Field Runners Strategy

I’ve come across an awesome game called Field Runners in the IPhone.  It is very fun, and here is my strategy for the Grasslands Map and the highest level I get to is 115 on ‘Hard’:


The same strategy on ‘Easy’:


Here are the reasons for the above layout:

1. All heavy weapons are concentrated in the horizontal path.  This is the only way to defend from the fast running airplanes.

2. For units other than airplanes, they must go through a long path to get to the exit, and in the path they will be constantly hit by the Teslas.

3. For extremely strong units (ie. the red Robot), they can be easily re-routed by switching positions of the guns.

Here is my Crossroads Map Strategy for ‘Hard’, it gets to level 135:


The idea is to keep all firepower in the center, which is the most efficient allocation of resource to counter air units.  For ground units, the routing forces everyone to go through the same route, which is easily reversible by removing the gun unit on the most left column and blocking the exit in the lower right corner.

Recently the new update bring us two new weapons, the flame tower and the mortar tower.   Since the mortar tower has massive splash damage, it allows me to beat the helicopters that troubled my strategy.  So with mortar tower, I am able to get to level 161 on ‘Hard’:

Field Runners Strategy with Mortar Tower

52 thoughts on “Field Runners Strategy”

  1. Kalyxo says:

    Cool. Thanks for this strategy. That is a good one! 🙂

  2. Matt says:

    Another good strategy is to just make rows of your weapons and leave the only openings on the very edges.then in the middle just put your high artillary.

  3. Kalyxo says:

    I have tried to optimize the strategy described above. This is the result, that is working really fine!

    Direct link:

  4. Tree says:

    I use the same strategy,but slightly differently,I can get to 149, but that helicopter wave beats me everytime.Anyone noticed how the end of the grasslands map is the start of the crossroads map? The next map will probably link to crossroads in the same way, but where are they going?

  5. admin says:

    Tree, are you playing easy or hard? Using the strategy I laid out, I got to level 184 on the easy level.

  6. dieseljuvy says:

    I use a basic long loop, placing all of the teslas in the middle 3 rows to attack helicopters. I have made it to 189 on easy.

  7. admin says:

    Just tried again, got to 199 on easy.

  8. Hillari says:

    No rockets at all? I just tried this and 3 guys got in by level 21….what am I doing wrong?

  9. admin says:

    You start by laying out the middle two rows using guns, you should also build around 1/3 of the top and bottom row using guns. Have one or two water thing near the first turn.

    Then save money to build some teslas.

  10. Brian says:

    I guess i’m kinda slow but i’m still having troubles in the early stages. Can you give a more detailed build order or a step by step strategy? Please?

  11. darryl says:

    What you do is, build the middle section for about 6 guns on each side. the use the cheap guns to sort of block off the exit. then as you get more money, start making the diversions longer so the enemies take longer to get out.

    after the diversion is up, slowly extend the middle section. all this while, make sure ur middle section has atleast 4-5 teslas so they can deal with the helicopters.

    this strategy does work. thanks for the idea =)

  12. B says:

    How did you gain access to the new weapons? I updated to the new version but have not seen the weapons.

  13. admin says:

    In the map picking screen, choose Endless.

  14. re says:

    Got to level 299 (Easy) with this. Helicopters finally got through. If I hadn’t experimented so much early in the game it would have gone past 300.


  15. max says:

    thats a bad stratigie cause i got to level 314 with a totaly different stratigie

  16. fldrun_fan says:

    I have used similar strategy of lining up heavy weapons along the central passage; in addition, I am flanking this passage with heavy mortar. So far I have reached round 350 (easy)

  17. Nick says:

    You have a bad stratagey I got to 249 0n hard email me at to see mine

  18. David says:

    you guys are beginers…. I’m at lvl 1360 (on easy) and going strong

  19. Patrick says:

    @fldrun_fan: I use the same but with glue guns down the center and mortars flanking. Been going for 6 hours, level 347, 1.1 mill. points and still going! I haven’t lost a life in 200 levels… think it will go forever.

  20. Tyler says:

    I’ve been to 225 on easy while just making rows go up and down with mortars. This is the best strategy I can come up with. I’ve tried many others that sound good in theory but never match up..

  21. Sven says:

    Thanks for all the tips 🙂
    I learned quite a bit, and think I finally came up with my own, ultimate strategy for the grasslands map – let me know what you think…

  22. kyle says:

    I have the ultimate strategy for the Grasslands map that gets you to 141 without much problem. Requires a straight line and a constant reinforcement of lighting along such a line. Then simply create two exit gates of which one will remain open and the other closed, switch back and forth as they get closer. The helicopters are the challenge. But pay close attention cause you may slip. The weakest and strongest are all that is required for this to work. Let me know.

  23. kyle says:

    Oh, this is using hard. Scored 1,206,330. Could have gone further, but I was distracted by cute hotties.

  24. Sliim says:

    got 399 level on easy, score 1,195,225 =]

  25. Rob says:

    Level 175 on Crossroads Hard.

  26. Chase says:

    With a whole different strategy I got to 350 and havent lost a life

  27. Tschaf says:

    This game takes strategy; small decisions in the beginning pay dividends at the end. I’ve had it a week and now scoring 418,000 on hard. The key is balancing your supply of arms. Creating your paths as efficient as possible to create the longest rout possible so that the enemy is hit as many times as possible. Don’t use all of your arms unless you have to, hold back and balance creating your rows with being able to buy and upgrade your most important asset, the tessla. Put your low power assets to the sides and the more powerful to the inside so that you can take down the helicopters-you need the tesslas and rockets to successfully stop a fly over. Being patent with the purchase of assets so that you can put as many tesslas in place and upgrade when possible, is important while at the same time creating long pathways. Replace lower power assets with more powerful as the game plays out and put your fire power up front first and move to the back as the game plays out. The globbers are secondary and should be used late in the game usually in front of a tessla so that the enemy is slowed down and therefore gets hit more times-other assets are more important early on. Make sure you have a long run with plenty of fire power by teh 43 round, its long and its difficult and to make it through your path needs to be long and very strong. This game is a metaphor for life people, live it and learn. Small things done consistently over time make winners-good luck!

  28. ryemaster says:

    i reached round 449 with 1,089,000 points before the last update on grasslands (easiest). after the update, i can only reach level 349 with a score of 879,000

  29. noah says:

    how do u get new weapons

  30. Kent says:

    Is it better to build more of a unit along a line or upgrade your existing ones to the highest level before building more? For example,
    is it better to build 10 teslas along a line without upgrading or build 4 and upgrade them 3 times? It’s about the same cost….which does better ?

    Is there a guide that shows the power of each level of weapon? That would help determine the best strategy.

  31. Guahan says:

    Awesome game do they make it for PC?

  32. j4r3d says:

    yea tschaf has a good idea but mine will go forever in that fashion cuz its basically cheating. make rows up and down so that theres the longest route with only mortars and glue but make sure u leav room at the top for a secondary route to the gate. this way theres two routes wen they come out and want to take the shorter top pathway. then block it off so that the enemies have to take the long winding vertical path. if theyre about to get past block off the path and open up the shorter path, this way all the remaining enemies have to travel back through ur death trap to get to that shorter path to the gate.

  33. pablo says:

    hi oo i have tried all of your suggestions of strategy but i have never passed from level 50!!! y dont know what im doing wrong plz tell me

  34. bruno says:

    Level 500 to me, and defeated just after

  35. nguyen says:

    does any one has a strategy for skyway or frostbite ?

  36. Serj says:

    Cool strategy, here is mine for getting past level 500:
    1) Level 10 you must have a flame tower, in this fashion:

    2) Level 17 comes your first mortar tower:

    3) Level 40 is the first real test of your strategy:
    (notice the upgraded goo towers)

    4) Keep building/upgrading mortar towers…I got to level 525, if I paid more attention I might have gotten to 600, but not much more past that:

    p.s. I got to 175 before loosing the 1st life:

    There you go, have fun, and lets hope the developers don’t go making it more difficult anytime soon 🙂

  37. Admiral says:

    Lots of good posts. Has anybody gotten past level 100 on intermediate without cheating? It is cheating to modify the course in the middle of a level…blocking an exit and opening an alternate entry to make enemy go back to beginning and take different path. Any legit strategies?

  38. Jim says:

    Took me a few hours but I got to level 540 on easy. the key is a lot of goopers and mortars but you also need to make it so that you can delete one of the Gatling towers and add another so that the ground units can’t get through. it was the helicopters that got me. Over all it is an addicting game

  39. Shedar says:

    Why can I get to the same level but never have the same score (before dying)? Where does the variability in how I earn points come in?

  40. Chase says:

    Hey Serj. Ive been working at your strategy for a while now and im currently at round 367 with 9 lives. Is there any better strategy that you’ve seen work so far? Because I’d enjoy a perfect score =]

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  44. bill nye the geeky guy says:

    I am totally shit at this game lvl-105 score-259,935 i think the only problem i have is money managment because they always seen to gewt past my map while i’m still building but io always havge hardly any money any ways great stratergy =P

  45. Latour says:

    I can start to buid maze – because i defeat! where i can find a strategy from the begining?

  46. Nolan Women says:

    If sure, then either the voter, who observe the rules, each possible obstacles discovered himself disturbed strike, survive.

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  48. Kayla Mietus says:

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  49. This game is just look like the tower defense of warcraft game.

  50. adit says:

    bad strategy, defeat in level 46

    please describe your strategy in very detailed tutorial

  51. Udit says:

    I simply love this game and was able to reach level 399 in easy mode of Grasslands.

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