The highly addictive game Hanging With Friends has some interesting statistics that you might like to know.


Ever since it launched, Zynga's Hanging With Friends has been one of the most popular apps in the market. This word game has achieved such popularity because of its multiplayer feature that allows users to simultaneous games with different people as well as its use of the classic Hangman game but with a twist. In this game, you get choose cute characters and place them in a perilous situation (hanging from balloons over a volcano full of lava. To ensure your character's survival, you'll need to correctly guess the secret word that your opponent has come up with. Many have become addicted to this online word game thus it can now be played in iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, and Facebook. Here are some interestingly fun facts about this extremely popular word game:

·         According to Zynga, the most popularly played words in the game are Hoax, Quad, Sexy, Zits, and Quiz. Once people realize this fact though, they no longer will be.

·         Every day, there are more than 3 million balloons popped in the game. Ever wondered how many of those are yours?

·         Hanging with Friends has over 600,000 fans in Facebook and 4,650 people talking about it.

·         The word that will garner you the highest points in Hanging With Friends is ZYZZYVAS. With a Triple Word Bonus, you'll get 129 points! Of course, the possibility of ever getting all this letters in one round is highly unlikely so don't hold your breath!

·         According to, there are 1.6 million daily active users of the game as of March 2012. Are you one of them?

·         The hardest to guess 8-letter words are PUZZLING, FUDDLING, and VUGGIEST. And it's no wonder to any of us.

Hanging With Friends seems to have dropped popularity over the past few months but we all know that it's always going to be one of the games we go to if we want a little fun and competition to brighten our day.


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