Are you starting to feel withdrawal if you don't get to play Hanging with Friends every hour? Maybe you should check if you have any of the symptoms of a HWF addiction?


"We have one more convert!" says the dark lords of Zynga gleefully as another person becomes addicted to their new game Hanging with Friends. Ever since it was launched, the number of people playing the game has steadily increased. And it's not surprising. It's an online game quite similar to the classic Hangman that everyone played when they were kids. Playing the game brings back old memories while the social function provides players with the capability of keeping in touch with friends and family and trash-talking random opponents (or vice versa). Not to mention that the feeling of beating someone in a game also has quite an exhilarating effect. And like with the initial With Friends game, there are some who are becoming so addicted to the game to the point of obsession. Though you might feel you aren't one of them, addicts rarely admit that fact to themselves. So, here's a checklist for you to find out if you have a Hanging with Friends addiction:

·         You're in constant contact with family and friends but only because you keep bugging them to make their move on the game you have open.

·         You are willing to play with the person you hated the most in high school or college simply because they are willing to play a game with you. The fact that you may get to beat them is an added benefit that you never considered. It's the game that matters.

·         You find yourself feeling impatient even though the game only takes a second or two to load. Why can't it load instantly anyway?

·         You know every detail of every game you've ever played, random opponents included.

·         You know the highest scoring word you've ever built and have it hanging on your wall. You also took down a couple of your certificates of achievement since you had to make some room for the new one which may be a teensy bit bigger in size than is normal.

·         You don't understand why people can't seem to play you back right away. After all, YOU made the time to do so. Why shouldn't they? That's just rude.

·         You've added a large amount of words that contain J, Q, Z, and X to your vocabulary and even use them in real conversations.

·         You shout "Yes!" during an important meeting in the office just because you saw your opponent popping a balloon. It doesn't matter that you shouldn't have peeked into your phone when you were supposed to be listening to reports.

·         You actually fall asleep thinking of new confounding words to build and try to think of strategies to improve your guessing skills.

·         You have actually woken up from sleep because your dream gave you this great word that you simply had to play.

If a lot of these are true for you, then maybe you should think of joining a HWFAA (Hanging with Friends Addicts Anonymous). But then again, at least it's not drugs or alcohol. After all, it's not your fault. It's those dark lords of Zynga. You got over WWF didn't you? Maybe you'll get over this one too… or maybe not.

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