Google Insights for Search vs. Stock Prices

Today I developed a new tool to identify potential investment opportunities.  The idea is to use Google Insights for Search to identify increasing popular awareness for a product.   Then I compare the trend of increasing searches with the stock price of the relevant company. In the above picture, I compare the interest in “IPhone” vs Apple Inc.’s stock price in a five year basis. The tool can be accessed here: At the top of the page there is a […]

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The Graphical Economy Tool

Since the U.S. economy has been very turbulent for the past couple of months, I decided to create a tool that will give me a better insight than the speculative commentaries by wall street “analysts”.   Since the government has a huge census database on inflation, employment, wages, etc, I decided to utilize such data and create intuitive graphs to draw insights on the economy. After a weekend of programming, I finished making The Graphical Economy. The line graphs will display […]

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Graphical Stock Analyzer

A visual representation of information is much better than plain data.  A picture is worth a thousand words.   During my recent trading experience, I’ve found that many of the factors that affects the stock price are not captured by the technical indicators.   To improve my trading, I decided to make my own indicators that makes sense to me, and put them in a graphical presentation.        The program is available at:       You are free to use […]

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The Short Squeeze Stocks

Recently as I am trading undervalue stocks, I notice that significant gain can be triggered by positive news on these stocks. Fundamentally strong stocks with beaten down prices and high levels of short interests can easily fall into a phenomenon called “Short Squeeze”. Short Squeezes happen when a bearish stock turns around, creating elevated prices that forces the shorts to buy to cover, which in turn takes the price even higher. In a way, it is basically a bearish “bubble”. […]

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