Candy Crush Cheat – How to get unlimited lives and Tips


Candy Crush – Background


The latest mobile game craze is Candy Crush Saga, which is very fun to play and addicting as well. However, there is one feature that annoys me, which is the limitation of 5 lives.  If you fail 5 times in a role, you need to wait for 30 minutes to recover one life. After some research on the net and some messing around with my IPhone, I found a way to get unlimited lives without doing any waiting using the following Candy Crush Cheat method.


Candy Crush Out of Lives Candy Crush Waiting



Step 1. Go to IPhone Settings -> General:

Candy Crush General Setting


Step 2.  In the General Setting screen, pick “Date & Time”:

Candy Crush Date Time


Step 3.  In the “Date & Time” screen, turn “Set Automatically” to off, then pick “Set Date & Time”:

Candy Crush Change Date Time


Step 4.  In the “Set Date & Time” screen, move to 3 hours in the future:

Candy Crush Change Hour


Step 5.  Go back to Candy Crush and see that you have 5 lives:

Candy Crush unlimited lives


Step 6.  Go back to Settings and turn on “Set Automatically” for “Date & Time” to restore your correct time:

Candy Crush set time back


Now you can enjoy your Candy Crush games without doing all the waiting!!!  Since we are going to play a lot more Candy Crush, let me share some tips.


Candy Crush Tips (Submit your tips in the comment section)


1. If you fail a bunch of time in Candy Crush, do not give up.  From my personal experience I notice that if you get stuck on a level after many tries, you will start getting a lot of luck in term of candy alignment.  I believe this is intentionally built into the Candy Crush game to prevent people from giving up.

2. Try to align the special candies next to each other.  The combos are very powerful in Candy Crush, my favorite is the combo mixing the cookie (black with colorful dots) and the striped candy.

3. Do not forget the goal of the level.  I notice many times I found great moves (ie. generate special candies) that would not help me in achieving the goal of the level.  These are moves wasted because I cannot control the impulse of making a great but useless move.

4. Scan your entire Candy Crush board before making a move.  Before you make a move, you should look for opportunities to form special candies (striped, wrapped, cookie).


11 thoughts on “Candy Crush Cheat – How to get unlimited lives and Tips”

  1. nicole coble says:

    I did your cheat for candy crush saga with changing the time in all but i find after you do it so many times it changes your time to get your life back to over a thousand minutes. Its crazy but true. It sucks bc i was excited not to wait but now i still have to wait. 🙁

    1. admin says:

      Well, please follow the steps to completion. If you restore your time when your have full 5 lives, you can do it over and over again.

  2. Rae says:

    If you forward the time to get the extra lives right away you do get the lives BUT when you change your time back your now waiting 120+ minutes for a live you previously only would have waited 30 minutes for. Not worth it.

    1. admin says:

      You need to get full lives and change your time back right away when you have full lives.

  3. sarah says:

    I have seen various ways to win at each level on youtube, do you have anything like that?

  4. nicole coble says:

    I did do that…I did exactly as you said not I swear to it it now gives me over 1000 minutes. I don’t have the slightest clue as to why but it does. It worked for awhile and I was excited but now I can’t so im disappointed.

  5. Chris says:

    I noticed this 1000 minutes wait time my first time trying and I noticed that I didn’t set the date forward 1 day because 3 hrs put me past midnight. By not setting the date forward I actually set the time back 22 hrs. Guess about how many minutes that ads up to?:)

  6. nicole coble says:

    I understand now. You have to change your time back as soon as you go back im candy crush withfull lives. If you change your time & play before you change your time back thats when it messes up and then you have keep your time until your lives are fill again for you to fix it back.

  7. ron says:

    does this work on android?

  8. Joe says:

    Does this trick also work on the Android versions of Candy Crush? If so, can you walk through that as well?

  9. lis says:

    yes it work the same way on android phones and android tablets 🙂

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