaya farm…under Bigbootyjudy!

  421. Brynn Danyluk says:

    Thanks for all the answers. Also, thanks to everyone for such great input on this site. I love coming to see new (intelligent) comments and questions πŸ™‚

  422. MoniTeMexicana says:

    ahhh im goin crazy i cant find no new tools when plowing even using the best fruits to plant and nobody seems to be trading for them except when they need other new tools >.

  423. Austinkmr says:

    For the Advanced Plate, you need 20 Sunflower, 20 Pistachio and 20 Cashew. That’s what someone told me when he had one to trade for another new tool LOL.

  424. MNDA says:

    I have plowed nothing better than textile processing machines and boilers since the start of this week. It makes me want to stop playing when I have no new tools for processing -very boring this way!

  425. play says:

    hey all, i need non-stealing friends to water my farm and plant in my friendly land (you can only steal my eggs from ranch). please add me only if you are looking for the same. let me know you are from here. my name is “play” and i have a generic “cute style” girl. i’m in level 7 with the title of 5th baroness. thanks.

  426. play says:

    hey all, i need non-stealing friends to water my farm and plant in my friendly land (you can only steal my eggs from ranch). please add me only if you are looking for the same. let me know you are from here. my name is β€œplay” and i have a generic β€œcute style” girl. i’m in level 7 with the title of 5th baroness. thanks.

  427. play says:

    add me if you are looking for non-stealing friends to plant in my friendly farm. look for “Play” with generic cute girl avatar. i am in level 7 with the itle of 5th baroness. thanks.

  428. Jonesy says:

    Hey, I have a guy who is not on my friends list who has the ability to enter my farm and steal my crops… How is he allowed to do this?

  429. f3vc says:

    i just got a new tool, the “perfume master” tool and it requires 1 lavender water, 1 rose water, 1 jasmine water and 1 orchid water.. problem is, i can’t figure out how to acquire those stuff, does anyone knows how? thanks! goodluck everyone..

  430. Jrgal says:

    I need friends who don’t steal. any takers out there?

  431. dalejrsfan88 says:

    for f3vc, You need each of the perfume bottle tools for each of the flowers (lavender, rose, jasmine, and orchid). Once your process each of these perfume bottles, do not sell them, you use the perfume master tool for all of perfumes you processed!

  432. OU Bobcat says:

    Does anyone know what the “CEO” tool requirements are? Thanks for all the input, it is such a help.

  433. dalejrsfan88 says:

    For OU Bobcat, It says you need APPLE & CEO to produce the apple products (iPod, iPhone, Mac, and Macbook)!

  434. Brynn Danyluk says:

    @JRGAL – I’ll be your friend and I don’t steal, just water…add me as BrynnDanyluk AND as brynnheather, that way we can be friends on both my farms. FYI though, to all of us non stealers out there – at some point in order to get the medal for reward poits we’ll have to start allowing others to steal. Play has a good idea to let people steal eggs.

  435. Jrgal says:

    Brynn danyluk, thanks! that sounds great. I sent a request to both.

  436. D says:

    Are you sure about the secret rose basket? Do you need single roses or the finished bunch? How many single roses?

    For secret tulip basket you only need 8 single tulips of each color.

    Any info on how many fruits needed for advanced cake? Thanks.

  437. CH says:

    For secret tulip flower basket, you just need 8 of each color tulip, not the whole vase!

  438. gray says:

    something new just happened with papaya farm.. everysingle time yu “hire” someone yu get $5000…
    they don’t even have to accept the request.
    and before yu would only get 1 respect point if yu send someone 50 pieces of grass to their ranch…
    but now if yu just send 1 at a time yu can get 1 respect point each…

    i’m taking advantage of this for as long as i can =] =]

  439. Arrogancia says:

    I need the Secret Tulip Basket. PMail me if you want to trade. My Username is Arrogancia. (:

  440. Lilac26 says:

    Hi all! I noticed a friend of mine is always able to plant the same colored secret rose or tulip each time. For example, all tulips that are growing are red, or all roses that she grows will be blue at the same time.

    Is that just luck? Or is there a special way to use the secret rose and secret tulip where you can choose the color you want to grow?

  441. Grasshopper says:

    what is required for PATISSIER and ADVANCED CAKE?

  442. guesswho says:

    do you need only one CEO tool to complete all the stuff (ipod iphone mac etc)?

  443. OU Bobcat says:

    CORRECTION!!! I was wrong, for SECRET ROSE BASKET you only need (8) of EACH! NOT the bunch tied in ribbon…sorry for confusion. πŸ™‚

  444. Rexs farm says:

    Advance dressing makes ceasar salad $200k
    iPod only 5k WTF
    tulip basket 800k
    there’s 2 new animals Hippo and lion

  445. Rexs farm says:

    advance cake worth 500k
    secrete tulip basket 800k
    anvance dressing 200k
    ipod only worth 5k. what a rip for 56 apples

  446. Rexs farm says:

    advance plate not worth much either. i forgot how much i sold it for. needs 20 of sunflour cashew, and pistachio. so i dont understand how the CEO card gets different results. ceo and apple got me IPOD twice! how do i get the iphone, the mac, and the macbook?ive had 2 CEO cards and it gave me ipod both times.

  447. Otani says:

    My itouch was acting up while I was playing and now my account is gone. I went to get my password reset and it says that it has been sent, But I have no email.
    What can I do to get my password and account back?
    Thanks in advance

  448. peteten says:

    Updated spreadsheet.

    Note the links on the bottom for the advanced blender and advanced cake. I got the blender so that list is accurate. I did not get the cake yet but have a feeling you need every item that can be processed with the flour tools.

  449. peteten says:

    I used the CEO tool and 56 apples and got an iphone. Does anyone know how the rest of the tools work? Do you need additional CEO’s and 56 apples to get the other items? Is it item you receive selected at random or do you need to combine things like the advanced blender, cake, etc?

  450. tiger mai says:

    Tools updates:

    Patissier tool (Pie Master) need: 15 different type of pies
    worth $5,000,000.00

    Plum pie
    coconut pie
    cherry pie
    watermelon pie
    pineapple pie
    strawberry pie
    blueberry pie
    mango pie
    grape pie
    orange pie
    hawthorn pie
    lemon pie
    apple pie
    peach pie
    banana pie

    perfume master worth $800,000.00
    secret tulip basket worth $800,000.00

  451. CH says:

    got the tool, it needs 16 of each fruits:

    blueberry,mango, coconut, grape, orange, Hawthorn, Lemon, peach, banana,plum,apple, cherry, watermelon,pineapple,strawberry

  452. CH says:

    sorry, i mean for the advanced cake

  453. CH says:

    sorry, i mean for the advanced cake
    it needs 16 of each fruits:

    blueberry,mango, coconut, grape, orange, Hawthorn, Lemon, peach, banana,plum,apple, cherry, watermelon,pineapple,strawberry

  454. aaahhhh says:

    Lilac26 – The way to get all of your secret roses/tulips/daturas to grow the same color is by plowing the ones you dont want. Say I need 24 white roses. I plant my 4 seeds. BEFORE WATERING (this is key), choose the harvest tool and tap on it. It will tell you what color it is along with how much time left. plow the ones you dont want and plow again. it can get pretty pricy, but its worth the time. Hope that helps!!! πŸ™‚

  455. PurpleConverse says:

    oh my god!! i wish they would bring papaya farm back! i had to ‘restore’ my ipod, so it deleted everything, including papaya farm!!! that was my favorite app, so of course they don’t sell it in the app store anymore! :/

  456. luke yang says:

    hey i need lots of tools plz. username is smize.


  457. Evelyn says:

    wow i’m stupid… i traded a Patissier for a CEO cause i really wanted it..
    one sold for 5,000,000 and the other one for 5k, respectively. lol lame…….

  458. Lilac26 says:

    Thanks for helping me out! I thought there was a secret trick, but now I know plowing and planting’s the way to go. πŸ™‚

  459. Lease says:

    @peteten – Your going to need AT LEAST four CEOs to collect the four Apple tools. The tools created are random! I have a friend who got four CEOs and completed them all to create four Macbooks. I’m so fustrated with the CEOs, haha, all I want is an Iphone and Ipod! >=[ Good Luck!

  460. Lease says:


    What you need: Plum Pie, Cherry Pie, Watermelon Pie, Pineapple Pie, Strawberry Pie, Blueberry Pie, Mango Pie, Coconut Pie, Grapes Pie, Orange Pie, Hawthorne Pie, Lemon Pie, Apple Pie, Peach Pie. Banana Pie
    Completed Tool: $5,000,000

    Advanced Blender
    What you need: Blueberry Juice, Carrot Juice, Mango Juice, Coconut Juice, Grape Juice, Cucumber Juice, Orange Juice, Hawthorne Juice, Lemon Juice, Tomato Juice, Peach Juice, Banana Juice, Plum Juice, Apple Juice, Cherry Juice, Watermelon Juice, Pineapple Juice, Strawberry Juice
    Completed Tool: $2,500,000

    Advanced Plate
    What you need: Cashew, Pistachio and Sunflower (each of them required: 20)
    Completed Tool: $200,000

    Advanced Cake:
    What you need: Blueberry, Mango, Coconut, Grape, Orange, Hawthorne, Lemon, Peach, Banana, Plum, Apple, Cherry, Watermelon, Pineapple, Strawberry (each of them required: 16)
    Completed Tool: $500,000

    Advanced Salad Dressing:
    What you need: Cabbage Salad, Onion Salad, Spinach Salad
    Completed Tool: $200,000

    Flower Basket (Secret Tulip)
    What you need: Red, White, Pink, Purple, Green and Black Tulips (each of them required: 8)
    Completed Tool: $800,000

    Flower Basket (Secret Rose)
    What you need: Yellow, Pink, White, Purple, Blue and Green Roses (each of them required: 8)
    Completed Tool: $1,000,000

    What you need: 56 Apples per tool
    Completed Tools:-
    Macbook $504,000
    MAC $403200
    Iphone N/A
    Ipod $5,000
    NOTE: Tools completed are RANDOM – for example, you can get three macbooks in a row. Therefore, unless you are extremely lucky you will most probably need more than four CEO’s and more than 224 Apples.

    Essential Oils Master
    What you need: Lavender Essential Oil, Rose Essential Oil, Carnation Essential Oil
    Completed Tool: $700,000

    Perfume Master
    What you need: Lavender Water, Rose Water, Jasmine Water, Orchid Water
    Completed Tool: $800,000

  461. Frosty Mc Tavishvish says:

    How do you get u get secret pumpkins?

  462. Jackie says:

    Hey everyone,

    I’ve never really posted on this site, bit I’ve gotten so much put of it, I figured I’d share my papaya knowledge, too. πŸ™‚

    If you need tools you have yet to receive, start planting carrots. My experience has been that about 2/3 of the time, you’ll be granted a tool after plowing. While other crops may also yield tools when plowing, carrots seem to allow for more variety and for better tools. I’ve gotten 3 of the new advanced tools just from plowing carrot plots. Also, they ripen in 2 hours, which allows for quick tool gathering. πŸ™‚

    About the CEO tool, it is my assumption that whatever it yields after processing is RANDOM. I got the tool, and after reading this blog, figured that I’d end up with an iPod, but to my surprise, my CEO + 56 apples gave me a MacBook. I didn’t do anything special, except that my apples had been watered??

    The MacBook sells for $500,000.

    Hope that helps! Happy farming! If you want to add me, please do, my name is Jackie and my avatar is white with dark brown hair and a red waist-length coat.

  463. juniorman101 says:

    How do I get a white tiger?

  464. Lionheart says:

    I have two accounts. One on my iphone and one from my facebook account. I added each account as friends but my facebook account is not showing as a friend on my iphone account, even though when I’m on facebook I can see my iphone account.

    Anyone else have this problem? And how to remedy it?

  465. Peteten says:

    Spreadsheet updated again.

    Note the tabs for the advanced tools.

    The only thing I don’t have sale prices for are the mixed oil, iPOD, Macbook, and Mac

  466. dmc says:

    hey everyone! I’m on level 33 on papaya farm, im a 23 year old girl and looking for anybody to be my papaya farm friend! I have a couple friends that i actually know already (you know in real life lol) but i want more! i love to plant things in other people gardens, I send out a lot of tools daily that i already accomplished and religiously remove weeds and pests from mine and my friends farms! please add me if you are looking to expand you friends too πŸ™‚ my username is “dmc”. thanxxxx

  467. dmc says:

    hey everyone! I’m on level 33 on papaya farm, im a 23 year old girl and looking for anybody to be my papaya farm friend! I have a couple friends that i actually know already (you know in real life lol) but i want more! i love to plant things in other people gardens, I send out a lot of tools daily that i already accomplished and religiously remove weeds and pests from mine and my friends farms! please add me if you are looking to expand you friends too πŸ™‚ my username is “dmc”.

  468. nichole says:

    love this app so much fun and you have good people to talk to and farm with great

  469. nothing2see says:

    The iPod sells for $5000.

  470. Tmann says:

    those new tools are crazy

  471. sean says:

    does anyone still have iphone versioin of papaya farm? can you sent application to my e-mail…please…i lost my application and i can’t download it any more…

  472. Pearl Dragon says:

    who needs an advanced blender?

  473. Miss miss says:

    Pearl dragon. I need the advanced blender. What to trade for? I am whitehousemissy.

  474. lKoRTy says:

    So for the rose basket – do you need just 8 of each roses or 8 of each bouquets? I guess the ribbons on the tab in the spreadsheet confuse me

  475. viola says:

    Regarding the CEO.. I have only gotten one so far; I used it and got the macbook. It when sold is worth $504,000. I think it is random which tool production it awards you.. hopefully it will award you the ones you don’t have if you have some of them already. Although I heard one of them, either the ipod or iphone only sells for $5,000.

  476. Ella says:

    Hi All!

    I got the advanced blender now I need an Orange blender to process.. except I have been hunting for an Orange Blender for 7 days, nobody has one!!! maybe it’s an error?

    my screen name: Ella

  477. diana says:

    papaya farm is down again

  478. Jrgal says:

    Does everyone now know that you can exchange mature cows for meat now! Cool!!

  479. Farrah Love says:

    is anyone else’s farm not working???

  480. lp says:

    i cant find the farm on facebook,does anyone know??

  481. OU Bobcat says:

    For the rose basket…you just need 8 individual roses in each color — not tied in the ribbon

  482. OU Bobcat says:

    You can exchange cows for meat?!?! That is awesome…do you know how many you get, or is it “1 for 1” like the chickens. Thanks!!

  483. OU Bobcat says:

    Hi Ella – it is not an error, you do need the orange blender.

    I just gave one away…add me and if/when I get another, I’ll send it to you.

    my screen name: OU Bobcat

  484. Kristi says:

    The Cow gives you 10 pieces of meat. I have also been looking for an orange blender for forever. I had 2 awhile back but traded them before I knew I would need orange juice for my advanced blender. I need CEO and patissier also. All you die hard papaya fans like me should add me. My avatar is wearing a hat and glasses white with pulled back brown hair and purple background (kristi). I have tools to trade and love helping those who help me!

  485. Scarlet says:

    Anyone know why some people have obscene amounts of cash? Is it from playing the other games? And is there any way to plant the secret roses and daturas so you get at least a SOMEWHAT even number of each color? I have 40 black daturas and only 6 yellow.

  486. Peteten says:

    Cows can be exchanged for 10 meats.

  487. Pearl Dragon says:

    erggg does anybody else have this problem?
    whenever i am soo close to having all the tools
    a bunch of new tools come out!!
    im so mad and fustrated errgggg

  488. lex says:

    since they took this app off the app store how do you get papayas ???

  489. theshortness says:

    If anyone has the application, please send it to my email:
    Please and thank you.

  490. Julski says:

    I bought 13000 papayas for $9.99 on feb 13 and on feb 14 papaya charged me 6000 papayas…. 3000 twice saying on my papaya statement it was for clogresetgender. I never did that and was only on my farm for like 10 minutes that day. I’ve emailed and sent tons of feedback to papaya about this and have gotten no reply. Has anyone else had this problem?

  491. Mdot says:

    Hey, does anyone know what seeds have the highest rate for getting a tool after harvest?

  492. play says:

    i’ve been getting the iphone (3 times!) from CEO. i think we should all start trading CEO + apple products. i have an extra iphone to trade for iphone, imac and ibook!!!

  493. diana says:

    i know u have to collect 100 moon papaya fruit to get the last medal but what if u sold the fruit does it still count?

  494. MNDA says:

    diana, only the fruits you have sold count

  495. play says:

    does anyone know why some people use another account to use butterfly cards? why not just use their original account?

    i also would like to know how to download papaya pro on my iphone, since you can’t download from itunes anymore. thanks.

  496. Miss miss says:

    I am looking for a friend that has papaya farm. We have both looked under phone number, email and screen name. We can’t find each other. Any ideas?

  497. sergio says:

    How come I cant use the flour bags in order to process fruits to make a pie? For example, it says you require 72 peaches and I already got more than that and still I cant process them. The same happens with the spinach salad dressing and some other tools. Do I need to do something else?

  498. D says:

    Are you sure about the 100 moon papaya medal? I’m pretty sure that I got the 1 and 10 medals without selling any moon papayas.

  499. Acheron says:

    you do get a medal for 100 papayas

    miss miss you can definably find a friend with her email adress. Go to friends type in her email address. You should be able to see her avatar. Click on it and add. That’s how I add my friends.

    Play; other people create accounts to use butterfly cards because is free. With a new account you get two butterfly and six fertilizer. With an original account you would have to buy papayas even for one bfc. You can go o and download papaya to your computer. They give you instructions.

  500. peteten says:

    The spreadsheet is complete. Please let me know if you see any info that is incorrect.

  501. KMA says:

    For the Ranch

    Exchange for meat

    Mature Chicken = 1 piece of meat
    Mature Cow = 10 pieces of meat

    ?? Are there any other animals that product meat when mature? (or at any other time?)

  502. rcb says:

    Why is it that I have enough fruits to process a tool but it says that I can’t because I don’t have enough
    for example I have over 156 Strawberries yet I can’t use my Flour tool for it.

  503. LAV says:

    Acheron NOT it’s not true. u can’t download papaya to your computer:)))

  504. N says:

    Hi all, for some reason I can’t see anyones diaries? I thought they were on someones page where it has profile, blog etc. The last thing I can
    see when I scroll along is game scores, where is diary??

    Also everyone who has deleted papaya farm by accident, you can play it on facebook or if you have a jailbroken iPhone you can download it from rock.

  505. lkorty says:

    Anyone knows how much the new baby animals are worth? The firebird and dinosaur.

  506. JCC says:

    Baby cerotopsian = $20,000

  507. JoeJohn says:

    Mature firebird is worth 100,000.
    Baby firebird is worth 50,000
    Haven’t gotten a phoenix yet, bit it should be 100,000.

    Haven’t gotten a mature ceratopsian yet.
    Baby ceratopsian is worth 20,000
    Armor ceratopsian is worth 40,000

  508. BeeJay says:

    Anyone have a Jasmine Perfume bottle?
    Willing to trade. Let me know what you need in return.

  509. moonie says:

    thanks for the spreadsheet, it is very useful. πŸ™‚
    I think there is a mistake with the price of processed purple roses, I sold a bunch for $264,000.

  510. M says:

    Please help with the log in
    I cant log in to the farm with my facebook account on my ipod touch. Anyone know why and how to retrieve. Thank you

  511. play says:

    i forgot my password to log into papaya… you can request for them to reset your password, but does anyone know if it works? i don’t want to accidentally “unable” to reaccess my papaya farm. any input would be great. thanks.

  512. notthataverage says:

    I used facebook help for the papaya application to email them when I had a problem and it was fixed almost immediately. I imagine if you are unable to log in you could use this way to contact them.

  513. N says:

    People with log in problems, try capitalizing the first letter of your password. I signed up on an iphone and it automatically did that, so when I logged in on facebook I had to use a capital letter for the first letter of the password. It’s case sensitive.

    I need help with claiming papayas. I invited friends who joined, now I go to claim papayas and the list of people come up, but when i click on one of them, it just goes to their profile? How do I get the papayas? Please help πŸ™‚

    And no you dont need to sell the moon papayas to get the medal!

  514. Cookie says:

    How do i claim papayas over facebook for the friends I invited?

  515. C says:

    When using facebook, how to claim papayas for invited friends?

  516. Brynn Danyluk says:

    @N – I thought I was supposed to get free papayas too from inviting friends, but when I was trying to retrieve them yesterday, I read all the directions. I found out you have to be the first – and only – to invite that friend to Papaya Farm. So each friend can only accept that invitation once. Confusing. I didn’t realize that was the case, but now I know I won’t ever win any papayas! Hopefully this helps you πŸ™‚

  517. Booboo says:

    anyone knows how to plant more on friendly spots? At my current level, I am allowed to plant on 10 friendly spots. I was told that once I hit level 50, I’ll be able to access more friendly spots. 50 it is today, but I am still only allowed to plant on 10 spots. Any idea how this works? Thanks!

  518. play says:

    it is my understanding that 10 friendly plot is the absolute max. i can’t remember if i got this information from the papaya people or if i read it from somewhere. the reason is to limit one person’s ability to plant on too many friendly lands to give other people the opportunity to plant too. my friend is on level 55 and can’t plant on more than 10 friendly plots. i’ve never heard of anyone being able to go higher than 10.

    if someone has updated information and is able to plant on more than 10, please post and let us know. thanks.

  519. OU Bobcat says:

    Hello “theshortness” …

    not sure if you got it yet, but I just emailed you the application.

    Hope it works!! And if you can then ‘confirm’ me as the friend that invited you, I would greatly appreciate it!!!!


  520. Shapdog says:

    miss miss- both of you can join the same circle and find each other in there.

  521. Azuca says:

    Long story short, my iPhone died on me, had to restart it and all my apps gone, including my fav game Papaya Farm. I can’t get it on app store but I did get it through Cydia, the problem is it doesn’t recognize my password as being valid and I KNOW I am inputting it correctly. I was on level 55, had most tools done and would be crushed to have to start over. Any ideas on how I could contact papaya farm people? Their website doesn’t seem to be much help at all.
    Thanks for your time!

  522. Brynn Danyluk says:

    @kristi – I searched for you on papaya farm, but didn’t find anyone matching your description. Did you change your avatar? You could always add me – I’m BrynnDanyluk & brynnheather…I’m fairly certain no one else has those user names πŸ™‚

  523. mkr2003 says:

    Hey guys,

    I wish I had returned to this blog sooner…I had no clue mature cows were worth 10 meats now! I’ve been spamming chickens to feed my FATTY HEAD tigers, lol. I bought 3 without even thinking about it, and man, that was a mistake. So thanks for the heads up!

    I’m working on my last medal (60,000 RP) and having all kinds of stealfests.

    Anybody have tips for faster RP?

    Do they limit you to only 100 RP a day? It seems like there’s no limit when people are stealing, but as soon as I do something like mail out 100 fruits, my RP gain stops for the day.

  524. pearl chacon says:

    someone on my friend list said papaya farm is coming out with new items in 2 weeks. does anyone know where or how they found that out? they need to stop waiting so long to produce new tools cuz it gets boring after a while.

    also if theres any of you that wants to steal stuff please add me. im going for my 60000 rp metal so i need more farmers to steal. i always have crops ready on my farm and ranch for that reason. my name is: pearl chacon.

    thank you!

  525. Brynn Danyluk says:

    MKR2003 –
    I haven’t noticed a cap on earning respect points. I know that filling water on ranches earns you some. I have been faithfully sending out tools and crops and ranch stuff to every one of my friends and my RP have been climbing quickly. Also, letting people steal and removing weeds / worms from the farms helps. You probably know all this stuff, but juct in case! Good luck!

  526. Brynn Danyluk says:

    There are new tools! EEK!

  527. Puddingskin says:

    Oh Papaya, just when I finally finish with the old tools, you make new tools πŸ™‚

  528. Azuca, I sent papaya farm an email and they answered with my info. I sent it thru the ….more button on the bottom of home screen.

  529. OU Bobcat says:

    Has anyone received a new ‘stone’ tool yet? Curious to see how they work. Thanks!

  530. jcurl says:

    Please help! Does anyone have any of the following tools to trade:
    – carrot blender
    – cucumber blender
    – jasmine perfume bottle
    – peach flour

    Let me know what you need in return… thanks!

  531. OU Bobcat says:

    I just read on the “help” page that there is a limit of 400 RP’s a day. And remember, you get a gift with every 300 (like a butterfly card or fertilizer)

  532. Nichole says:

    I had to restore my iphone and it deleted my papaya farm app, now i can’t find it in the app store does anyone know how i can retrieve it?

  533. Kshubby says:

    Anyone know where or how to get the new magic stones?

  534. Tim says:

    When u use the grass machine it makes feed. In the medals area it states that sheep and cows love feed. Does anyone know how to feed the feed to the cows? Any known way to get the magic stone? Any animals beyond hens and cows that can be exchanged for meat?

  535. sayu000 says:

    does anyone know how to get the new magic stones?? I also have 634 respect
    points but I haven’t gotten the free fertilizers does anyone know why?

  536. lKoRTy says:

    Same question.. where do magic stones come from.. ??

  537. Dingo says:

    good to see everyone having fun here, and I love games where you have to work out the rules a little as you go. I’ve a few questions though that some of you might be able to help with;

    1) Moon papayas. To get the medal, so you have to have them all present in your storage, or is it just a running count of the ones you have collected? I know with the money medal you need the whole amount in your pocket, and if you go below the value, you lose the medal!

    2) Stealing fruits. Does stealing someones grass count 30 towards this total, or just one?

    3) If anyone gets a magic stone, let me know how you did it!

    4) My friend plays on her android phone which got wiped. She linked her account though to an email, but didn’t get a password. So she can’t therefore access it on facebook or her new phone, and papaya arn’t answering her pleas for assistance. If anyone can help out it would be very appreciated.

  538. Jenn says:

    How do you recover passwrod from papaya? I recently broke my phone and recieved a new one and all of my papaya progress is gone!!! it doesnt reconize my user/password and im very upset. I had all tools completed with the excepion of the magic stones they just added. can anyone help?

  539. Dingo says:

    5) Respect:
    a) I’d be interested to know peoples strategies of getting respect quickly
    b) If I leave my fruit open for stealing, do you get one point per fruit, or do you get more respect for higher valued fruit. The same question goes for the ranch
    c) giving fruit, animals and tools, are there any differences in the amount of respect you get for differing items, or should I just give away the lowest value (ie grass, grass processors, eggs).

    my finding for fast respect if filling up troughs, you seem to get 1-10 respect, depending on how much water you put in, 100 water = 10 respect, 50 water = 5 I think? Does anyone know if the same applies for filling up the grass and meat troughs?


  540. OU Bobcat says:

    to feed the animals, do NOT process the grass with the grass machine. plant/harvest some grass and then go into your ranch, you will see a icon for a ‘feed bag’, next to the water can at the bottom of the page. tap that and you will see all the grass you have planted/harvested. you then tap the grass and you can tell it how many to feed your animals. key is to NOT USE THE GRASS MACHINE, once you do, you can only sell the feed…can’t use it.

    magic stones are found just like all the other tools. they are very rare, so you just have to keep planting/plowing to get them.

    and only hens and cows can be exchanged for meat…at least so far.

    hope this helped!!!

  541. Steffie says:

    I’m on level 48. Does anyone know how many total levels there are?

  542. kid says:

    Papaya just awarded 3 magic stones and an advanced blender today.

  543. Tesgo says:

    Sweet-dream lavender – Sale price: $14,000
    Dancing carrots – Sale price: $2,200
    Mighty coffee beans – Sale price: $10,000

    I just received 3 Magic Stones as a gift from Papaya Farm

  544. tay says:

    I got magic stones by bundling my email

  545. Deana says:

    I got magic stones when I installed the papaya blackjack and bubble games on my phone. Anyone have any clue what they do?

  546. A says:

    Is it not cheaper and faster to grow 10 chickens than one cow?

  547. Tru says:

    Has anyone spreadsheeted to determine which animals are highest profit margin on the Ranch? The varying purchase price, growth period, production times, hours between production, yield, resididual value of output, etc. are tremendously confusing. If we could just apply same formula to each animal, at least would know which has best Return On Investment per hour.

  548. Tesgo says:

    Hi Dingo, another way to get Respect Points is to give grass to others 1 piece of grass at a time. 1 respect point no matter how grass you give, so do it 1 at a time.

  549. Tesgo says:

    Another big way to earn Respect Points is to leave all your eggs out to be stolen.

    As you get 1 point per egg stolen.

    So make sure you always have 3 chickens out laying eggs and don’t collect them.

  550. OU Bobcat says:

    Double check on the grass giving and getting a respect point…I thought I read somewhere that you have to give at least 50 blades of grass to get a point. Not entirely sure, but you may want to check.

    Steffie – as for levels, I’m 55 and still going strong…I don’t think there is a specific ending, or last level – there better not be!!

  551. Tesgo says:

    1 blade of grass = 1 respect point

    Magic stone value
    Golden corn = $6,000
    Sunshine Sunflower = $32,000

  552. Tesgo says:

    Hi “sayu000” for every 300 Respect Points you earn a Fertillzer Card

  553. BigBootyJudy says:

    Quick question….when getting the moon papaya shaft thing, does it actually do anything magical with the crops? Same with the stones? are they actually “magical” and contribute positively towards the farm or are they just there to have extra tools in the game? Also, can you get the stones from plowing or just when papaya decides to award them at the beginning when you log in?

  554. MNDA says:

    I plowed a stone today!

  555. Amanda says:

    Does anyone know the probabilities on getting the special productions on the ranch animals. I have grown 4 tigers and yet to get the white tiger I also had to grow like 6 buffalo to get the gorgon and that stupid rabbit I dont want to start about how many I had to get to have golden hair. So if anyone knows the probabilities or how many it took them to get them it would be appreciated so much.

  556. B says:

    Yes I Also Plowed a Stone Yesterday. πŸ™‚

  557. A.babyganster56 says:

    PAPAYA FARM has been REMOVED from the app store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I buy it

  558. Steffie says:

    How many levels are there?

  559. Ggyy says:

    Sell price for magic stone

    Grass 1800
    Rice 3500
    Eggplant 2000
    Carrot 2200
    Cabbage 2800
    Wheat 2500
    Potato 3000
    Morning Glory 4200
    Dandelion 4000
    Jasmine 5800
    Cucumber 4500
    Pepper 4800
    Corn 6000
    Lavender 14000
    Coffee 10000
    Pea 9500
    Sunflower 32000

  560. Ggyy says:

    Every 300 Rps you get a fertilizer card.
    Every 2100 Rps you get a Bf card.
    Of course, when you have 2100 Rps, 4200 Rps, 6300 Rps.. You can only get Bf card not both cards.

  561. Ggyy says:

    Adding grass or meat to friend’s ranch can earn Rp.
    50 grass = 1 Rp
    1 meat = 1 Rp

  562. Tesgo says:

    Ggyy please try it!

    1 grass DOES = 1RP

    I know, I do it all the time.

  563. nez ali says:

    I added my other id on my list but it doesn’t let me hire myself why? other ppl been stealing alot, so thought I’d just use my other id….y can’t I hire myself ??? plz help thxxxxx x

  564. Ggyy says:

    You are right Tesgo. Thanks.

  565. JP says:

    Tools to trade..

    Textile Processor
    Salad Dressing (onion)
    Banana Blender
    Chinese Cookbook
    Marigold Pot
    Grape Blender
    Hawthorn Blender
    Yellow Ribbons
    Blue Ribbon
    Purple Tulip Vase
    Carnation Vase
    Coffee Machine
    Apple Blender
    Rice Cooker
    Pumpkin Boiler
    Plum Blender
    Watermelon Blender
    Purple Ribbon
    Pansy Pot
    Biscuit Oven
    Rose Perfume Bottle
    Valentines Card
    Black Tulip Vase
    Tomato Blender
    Sunflower Crusher
    Air Dryer (grape)
    Lily Vase
    Orchid Perfume Bottle
    Green Ribbons
    Watermelon Flour
    Cherry Flour
    Banana Flour
    Mango Blender
    Coconut Blender
    Plum Flour
    Spinach Salad Dressing
    French Cookbook
    Lemon Flour
    Lavender Perfume Bottle
    Orange Flour
    Orchid Vase
    Hyacinth Vase
    Yellow Datura Pot
    Blue Datura Pot
    Black Datura Pot
    Cactus Pot
    Pineapple Flour
    Strawberry Blender
    Violet Vase
    Rose Extractor
    Mango Flour
    White Ribbon
    Apple Flour
    Red Tulip Vase
    Hawthorn Flour
    White Tulip Vase
    Coconut Flour
    Flower Basket (secret tulip)
    Essential Oil Master
    Advanced Salad Dressing
    Advanced Blender

    Tools I need
    Jasmine Perfume Bottle
    Peach Flour
    Pineapple Blender
    Blueberry Flour
    Chemistry Lab
    Papaya Shaft
    Redbud Pot
    Green Datura Pot
    Purple Datura Pot
    Magnolia Pot
    Cucumber Blender
    Cabbage Salad Dressing

  566. sami says:

    i really want papaya farm and i know i cant get it now but if its possible that it will come back i really want it. all of my friends have it and im getting pretty jelous hearing them say “i just stole a dinosour!” or “i need to harvest my moon papaya!” and i really want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  567. bella says:

    Some Questions- Please help

    how to get back friendly land when someone deletes you

  568. ant says:

    i have all tools done including stone

  569. ant says:

    anyone that play vip poker should know who i am hehe

  570. Ggyy says:

    Sell price for magic stone (part2)
    Tomato 12800
    Spinach 8500
    Cotton 2300
    Peach 15800
    Onion 17000
    Banana 17600
    Plum 23500
    Apple 24500
    Cherry 25500
    Watermelon 20000
    Rose 31000
    Carnation 25800
    Cactus 25600

  571. Pumpkinpatch says:

    I am looking for a table with the tools. Do you happen to have that???

  572. Arrogancia says:

    Can’t wait for Papaya farm to be back on the Apple Store. (:

  573. Mel Llami says:

    I’m looking for non-stealing friends that would like to trade tools. I’m looking for an Apple flour, Rose Extractor, Jasmine Perfume at the moment. I have tools to trade like an Advance Blender, several flours… if you want to add me use: AngelMellie.

  574. PirplePashn says:

    @ Serphimera,

    – Pink Datura = 14,500
    – White Datura = 14,000
    – Yellow Datura = U/K
    – Green Datura = 15,500
    – Purple Datura =?
    – Blue Datura = 16,500
    – Black Datura = I think is 16,000

  575. PirplePashn says:

    Should the new Magic stone upgraded fruits be kept for an advanced tool I would hate to sell and then long and behold a brand new tool to process.

    (My last comment I’m playing on Android although from my knowledge info remains the same…

    Add me PirplePashn dark brown skin, glasses, long straight hair, yellow shirt black pants and black boot.

  576. play says:

    nez ali – you can’t hire yourself because you can only hire those that are online at the moment. if you are logged in with one account, the other account is not logged on, so you can’t send invitation.

  577. Chio says:

    Does anyone know what fruits to plow to get Jasmine perfume bottle or Papaya shaft? Also about a month ago I got an email from papaya saying that it will take up to three weeeks to be back in the App store and still nothing

  578. Lucia says:

    I really need a jasmine water, blue datura pot, papaya shaft and magic stones! I have a lot of tools for trading, just check my diary! My avatar has black hair and a red background =)

  579. chrissy says:

    is there a way for my daughter to have a seperate account from mine on the same phone?.. considering its my phone. i saw a place to log her out, but 1, how would i create my own account after that?, 2, would she be able to log back in? or would she lose all progress she has made if i created another account just for me? i understand we could be friends, but not be online at the same time considering its all from one phone. i dont want her to lose all of her progress if i create another account.. anyone understand what im saying? lol she’s taken over my phone and i feel like i could get alot further without her or my husband fighting over crap and almost getting my phone cancelled because of it…lol

  580. Big Booty Judy says:

    Who has joined the tournament?!?!?!?! let the countdown begin!!!!!!

  581. rosannadanna says:

    bad news….just got Pmail from papaya that their app isn’t gonna be available for iPhone temporarily. It is only available for jailbreak iPhones and Android Market. Stay Tuned.

  582. Monica says:

    How do you make a second account?

  583. colt says:

    Hiiiiiiii how do u level up til u r able to buy new animals I’m stuck with a cat its boring any help wud be nice add me colt

  584. Play says:

    i’m getting kida bored of papaya farm. they haven’t had any new tools (since the dumb stones that you have to get 16 of) or new crops. i’ve been at a dead still and i’m tired of just growing random things…

    i’m into a new app game called “we rule”. it’s pretty cool, you build your own medieval kingdom by expanding your castle and build shops for friends to buy stuff from. it’s a new app so they are still working out some bugs, still cool though. check it out if you are as bored of papaya farm as i am and need a new game… i am still tryin to figure things out, but let me know if you have any questions… add me as a friend “play99”

  585. mango says:

    RP…??? I don’t now what’s mean….can’t you help

  586. Lola says:

    I have over 1,100 respect points and have never received any prizes for it. It seems to be a waste of time allowing people to steal from you

  587. cidervampire says:


    I’m also looking for non-stealing friends. I’ve got loads of tools to trade and only need the following to finish my collection:

    Cactus Pot
    Pink Tulip Vase
    Papaya Shaft
    Peach Flour
    Coconut Blender
    Jasmine Perfume Bottle

    My user name is cidervampire

  588. sedonajane says:

    Hi I am a new player (level 3) looking for other new players to add to my friend list. I will water your animals weed and water your crops. I wish for non-stealing friends to work together for common goal. sedonajane

  589. Devlish says:

    In regard to the grass and respect points: if you SEND someone grass, 1 grass gives you 1 respect point. If you ADD grass to someone’s farm, 50 pieces gives you 1 respect point.

    I am totally addicted to this game; I love it! Add me, Devlish

  590. Kelsey says:

    Pirate123 / Pirateninjah add me

  591. Krysten169 says:

    I am sooooo confused about about the new dragons on the ranch…
    Are the eggs suppose to hatch or what??
    Someone help please!

  592. OU Bobcat says:

    Does anyone know how the dragons attack? I am raising one, it left eggs and I harvested them…but the only option for the eggs in storage is to sell them. Are you supposed to leave the eggs on your ranch? I don’t quite understand the purpose/use. Any help appreciated….thanks!!!

  593. wilsonn says:

    How much do the baby tigers sell for?

  594. Devlish says:

    OU Bobcat:

    When your dragon matures, (dont’ collect them) there will be an attack button that appears on your farm and then you can choose who to attack. I don’t think you see any fighting, or anything. But if you win, you get $5,000 and if you lose, you lose $1000.

  595. Mandye says:

    hi all.

    how can i fill someone else’s farm with meat?

    can i feed someone else’s dog?

    I am currently on level 3. what level do i have to be on to be able to raise multiple animals?


  596. Lisy says:

    Hey all!!! I’m BADLY in need of a peach flour! Please add me if ud like to trade with me!!!!

  597. mairose says:

    hi, i’m new to this…. am looking for non-stealing friends ( i don’t have anything to steal from yet anyway!) Pls add me and water my garden – i will return the favour πŸ™‚

  598. Who Else says:

    You can grow 7 mature Hens in the time it takes to grow 1 cow to maturity assuming your growing them back to back.

    Looking for other new players to add to my friend list. I will water your animals weed and water your crops. I wish for non-stealing friends to work together for common goal.

    Name: Who Else
    Avatar: Manga Style medium skin tone

  599. nothing2see says:

    It says you can’t plant in more than 10 friendly spots, but I think I am planted in 12. One of those is a moon papaya.

  600. stephanie.L says:

    Hi there my daughter deleted my papaya app from my iphone and I was hoping someone could invite me, and hopefully that will allow me to use the app again… πŸ™

  601. Derrick says:

    Can i transfer my papaya farm account on my iphone to my ipod touch? I am selling my iphone and I don’t want to lost my papaya account. Can anyone help me please?

    Thank you.

  602. PlantMaster says:

    What do the different do? I have raised a Dragon to mature and when I attack, I lost. Does one dragon have more power over another?

  603. Cindy says:


  604. Rene says:

    I downloaded werule…kinda neat.

  605. Milo says:

    I had a tiger on my farm for the longest time because buying meat was too expensive for me. I just recently got the neutral dragon, then all of a sudden my tiger produced white tigers, then baby tigers, then matured without me buying any meat. How did that happen? Was it the dragon?

  606. sickandtired says:

    It gets really annoying seeing all of the people who want “non-stealing” friends. Really?! “Just water” but “don’t steal.” Wow. A HUGE part of the game is stealing which is why they offer a medal for 10,000 stolen fruits. Plus that is the best way to get RP.
    What is really amazing is that several of the people complaining on this website about wanting “non-stealing” are my friends on papaya and guess what … they have their 10,000 stolen fruit medal! Double standard!
    So next time you want to complain about people stealing, you may want to check into another game. That’s like playing Halo and saying … “I don’t want to get shot at!! Just let me shoot at other things, but nothing can shoot at me!” How ridiculous.

  607. Chi says:

    These are the tools i have

    purple tulip vase 1
    green ribbon 1
    popeye the sailor 1
    grass processor machine 1
    hawthorn blender 3
    coconaut blender 1
    pumpkin boiler 1
    frying pan 1
    jasmine pot 1
    morning glory pot 1
    onion dressing 2
    red tulip vase 3
    olive blender 1
    green dartura pot 2
    blueberry blender 2
    peach blender 1
    carnation vase 1
    pinapple blender 1
    violet vase 1
    orchid vase 2
    grape blender 1
    cactus pot 1
    white tulip vase 3
    pansy pot 1
    blue dartura pot 1
    valentines day card 2
    purple ribbon 4
    pink ribbon 1
    chemestry lab 1
    newton 1
    white dartura pot 1
    red bud pot 2
    strawberry flour 3
    lilly vase 2
    rose extractor 1
    hawthorn flour 1
    grape flour 1
    coconaut flour 2
    apple flour 1
    cream 1
    orange flour 1
    plum flour 1
    violet extractor 1
    pinapple flour 1
    narcissus pot 2
    pitcher pot 2
    spinage dressing 1
    air dryer 2
    blueberry flour 2
    whine bottle 2
    ceo 3
    orchid perfume bottle 1
    bananna flour 2
    black dartura pot 1
    cherry flour 2
    lemon flour 1
    advanced blender 1
    esencial oil master 1


    all i need is magic stones, grass, and butterfly cards

  608. Chi says:

    this goes with the post i just posted please send me an email to my papaya email

    This is the email

    along with your email please tell me what you need and wut you are willing to trade thanks plus put your name too thx

  609. Brynn Danyluk says:

    Shove it SickAndTired. Go cry to someone else.

  610. Chi says:

    To brynn danyluk: urrm huh?

  611. mary says:

    I NEED HELP!!! I played papaya farm for 8 months on my iPhone. Had to do an iPhone restore and the backup did not give me papaya farm. My papaya friends can see my farm and crops but I can’t sign on anyway at all!! It doesn’t take my cell number. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!! I don’t want to start over.

    I do have a facebook page and tried to register via facebook but it gave me a new p. farm. I want my old farm back!!!
    PLease help

  612. tin tin says:

    can some one please add me as a freind my name is tin tin need more friends

  613. Who Else says:

    Looking for some non-stealing friends. Stealing Carrots and eggs and milk from the ranch is fine.

    Here’s a short list of what I need:
    Carrot Blender, Papaya shaft, Yellow Datura Pot, Black Datura Pot, Pine, Magnolia Pot, Pincher Plant Pot, Advanced Cake, Patissier, Advanced salad dressing

    I’ve got lots of tools to trade with.

    Name: Who Else
    Avatar: Manga Style medium skin tone

  614. OU Bobcat says:

    Give “We Rule” a try if looking for another fun game to play…lots you can do! Add me: OUBobcat

  615. westside says:

    add me please westside and u can steal all my stuff if you want to lol thats what the game is about




  616. Andrew says:

    Where is the “chatroom” where people can go to add friends?
    If you are low level, please add me as friend: Drew34

  617. Andrew says:

    Whenever I try to edit my profile with country or city or anything, I get an error that says:
    “CherryPy 2.3.0”
    The error is in a red box, then I am forced to exit the game.
    Anyone else get this? I am playing on Android 1.6 Archos a5A

  618. Andrew says:

    Under “How to add friends” the instructions say I can Invite new friend by going to “more-invite your friends” and send invitation email. I can’t find this “more-invite your friends anywhere. It is not under the “friends” screen. It is not under the “home” screen. It is not in the Papaya farm screen in the android market. Maybe it is just a bug on my Android, Archos a5a. Anyone know where this “more-invite your friends” is?

  619. stripe34 says:

    Non-stealing people- – please add stripe34 – i won’t steal from you, will help you with game. You CAN do well in the game without stealing, don’t believe the nay-sayers πŸ˜‰

  620. Brynn Danyluk says:

    Chi –
    The person above you posted something about people asking for non stealing friends. The attitude of it irritated me. If people want friends who don’t steal, that’s their thing and no one should complain. It wasn’t to you πŸ™‚

  621. caroline says:

    Help with two things, please!!
    1. I can’t get past the “hire friends to water your farm” task because even though friends show up when i press the friends button up at the top, no “hire” button comes up! Is there a glitch? Or is there something else I have to do?

    2. On my home screen with my avatar and mail, it says I’m on level 4, but on my farm it only says level 2. I have restarted the game multiple times but it doesn’t change. Anyone know how to fix this??

    Please respond with my name so I can find your answer. THANX!!!!!!!!

  622. Chi says:

    Brynn Danyluk- Oh ok lol i didnt get it cince i waz just posting the tools i had lol i was like wut?


  623. lilmissme says:

    what level are you guys on? im on level 47 atm (:

  624. caroline says:

    1. I can’t get past the β€œhire friends to water your farm” task because even though friends show up when i press the friends button up at the top, no β€œhire” button comes up! Is there a glitch? Or is there something else I have to do?

  625. waterdrop says:

    Hi..I’m new to Papaya Farm..Can someone tell me the purpose of tools? I have some blenders, pot, magicstone etc..Also, do we need to preserve the fruits in our storage or we can just sell it as soon it is ready?

    Please add me as a friend, id: waterdrop

  626. karlie says:

    Why did they delete this out of the itunes app store??/…

  627. Michelle says:

    How can I get secret pumpkins? I am only lack of it in my collection or could anyone send one to me?

  628. J Brevvle says:

    How can i get another separate account…like one online

  629. Pokebreaker says:

    Check out the Wikia site for Papaya Farm @

    Would be best to try and consolidate the useful information that flows through here into the wiki site for easy navigation.

  630. NeeNee says:

    Love this game add me Plz, don’t have much but you are welcome to it.

  631. Ashlizz says:

    Hey everyone!
    Thanks for all the helpful tips, I’ll try to add to things as I figure stuff out. For now, please add me, I need the friends! I’m looking for any blenders other than carrot, plum or cucumber…I have tools to trade, inculding an extra carrot blender!

    Thanks so much

    Username: Ashlizz
    Avatar: Hot pink hair, black background

  632. Tumblesmaster says:

    I just tried to buy grass with papayas about 3 hours ago and the system deducted the papayas but provided no grass. I sent a pmail to the sysytem administrators but so far no response and no items…. Will update if there is a change

  633. NeeNee says:

    I was bitten by a dog but there was none there. How did that happen? How can I get more papayas without having to buy them.

  634. Gen says:

    I completely agree with you Brynn Danyluk. The nature of the game is to steal.

  635. Tumblesmaster says:

    They sent me a reply that I brought fertilizer for the farm instead of GRASs for the ranch; totally untrue as the fertilizer was from respect points and how could I possibly do that as those two items aren’t even for sale on the same place

  636. winneaux says:

    hi! great tips here, guys. i’m looking for more friends… stealing or non-stealing πŸ˜‰ add me! my name is winneaux

  637. Carli says:

    Has there been an updated spreadsheet for the new tools?

  638. kerranne says:

    Hi does anyone know the purpose of the Ranch wolf and why can you send it back to where it came from? Any info much appreciated. Thanks

  639. Pixi says:

    Help, loaded iPhone 4.0 update and nom my farm won’t load???

  640. viola says:

    Caroline- it means that none of your friends are online at that time. If they are online, the hire button will be below their name. Add more friends, and your odds of finding someone online go up πŸ™‚

    Has anyone been able to play since upgrading to iPhone 4.0 software? So far mine won’t open.


  641. kellyrv says:

    i hv a problem when i Upgrade my iphone to IOS4 my papaya game i hv a problem to play because my app is gone and know i dont what to do for restore my app in my IpHone… Help Me Plizzzzz ;-(

  642. OU Bobcat says:

    Viola – i just upgraded my iphone and it won’t load…i am about to have a nervous breakdown.

  643. Rikki says:

    so im not the only one who cant get into papaya because of the update to 4.0….i missing my farm

  644. Dani says:

    I uploaded my phone too but only papaya pro 3 is loading. I’m happy I got that or else I would be locked out too. Be careful guys.

  645. Pete w says:

    Won’t run on my G3. Guess I’ll just move on… there are other farming games out there to try.

  646. viola says:

    Hey Bobcat.. I’m moving close to the acceptance stage. I guess I knew at some point we would lose it with them never coming to an agreement with itunes.

    But it’s still sad πŸ™

  647. viola says:

    Found this on the papayamobile website:

    “Papaya is only available for jail-broken iPhones and Android phones right now.

    Please go to Cydia to get Papaya for jail-broken iPhones.”

  648. crys says:

    ugh, i can’t play with my farm because of this update πŸ™
    i really liked this game…

  649. nicola says:

    Anyone know y I can’t buy papayas ? It’s sayin the site is down ? Which is all good and well but I am missing my forcing flowers (butterfly) fix !

  650. nicola says:

    626 Caroline u need 2 b logged in the game the same time as ur m8 that way when u c there avatar a hire button will appear rowu anderneath them. U need 2 both b in the farm 2 do this. The arrow top right will then allow u 2 free tx each other tap it an u will c.

  651. Frenchyfran and frantic says:

    OU Bobcat and others who are my papaya friends.
    I too just updated my iphone software today and i can’t load papaya either…. my hubby still has not upgraded and I *think* I can still get into my “Frantic” farm with his… so I can PM some of my friends… but my frenchyfran friends will never know what’s up.
    i’m totally bummed…. that was my favorite game.

  652. monika says:

    Omg ayer no pude entrar a mi farm hoy en la manana tampoko
    I’m so addicted to this game
    Trate y trate hasta ke finalmente volvi a mi farm
    I was playing tooooddddaaaaa la tarde to get some extra grass
    U know, for my poor animal on my ranch. Decidi tomar un brake…

    Omg why I did that. Kuando trate de regresar to my farm
    Ya no pude entrar omg why why why me? it said logging in but nothing happen..
    Porke pasa eso ke al kaso hice algo mal? All I do is getting money steal crops giving stuff
    U know like tools and all that. Ill never ask for something all I have is because I work
    For it. Todo y lo uniko ke kiero es entrar a mi farm komo le hago para ke
    Me deje entrar. I not sure how long I had been in this game but sinse I get it I
    Never had this kind of problem til now. Why?
    I’m on level 15 going to 16 hopefully tomorrow but how if it no me deja entrar
    Kiero mi farm kiero mi ranch kiero entrar….
    Ya se ke soy dramatika pero ke es la vida sin un poko de dramatismo jajajaja
    Saludos y my username is monika (pink background) if u need me add me
    Sin mas ke decir y todo el drama afuera me despido to check my farm maybe
    Ill can log in to it….. besos

  653. AnnCas says:

    Add me on WE RULE — ennn, i’m on level 25. plenty of open spots :))

  654. Red says:

    I can play after upgrading to iOS4, however it is extremely slow πŸ™ I just play in facebook now unless I need to tend my ranch. I’m glad I didn’t lose all access but darn that it is soooooo slow.

  655. Diazy says:

    Ehhh… I can’t get Papaya too=(
    But there is one way to get it back. I found it on the “Yahoo Answers”, but then that question was deleted due to Community Guidelines.


    If you allowed iTunes to perform a sync/backup before you updated to iOS 4, you’ll be able to “rollback” to your previous 3.x state. I would type out all the instructions for you, but here’s a site that states basically everything I’d tell you to do:

    Although it says 3.1 to 3.0.1, you’ll essentially be doing the same.

  656. Diazy says:

    Here is another similar way, posted on Facebook in the group Papaya Farm!!!

    If you update to IOS 4, use the link below to downgrade.. You will also need iRecovery and LIBUSB drivers… I recovery mine back to 3.1.3.. Got my papaya farm back πŸ™‚ If you need to restore your papaya farm and have backup, you’ll need a MAC and the backup file and this software…ver-your-iphone-files-photos-contacts-notes-sms-call-history-etc/


  657. DV says:

    Let’s make a facebook page to ask them to get it back to iphone!!!!

  658. Ynochk says:

    Does anybody know how to purchase papaya’s from an android phone & also get into the chatroom? I have been reading it says to go to more -> chatroom but I dont that have option on my phone! Is anyone else having the same problem??

  659. Farmer Dave says:


    Almost done with all tools (only have Orange Pie and Papaya Shaft to go) and almost done with all Magic Stones… soon will give everything extra away!

  660. t thats me says:

    Need Friends !
    My User ID is: teresa123
    nickname is: t thats me

    had a question .. does any one know what the location thing is about in the main menu. where you check in and ‘ride’ with friends.. what’s that about ?

  661. Nanababy says:

    Sold my carrot blender, but didnt mean to how do i get it back?

  662. pooyan says:

    @ynochk I have android phone too. Its simle just push menu button of your phone and choose friend/im and then chatrooms I don’t know all android phones have menu button or not can I know your phone’s model?

  663. Ella says:

    papay will NOT load in OS4, so now I play it on facebook, but can not figure out how to delete some useless friends…

  664. twkgrl09 says:

    What does it mean when It says you have been defeated by so and so and you lost 250 cash? ANd how Do you defeat someone?

  665. Howlowl says:

    Feel free to add me~! I am howlowl.

    Also, they added another seed a day or two ago and I got an advanced blender so if anyone wants to send me a blender PMail me and we’ll talk~

  666. J says:

    For everyone complaining that Papaya isn’t on iPhone anymore: This may happen to ALL the apps you like. Get an android phone, you’ll be able to install anything you want. As it should be, seeing how it’s YOUR phone…

  667. Kim says:

    They added broccoli to the farm…..waiting for more new fruit…….also, they added more animals to the ranch part as well.

  668. sw33tami3 says:

    I broke my phone and was wondering if my farm will still continue, is there anyway I can play it online untill my nrew phone comes or does it just exit me out and all my plamnts die?

  669. blink says:

    How much do baby tigers sell for?

  670. Jane says:

    Is anyone else getting any Papaya Shafts, I have lots of tools but no shafts. Have been tracking and every now and again no tool is given eventhough it said one was given. Check farm news each time you are told you get a tool. Sometimes no tool, can not help but think there is a problem when Papaya Shaft should come, nothing happens. Have tried to ask them but response is just a matter of luck. Anyone else having any luck with getting Papaya Shafts?

  671. teddygram says:

    Any specific way to get stones?

  672. Jason says:

    Can someone please tell me what i need to grow or do to get anorange blender? I have been trying for 2 months to get it and nothing yet.

  673. queeny says:

    i cant get my papaya i have invite frend but they wont give my papaya

  674. Sidd82 says:

    Hi All,

    Does anyone knows how to get food for the dog for 20 days??? does that mean we have to buy 6 or7 individual food bags or is there some other ways of getting it with spending so many papayas??

  675. BrenyBren says:

    please note the girl in post 643 is a plower and will not return. In addition i have a secret protect trick for my vermon, pandas and peacocks and long green dinosaurs but am wondering if any1 else knows the protect tricks for the others.

    Also I have figured that with my protection trick the peacocks are the most profitable per hour but is this true. Due to them vermon multiple production times and quantity i figure it has to be a close second so that is all I grow just so i can crawl up there in world rankings…idk…is anyone doing a ranch per hour chart????

  676. BrenyBren says:

    #635 NENE…nene love this used to happen to me about 30 levels ago…..what happens is you get bit once with a dog then all of the subsequent steal attempts made that day show you the error message you have been bitten and lose ??? respect points and cannot steal for another ??? hours…this will continue until your 24 hour bite time elapses….best advice you see dog dont try it…i do see quite frequently however that fruits are bravely stolen but i never chance it.

  677. BrenyBren says:

    TO ALLLLLL APPLE PLAYERS…the fix is simple…contact papaya admin. explain your user name, approximate cash value, a few of your frinds and what level you stopped at and when. they will send you your device number which looks something like (EXAMPLE ONLY) 2_device_3_0789548934 and you can log in under facebook

  678. MNDA says:

    Hi Jane,

    Sometimes the news feed doesn’t show the new tool when I plow in friendly land in other friend’s farms (usually just the “good” tools don’t show in their feed), BUT they show in your feed when you go back to your farm.

    I was only able to plow a shaft after getting every other tool and using the Lucky Card after saving up 2000 papayas. You have to work quick though, the very next day after I used the lucky card new fruit/tools were introduced, so had I waited a day I would have had to get them before ensuring I got a shaft.

    Good luck!

  679. Marci says:

    What’s the deal with the secret seed? It showed up in my seeds this morning. I planted, harvested and when I plowed it said x8999. But it’s not in my storage or anything. Any ideas?

  680. Marci says:

    Sorry…MAGIC seed

  681. kim says:

    Does anyone know what magic seeds do? I planted the seed (was only given one) it harvested in 12 hours and now I can’t find the “fruit ” it gave in my inventory

  682. Ynk says:

    What’s up with the magic seeds? There’s no $$$ from sale and there is no tool …. And if someone steals from you, you end up harvesting nothing

  683. kim0711 says:

    Hey everyone! Does anyone know what magic seeds do? Or what they give as “fruits”?I was giving one from plowing,grew it,harvested it and can’t find it anywhere in my fruit storage or anywhere else. Also bought some papayas yesterday from paypal received confirmation through email but they didn’t credit me the papayas yet been about 30 hours , suggestions?

  684. Qwuix says:

    If you all still haven’t figured it out or someone comes across this post, you get a random item card from harvesting the plant from the magic seed. For example you may get a butterfly card or dog food.

  685. Jrgal says:

    When you harvest your magic seeds, look under Items in your storage. They are giving out dog food, butterflies, luck cards, rainbows…. I am getting mostly dog food.

  686. Derrick says:

    I unregister papaya farm on my old iPhone 2G, I can’t register same account on my new iphone. I notice that when I install papaya farm on my 2G phone I didn’t have a password. I only put my name in and play. Now on my new iphone I put the same name in… it comes out i had to start over from begining. Would someone help me?

  687. stoner says:

    How do u kick someone out the papaya chat room? Add me and please.tell me. Stoner

  688. Black Widow Spider says:

    Does anyone know which dragon eggs can produce which adult dragon colors?

    So far I’m on level 52 and have only been able to grow one type of dragon egg which has produced 3 different colored dragons.

    I’m wondering if I should wait for the other eggs and see what colors they grow or if I should keep growing the egg I can currently grow and see if it will grow any other colors?


    Black Widow Spider

    Add me, grrr (Roar) grrr

  689. MARY says:

    I updated my game and added Papaya Fish. Now my Papaya free is gone, how can I get it back?

  690. Mantra says:

    Hey everyone! I’m working on documenting Papaya Farm on a wiki. The site includes news, tricks, productivity tables, etc.

    Check it out for help:

    If you would like to help edit the wiki, drop me a note at

    Happy growing!

  691. dot says:

    i’ve been playing for about 7 months now and at one point i had 1038 papayas and only used 200 papayas and the next day i only had 300 left i dont know what happened but i think i got ripped i sent an email to the people of papaya but never got a responce back. so what is your answer to that??

  692. stripe says:

    anyone know how the new plots work? I can plow them all but it seems like no one can plant on that sixth shared plot with the smiley face ? I know it also messed up some facebook users, they get error trying to go to my farm and I get error wen in facebook – data transfer error

  693. Diggeer says:

    How am I being defeated ? why? Can I defeat somebody too?

  694. layni says:

    Hey everyone. Got a couple questions… whats the best way to make money? Two…whats the best way to get magic stones and three…if you want to add me its crackel and i have purple short hair. Cant wait to meet you all. Thanks.

  695. luis says:

    This game is the best.

  696. Nenna says:

    How do I log out?

  697. Goom says:

    Does it exist the same but with animals??

  698. Tray says:

    Hi can anyone tell me how to get the different color dragons?

  699. I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back in the future. Cheers

  700. Eddy says:

    I need cheat codes

  701. Felix says:

    What is all this chat about codes in the chatrooms?

  702. Eric says:

    Anyone know how to harvest a Pangolin or get rid of this animal?

  703. Mandy says:

    Can anyone tell me how to change the skin computer of your avatar?

  704. sweetchrissy81 says:

    so question on adding friends for papayas… i saw on here someone said invite ppl to be your friend and when the accept you get 500 papayas… do they mean friends from your phones actual contacts or ppl from papaya game? also what do they mean when they say invite friends and then “claim them” ? i add friends daily and do not recieve 500 papayas. thanks!

  705. minney2 says:

    Need help finding the survey. I can’t fine any where. Help please.

  706. bubbasg143 says:

    How long will it take to get my papayas. It’s been 24 hours now. Pls help

  707. joy says:

    Hey so I just had to uninstall and reinstall papaya farm and lost all my progress please help!

  708. George says:

    What’s up with the scarecrow? I can’t water my crops or my friends.

  709. shinyopal3 says:

    How do you get the scarecrow and how do you get daily tasks on the iphone version of the game?

  710. Rose says:

    How do we plant cattleya seed?? I can’t find them from the shop and others started to plant them!!!

  711. brynn says:

    What the heck is wrong with Papaya Farm today?! I hate that it won’t load!
    And I wish more people would post on here!

  712. Mellie129 says:

    Looking for friends. Add me: Mellie129

  713. fesghel says:

    Add me please. my papaya farm name is fesghel.
    I need butterfly card and Farm Dog.send me if you can.

  714. urgent question says:

    I got stuck in papaya farm:

    – with my farm I am stuck with the task “Carrot Tumbler” which I already used before: is there a chance to skip a task?

    – with my ranch I am stuck with my animals: right now I have 2 cats (my hen is already mature), but no meat left. Will the cats grow older and get mature when I do not have any meat? Can I sell / kill them if I want to buy hens instead?


  715. L8282 says:


    I am on level 40.. But still my farm/plot are not appearing to purchase for the below:
    1. My own plot no 10
    2. My friendly plot no 5.

    Directly the plot no 11 has came to purchase for 5000papayas.

    Please help

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