What are we? Monkeys

As humans, we always think we are very special. We want to believe there are some divine meaning behind our existence. Unfortunately, we are just another specie that happens to evolve a bigger brain. If an alien is to study the earth, it would be find us very amusing indeed.

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Dinosaurs, Big Companies, Traditions, and Experienced People

What do Dinosaurs, Big Companies, Traditions, and Experienced People in common?  They are slow to change and adapt.  In a stable environment, they would thrive because they know how things would work based on the understanding of how things worked.  However if the environments they understood suddenly change the rules, they would be the slowest to adapt and would possibly go extinct.  In this stage, established structures and traditions become burdens, old knowledge and experiences become dead weights.       […]

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The Graphical Economy Tool

Since the U.S. economy has been very turbulent for the past couple of months, I decided to create a tool that will give me a better insight than the speculative commentaries by wall street “analysts”.   Since the government has a huge census database on inflation, employment, wages, etc, I decided to utilize such data and create intuitive graphs to draw insights on the economy. After a weekend of programming, I finished making The Graphical Economy. The line graphs will display […]

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