Having played Hanging with Friends, we've all come up with our own strategies. But there's always space for us to learn new ones.


We've probably all played Hanging with Friends since its launching almost a year ago. And you've likely encountered words like QATS and ZINE in a lot of your games even if you and your opponent have absolutely no idea what they mean. Let's all be honest as well and admit that, at some point, we've all succumbed and used a hangman cheat to help us win a game and defeat the "frenemy." But sometimes, a win doesn't feel like a win if you didn't stump your frenemy on your own. So, if you're looking to up your game more, here are some useful strategies and techniques you might want to keep in mind for the next game you'll be playing:

Word Building tips for the advanced player:

·         Short words are better. Most of the "unbeatable" words out there are 4 letter words simply because there are more possible options for each of the letters in the word even if they have more strikes to use. For example, if you play the word PUNK, the vowel will be shown immediately to your opponent. But even if he or she gets to guess –UNK, he or she will be left with so many more choices like FUNK, JUNK, BUNK, HUNK, GUNK, SUNK, DUNK, etc. Another good word to play is something that ends in –UFF. It'll be hard enough for your opponent to guess the letter F, not to mention the other words that end in UFF like BUFF, CUFF, DUFF, HUFF, etc.

·         Try to start your word with a vowel. Most players often use a word that starts with a consonant. And when guessing, you never take into account vowels when sounding out possible words that your opponent could have played. For example, you played EARS. Your opponent will see *A**.  And because it's a short word, people often think that there are no more vowels to be guessed so they move to the most likely consonants like N, S, R, T, etc. When your opponent finally gets *ARS, he or she will be sounding out loud all the possible words that have the –ars sound. But EARS doesn't have that sound… you can guess how the rest goes.

·         Play words that end with a vowel. Since the last vowel in the word will be revealed to your opponent, it's in your best interest to make this as least advantageous as possible. For example, if you played DINE, your opponent will only see ***E. And that opens up numerous possibilities to what that word might be, making him guess R, S, and T before finally going to N. Even if he or she finally guesses *INE, the number of strikes will have been exhausted and the possibilities are still endless (FINE, LINE, SINE, MINE, ZINE, WINE, etc.).

Solving puzzles for the advanced player:

·         When you've narrowed down the letter possibilities to only a few, it's better to start guessing with the letters that yield higher scores like J, Z, Q, etc. Remember, your opponent's goal is not only to stop you from guessing the word but also scoring a large amount of points from that word.

·         With short words, it's also best to try guessing with the higher value letters like X, Z, Y as people tend to use them more to gain a higher amount of points despite the short length of the word. Remember, "sexy" and "zits" were found to be the most played words in the game. There are things to be learned from that little fact.

·         Around 10% of the time, people will play a word starting with the letter J. This is because it is worth 10 points and much easier to use than the letters Q, Z, and X. In addition, it's always easier to use a letter if you start the word with that letter. With J, you tend to think of JURY, JAZZ, and JITTERS, rather than ABJECT, SUBJOIN, and MOJO.

Keep in mind, it's always best to check out how your opponent guesses your words and what kind of words he or she challenges you with. This way, you're better able to guess what kind of player your frenemy is and how best to beat him or her. And if push comes to shove, well, go ahead and use a hangman cheat. We all need a little help now and then, right?



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