A guide to personal or national finances

Heading to Bankruptcy: Consumption greater than income, leading to debt-driven consumption. Safe growth:  Less consumption than income, and invest the savings. Risky growth:  Borrow to invest, betting that the investment return is greater than the cost of servicing the debt. Safe haven:  Store savings in sound money. Running your personal finance is in many ways similar to running a company or an economy. For individuals:  You sell your time, skills, and energy to cover your needs and wants, hoping to […]

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A case for buying a house – with mortgage

Buy a house on mortgage.  This is the only way you can load up a lot of debt.   We are marching closer to the inflection point beyond which deflation turns into inflation.  Interest rates are still low – although they are feeling the pressure to go up.  By loading up on debt, you are taking advantage of the coming high inflation, which would wipe out the your debt. Of course, heed your cash flow, you don’t want to be forced […]

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Field Runners Strategy

I’ve come across an awesome game called Field Runners in the IPhone.  It is very fun, and here is my strategy for the Grasslands Map and the highest level I get to is 115 on ‘Hard’: The same strategy on ‘Easy’: Here are the reasons for the above layout: 1. All heavy weapons are concentrated in the horizontal path.  This is the only way to defend from the fast running airplanes. 2. For units other than airplanes, they must go […]

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Reflection on Starcraft

After some discussion with my friend M and some more thinking,  I’ve decided that what I’ve learned in playing starcraft beats many eduction I’ve received.     Here are my reflections on the wisdom obtained by playing starcraft:     1. Getting Rich.   One of the most useful concepts in the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad is the way to financial freedom can be achieved by building a portfolio of passive income streams.   Being a starcraft player, I’ve known this […]

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On Robocode & Strategy

Days ago I’ve stumpled upon a programming game called Robocode while I was reading up AI.   Basically it is a platform for programming intelligent tanks that fight with each other.  http://robocode.sourceforge.net/ After playing with it for a while, I discover the following to be true for heads-up battles: 1. It is always better to move around, this avoids targets. 2. It is always better to predict the movement of the enemy and shoot accordingly. 3. It is always better to […]

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